11 thoughts on “Interview with Israeli Journalist, Ronen Bergman, Censored Twice! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. From Twitter Terms of Service
    “You may use the Services only in compliance with these Terms and all applicable local, state, national, and international laws, rules and regulations.”

    You agreed to it when you signed up for their service.

      1. @Richard: again – Twitter is a global company, serving content in individual countries. As explained in the Twitter TOS, Twitter is subject to local laws concerning the content served. That’s why your Tweet is restricted _in_Israel, not _in_the_US. To have your content shared in Israel, you have to follow Israel laws, that’s all.

        If you go to Israel and stab someone, you’re prosecuted according to Israeli law, not American law. Same thing, only that now your action is in the Israeli network “space”, not in the streets.

        1. @OneIsraeli: As Internet lawyer Jonathan Klinger told Calcalist, what Isrsel has done is the same as if you were photographed going 140 mph on the German autobahn & when you returned to Israel Shai Nitzan came to your door and arrested you for the crime you committed in Germany. In other words, it’s utterly absurd.

          And Klinger understands internet law a mite better than you.

          Further, if I was in Israel I would be prosecuted under Israeli law even though I’m not a citizen & didn’t commit the alleged crime there. That too…absurd.

          1. @Richard:

            “And Klinger understands internet law a mite better than you.”

            Based on what, exactly, do you base that assumption? Btw, there’s no such thing as “internet law”. Who enforces it, the “internet police” ? Was it set down by the “internet legislation authority” ? If so, which “internet law” says “Tweets are exempt from restriction” ?

            In this case here, there is only local law as applied over a foreign enterprise while operating in the confines of Israeli jurisdiction.

            “Further, if I was in Israel I would be prosecuted under Israeli law even though I’m not a citizen & didn’t commit the alleged crime there. That too…absurd.”

            Just in case you’re addressing my last paragraph, in your haste to answer you might not have noticed I wrote “if you are in Israel and stab someone”. Meaning, the crime has been committed under Israeli jurisdiction. In the case of material disseminated under Israeli jurisdiction, in this case, computers whose IP addresses fall into the Israeli allocated blocks, Israeli law applies. That’s why Twitter will restrict your tweet _in_those_computers_only. Absurd is to be unable to understand that.

          2. @ OneIsraeli:

            Btw, there’s no such thing as “internet law”.

            Excuse me while I spew my morning coffee. Virtually every major law firm in the U.S. has at least one lawyer (many firms have more) who specializes in internet law. It is a growing practice everywhere. And Jonathan Klinger is one of the best known practitioners in this field in Israel.

            As for “internet police,” you should know Shai Nitzan has created just such a unit of the Israeli police called the “cyber crimes unit.”

            Israel has no jurisdiction over a foreign internet company operating in Israel (a foreign company with a physical presence in Israel is different). The only thing Israel can do is close down Twitter’s business in Israel as punishment for it defying the censorship order. But that in itself would probably violate Israeli law if any connection could be made between the two acts.

            As for Israeli IP addresses: Israeli law applies to Israelis who live in Israel. It does not apply to virtual tweets which originate outside Israel. Unless of course Israel wishes to resort to the behavior of Erdogan & Xijing and Kim Jong On and censor the entire internet on behalf of Israelis. That’s the next “logical” step.

            You’ve said enough on the subject. Now move on.

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