5 thoughts on “Netanyahu Government Falls – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. About Gideon Saar (there are many sources on each subject; I take most from Haaretz from memory). Not a kinder gentler version of Netanyahu, Mr. Saar is dangerous and extreme:
    – Patron of the Im Tirzu fascist (court-ruled as a fascist) organization
    – As Education minister carried out purge of progressive Education Ministry officials, such as Adar Cohen and other members of professional ministry committees
    – Military indoctrination in the public schools through use of IDF lecturers with a scare tactic of requiring schools to publicize percentage of inductees
    – “Jewish” studies purging any mention of Israeli-Palestinian history
    – Publicly attacked and tried to humiliate a teacher who taught Yona Wallach (Volach) poetry (probably because she was bisexual and her work deals directly with women’s emancipation and sexuality and other issues not popular with the extreme right)
    – Cruelty to refugees rivaling that of Trump (like ignoring written law on the issue)

  2. As a Palestinian we are use to getting bad leaders. Giving Palestinians the right to vote in the West Bank and Gaza would bring moderates to power.

  3. Richard, you have written about Thomas Kaplan once before.

    “UANI co-founder and Bush operative, Mark Wallace, is also the CEO of an investment firm founded by Thomas Kaplan. Kaplan’s wife is a major investor in a shipping company that competes with Mr. Restis”.

    Today’s headline linked Kaplan to the Malaysian 1MDB scandal – UK’s Jonathan Powell – Low Taek Jho – Electrum Group LLC – Goldman Sachs – Abu Dhabi Wealth Fund.

    Tom Kaplan – the billionaire backer of “Eternal Jewish Family” and conversions to Judaism | Rabbi Leib Tropper | 92nd Street Y | nephew Guma Aguiar |

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