12 thoughts on “Tablet Magazine Publisher Once Accused of Sexual Harassment – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. These predator men have nothing to do with the fact they are Jewish. But it does, probably have something to do with the wounds they suffered when they were teenagers and ugly boys, boys that shicksa girls wanted nothing to do with. They grew up thinking, “If I am ever rich and famous, I’m going to get even.”

    I’ve seen it happen many times with powerful men who were shunned when they were teenagers, and it has nothing to do with their ethnic background or religion. It has to do with an immense inferiority complex they carry with them for the rest of their lives.

  2. Don’t you have a strong agenda that you push through this blog and traditional news outlets? I’m yet to read from you a positive sentence about either Netanyahu or Trump. Even broken clock shows the correct time twice a day.
    Yet, you title yourself as a journalist, analyst and commentator which implies you don’t push any agenda which obviously you are even if you believe that agenda is ‘justice’ or peace.

    Also, a newspaper can be balance by having reporters from both extremes. It will make it way more interesting that just have some parve articles by centrists.

    1. @Ginger bread: I didn’t know I was required to say a “positive sentence” about Trump or Netanyahu. Why, pray tell? They have enough supporters without requiring me to weigh in on their behalf.

      You have a misconception about what a journalist is: most journalists have an agenda. But if they are good, their agenda either isn’t evident or never gets in the way of good journalism. I definitely have an agenda. And unlike journalists for MSM outlets who have an agenda and try to conceal it well, I have an agenda and don’t conceal it. BTW, that does not mean that my journalism is not reliable or credible. It is.

      Good media outlets have a diverse array of columnists and journalists. Tablet is not a good media outlet. Much of its strictly Jewish cultural or religious writing is fine. But anything to do with Israel or politics is terribly skewed. And they do not generally have writers with liberal, let alone progressive views on these questions.

    1. @ Sho Time: When it comes to sexual harassment there is no emotional statute of limitations. The pain and trauma lingers forever. So while the incident may have happened 20 years ago, that does not mean that the case is less severe. BTW, the legal proceedings didn’t end until 2005 or 2006.

      1. No. I wasn’t suggesting that the emotional pain of the victim had gone away. It hasn’t, and clearly it won’t go away when people like you re-open the wounds.

        What I meant to say is that Lowndowne’s harassment of his co-worker appears to have been a single incident. Lowndowne doesn’t appear to be a serial predator like Weinstein and Cosby; not a threat to women.

        And since this single incident was addressed, and some measure of justice of meted out, maybe we should lay off Landowne and let him earn a living like everybody else.

        Just my two-cents.

        1. @Sho Time: Nice try blaming me for Landowne’s proclivities. He should be shamed for his behavior whether he did it one time or a thousand times. AND how do you know he only harrassed once? Because he was only sued once? You think that’s a true indicator of a harrasser’s real behavior? You are either ignorant of how this behavior works or an apologist for him.

          Notice folks how people like this pretend that they’re protecting the victim by suppressing awareness of a serious act of abuse.

          You have an axe to grind and it’s obvious.

  3. Hi Richard. Thanks for publishing this. I don’t understand, though, how a publisher is “hired” by an editor. Isn’t it the other way around?

    1. @Clare: great to hear from you. Newhouse founded Tablet and i think raised the funds. I don’t know what Landowne’s function is. My guess is he was installed as a favor to the 2 major foundations which fund Tablet. He may handle more of the business/ad sales/payroll side of the business. While she handles the creative editorial side.

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