24 thoughts on “The Two Faces of Liel (Leibovitz) – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. @RS

    Accusing Leibovitz of lying about war wounds is a very, very serious allegation, especially in a war where so many soldiers died.

    Making that accusation, based on zero evidence, is shameful. Where is your integrity?

    1. He did not accuse Leibovitz of lying about war wounds. He said that, as Leibovitz’s responsibility in the was in a PR unit, he had to have been wounded in a situation totally unrelated to his duties, OR he was lying. On the other hand, the fact that “so many solidiers died” in Lebanon does not make this statement (that Leibovitz’s duties were not such as to have exposed him to wounding, so he must have been operating outside of his duties — or lying — does not make the “allegation” more serious than had few soliders died. That rhetoric simply communicates that your comment is not about the post, but intended to offer an opportunity to pose the question “where is your integrity” — based on nothing.

    2. Having spent quite some time with Liel (during his military epoch) I can assure you his big butt has never been damaged during his military service. What might have happened later on, that can relate to his butt, is out of my scope (including any extra sexual habits that might have put his rear part at risk). Having said that, I would also describe him as one of the brightest and most original minds i have ever met.


  2. @RS

    “if you disagree with anyone including your fellow Jews about Israel, they’re mentally ill. ”

    What are you talking about? Leibovitz distinguishes ‘political idiots’ from mentally ill anti-Semites.
    He doesn’t say that ‘political idiots’ are mentally ill. He says, ‘These are not monsters. Some of them may even be intelligent. But politically speaking, they are idiots.’

    First you libel Liebovitz, now you misquote him. Richard. Shame on you.

  3. Great article. As for those who criticize you, I always remember this truism: stupidity is fleeting, ad revenues are forever. It’s hilarious that people who troll never realize they are giving you free money every time they visit your website.

  4. “Almost immediately after his release, (Roni) Leibovitz left Israel for America…. No doubt, it was appealing to escape the notoriety and unwanted media exposure by moving to a country where no one knows you, and your reputation doesn’t precede you.”

    Richard, do you know if he applied for and was granted U.S. citizenship? That would be interesting when considering what has happened to Rasmeah Odeh. Sadistically raped and sexually tortured by Israeli interrogators in front of her father in 1969, Rasmeah served 10 years in an Israeli prison. Later she made her way to the U.S. where she was eventually granted citizenship. She has recently been convicted of immigration fraud and was just released on bail from solitary confinement while she awaits sentencing. Her crime? Not admitting in her citizenship application that she had been arrested in Israel.
    I wonder if Leibovitz admitted to U.S. Immigration that he had been arrested and incarcerated in Israel for bank robbery.

      1. @Porter: “Rasmeah Odeh was never raped in prison.”
        And you know this how?

        “….it was not until (after she had endured 25 days of unspeakable torture) they brought in her father, threatening to force him to rape her, that she agreed to sign a confession stating that she had helped orchestrate two explosions in West Jerusalem that killed two civilians. Even then, her torturers raped her with a thick wooden stick…” A month later, in court, she rescinded her confession.

        1. Rasmeh’s UN testimony, verbatim, was that ,”…interrogators threatened to “violate me” and “tried to introduce a stick to break my maidenhead [hymen].”

          Is that rape? I think not.

          BTW Mary. How do you square the video testimony, supra, that proves Rasmea’s involvement in the terror bombing?

          1. @ porter: Again it’s unbelievable chutzpah for a man to say shoving a stick up a woman’s vagina isn’t rape. In fact, rape may be perpetrated by such objects (cf. Abner Louima). You don’t know crap about the law.

            Other readers, please don’t feed this troll by responding to his “bait.”

      2. @ porter: Don’t ya just love guys who tell a woman she hasn’t been raped? I’m a damn sight more likely to take her word than yours. I do not want this thread to collapse into a paroxysm of hasbara terror bashing. Do not post another comment in this thread about Rasmeah Odeh.

        1. [comment deleted: I warned you that further comments in this thread on that subject would result in moderation. You’ve earned it.]

      1. @Porter

        Read my comment again. Where did I say Liel Leibovitz was arrested? My question was to do with the ease with which he seems to have “fled to the U.S.” after serving a long prison sentence in Israel for repeated criminal activities.

        “Almost immediately after his release, (Roni) Leibovitz left Israel for America…. No doubt, it was appealing to escape the notoriety and unwanted media exposure by moving to a country where no one knows you, and your reputation doesn’t precede you.”

  5. Another thing that bothers me about Leibovitz is this photo of him, culturally appropriating the keffiyeh of Palestinian resistance and presenting himself as a cisnormative settler colonialist patriarchal dim sum noodle. He certainly has shrimp sauce for brains and his writing can’t hold a candle to Blumenthal’s magisterial siracha sauce of white privileged anti-apartheid BDS ’70s punk rock glam. Well done, Richard!

  6. This Leibovitz guy is really just a whore, obviously not in the sense of sexual prostitution, but in the sense of his selling his moral stance to whoever gives him the most money. He’s also a thrill seeker, like most whores of this type: they live for cheap thrills and instant gratification. First he could make a buck and get a few thrills with the liberals, but when the rightwingers offered him more cash, they were his new best friends, it’s as simple as that. He should have stuck to his video games, his comments about gaming are actually quite accurate, as I can attest being an avid gamer myself. I can also attest that gaming strongly attracts this personality type.

    Unfortunately it’s practically impossible to find a lucrative job writing about video game philosophy. The people who do that as their job generally have their own websites and get their revenues from advertising by the game developers, but even then it’s touch and go as far as making a living from it goes.

    So it’s no wonder that a guy who is quite intelligent but doesn’t really have a moral compass, just sells himself to the highest bidder given the opportunity. Unfortunately these people can then go on to do a lot of damage in the real world. His dad should have bought him a top notch gaming computer and a padded cell to use it in.

    1. Reiner, I don’t agree with the ‘whore’ analysis. So many of these ‘seen the light’ stories are patently contrived. this is a tactic, not evolution nor amorality for profit. step one: attract attention as ‘liberal/radical’ voice for such-and-such cause; step two: express disillusionment, e.g. over the rise of [the new] ‘anti-Semitism’; step three: trash former ‘comrades’, plead for ‘moderation’, call for humanitarian intervention, etc. the process and result are about as complex and predictable as the recipe for boiled water.

      1. You could well be right marc, I don’t discount that explanation. I just get the impression from the guy that he’s morally too shallow. He reminds me of the Anonymous hacker Sabu that recently turned his coat and proceeded to help the FBI to catch numerous other Anonymous members http://rt.com/news/anonymous-sabu-pleads-guilty-993/. Some of these geeks just have no backbone. Then again I haven’t read his Tablet articles and I don’t particularly want to …

  7. I support Steven Salaita, but the name of the Department here at the U of I is the American Indian Studies Program. He may have also been part of the English or Comp Lit Depts.

    1. A statement by the professional academic association supporting him (linked in my post I believe) offered a different department name. But this statement from its website should make clear the department’s misson:

      “American Indian Studies is committed to the highest standards of professional and scholarly conduct and the best ideals of academic freedom. We are also committed to developing strong and sustaining partnerships with people and programs in American Indian and Indigenous communities.”

      Clearly, the dept takes seriously its commitment to both Native American AND indigenous studies and the reason Salaita was hired was not for his expertise in the former field, but the latter. Which still renders Leibovitz’s criticism moot.

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