5 thoughts on “Trump and the “Breeders” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. ‘Hi Richard,

      Martin Kramer’s idea was borrowed from the German sociologist and economist, Gunnar Heinsohn, who’s theories should be carefully read and evaluated…’

      Lol. A final solution to the Palestinian Problem, eh Frank?

      Actually, and to take the rather ominous line of thought seriously, I’ll point out that caging people and depriving them of all opportunity for economic activity is NOT a good way to lower their birthrate.

      I’m sure you would like to simply apply the Warsaw Ghetto solution to the problem — of that I have all too little doubt — however, absent an environment of total war, it’s just not realistic for a small state like Israel to apply such a ‘solution.’ She’s just too dependent on international opinion. Morality aside, it’s just not feasible.

      The Palestinians are going to get fed. You just have to accept that. Given that they are going to get fed, you’re effectively doing all you can to encourage the growth of their population, not discourage it.

      Not too bright, huh?

      Of course, there is plan B — start that total war. Eh Frank? Eh? After all, amid massive terrorist attacks and the mushroom clouds, who’s going to notice what happened to a few million Palestinians. As somebody once pointed out in another time and place, it all does create a unique window of opportunity.

  1. ‘…Keep in mind another “character” who advocated such claptrap during this era: none other than Trump’s father, Fred, who was arrested at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Queens in 1927.’

    Meh. Would it help to point out that old Fred went on to marry a first-generation immigrant himself — to wit, Trump’s mother, who came from the Isle of Lewis or something?

    There’s a fact that all seem to have tacitly agreed not to make hay out of. I think Trump may be the only recent US president with an immigrant mother. Possibly even the only such US president period.

    Edit: sigh. It seems Herbert Hoover and Woodrow Wilson had a parent born outside the US. Still, given Trump’s positions…I don’t suppose he’d cotton to ‘yo tambien’ in 2020 as a slogan to get the Hispanic vote? It’d certainly drive the Democrats up the wall.

  2. A reporter should ask Sarah Sanders what exactly Trump meant by “breeding concept” Inquiring minds would like to know.

  3. ‘A reporter should ask Sarah Sanders what exactly Trump meant by “breeding concept” Inquiring minds would like to know.’

    She could reference the work of the great Israeli thinker mentioned above.

    That should halt all further inquiry.

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