8 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Grandfather Was German Deportee, Welcomed to America – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “deport these same sort of immigrants from our shores”

    You’ve inadvertently dropped the word ‘illegal’. It’s illegal immigrants he wishes to deport.

    1. @ Barbar: Most immigrants to this country are illegal. In fact, probably the vast majority. So he wants to deport the majority of immigrants to this country. What’s the diff? There is none. Glad to see you’re a Drumpf apologist. The pro-Israel crowd loves Trump because of his Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-refugee rhetoric.

  2. I enjoy looking for name changes “across the Atlantic”:

    Dwight Eisenhower’s family was originally called Eisenhauer and was from Karlsbrunn, close to the German-French border. Herbert Hoover’s ancestors were called Huber and came from Baden in southern Germany…….

    Probably new to you:
    Rockefeller came from Rockenfeld (Roggenfeld= rye field) near Neuwied on the Rhine….
    http://nygeschichte.blogspot.de/2010/11/rockenfeld.html – unfortunately in German!

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