14 thoughts on “Starbucks Hires Lily-White ADL for Racial Sensitivity Training – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “No one in the Black community knows the ADL.”

    The training isn’t meant for the Black community, it’s meant for Starbucks managers,
    And what difference should it make who conducts the sensitivity training, so long as it works.

    The ADL partners with local Muslim groups in order to keep Muslims safe, and that’s a bad thing?

      1. @Frank. You have obviously never seen…or chosen to see, the ADL promote hate and fear against Muslims. If once in a while, they toss us Muslims a conciliatory bone by supporting us, it does NOT mean the ADL has changed its spots. They still love to promote hate against us.

    1. I remember the early 90’s when the ADL was caught working with South African intelligence to spy on anti-apartheid campaigner Chris Hani during his American tour ( and thousands of American citizens) Hani was murdered a few days after returning home. The ADL spy was also involved in the murder of an American radio host,Alex Odeh. He fled to Israel and cannot be extradited. The ADL settled the spying on Americans case with money after failing to get the case dismissed. The ADL are not an anti-racist organization, au contraire
      and have not been for decades.


  2. So what is Israel teaching law enforcement commanders at these ADL sponsored seminars?

    “The program enables American law enforcement commanders to benefit from Israel’s counter-terrorism experience.
    Seminar topics include: preventing and responding to suicide bombings and terrorist attacks; the evolution of terrorist operations and tactics; leadership in a time of terror; intelligence gathering and information-sharing; balancing the fight against crime and terrorism; and the use of technology in fighting terror, among other subjects.”

    What do any of these topics have to do with Ferguson, much less, the Black community?

    1. Asking Israel for advice on fighting terrorism, is like asking MacDonald’s for advice on fighting obesity.

    2. @Frank: nice try buddy. But a man who believes everything he reads from the likes of the ADL or IDF is a fool. Now go .out and read credible sources who will offer you an accurate picture of what these seminars are sbout.

      Do you think it’s an accident that when these PDs come back from Israel they begin ordering the skunk cannons, military grade gear and palantir cyber hacking tools? No.of course it isn’t. Israel tours by the ADL encourage the militarization of policing and the notion of criminalizing race, and racial profiling. All because thst’s what isrsefl irsrlf does.

      1. Hello again, Richard.

        Richard, I did as you asked and read ‘credible sources’, like Mondoweiss and JVP, so
        I read Allison Degar’s article in Mondoweiss, and, she really doesn’t ‘dish the dirt’.
        She even admits that, ‘A number of former participants have praised the seminar for the focus on anti-terrorism tactics and border security.’

        I found on Mondoweiss this detailed account written by a law enforcement officer who made a ‘unity trip’.http://www.policemag.com/channel/patrol/articles/2017/05/the-police-unity-tour-of-israel.aspx

        Seems innocuous enough.

        I watched the JVP powerpoint presentation, ‘Deadly Exchange, and read the ADL’s intinery for the 2016 seminar in Israel.

        I also read what JVP quotes the participants as having said.

        I read Max Blumenthal’s piece, where he quotes the well-respected Washington, DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier, who was junketed to Israel by JINSA. “I was with the bomb units and the SWAT team and all of those high profile specialized [Israeli] units and I learned a tremendous amount,” Lanier reflected. “I took 82 pages of notes while I was there which I later brought back and used to formulate a lot of what I later used to create and formulate the Homeland Security terrorism bureau in the DC Metropolitan Police department.”

        Was Chief Lanier’s experience in Israel a bad thing for the citizens of Washington, DC? How so?

        I don’t see the basis for your claim that, “PDs come back from Israel they begin ordering the skunk cannons, military grade gear and palantir cyber hacking tools”.
        Can you please point me in the right direction so I can learn more about this.

        1. @ Frank: That was your last comment in this thread.

          In short, yes counter terror junkets are a terrible idea. The U.S. has all the expertise it needs in terms of training police to deal with these threats. And if we want to learn anything from foreigners we should travel to other western democratic countries which respect (or should respect) the very values which Israel discredits in its own fight against so-called Palestinian terror.

          How is it that in four or five progressive accounts of these junkets you managed to cherry pick the only positive descriptions of the program without mentioning the overwhelming denunciations of it in all the rest of these accounts?? Why would that be?

          You’re trying to be a good hasbarist, Frank. But by rejecting any accomodation to your opponents’ point of view you discredit yourself. I think you still need the advanced hasbara course. Especially if you want to earn that degree in Propagada Studies.

  3. @ Frank ADLs “Training” trips are paid for by Dept of Fatherland Security and local Police departments, they are hardly “junkets”. While in Israel, the Police, Politicians and military are steeped in how “poor little Israel” is in a state of existential battle with Terrorists” (read ‘Muslims’) and by the time these gullible fools return, they are convinced Muslims and “Islam pose the greatest threat to the US and to the West” (language in many training pamphlets produced by the Police and FBI here).

    1. Hi Pen,

      I don’t believe one trip to Israel, post 9/11, is enough to convince a law enforcement official that Muslims and Islam pose the ‘greatest threat to the US’.

      Have you read any of the literature, provided by Israel to the attendees? How do you know what Israel tell them?

      United States law enforcement doesn’t fly it’s members to Israel for the warm weather and fresh vegetables, they come to learn how to combat terrorism, which BTW, doesn’t have a face; White Christians, like Timothy McVeigh, are as lethal as any other terrorists. A trained first responder’ to a terrorist attack isn’t concerned with who the terrorist is. A ‘first responder’ is concerned with treating victims and securing the crime scene.

      Pen. Which country is more successful at fighting terrorism, Israel, or say, Pakistan? If your staff needed hands-on training in order to learn how to fight terrorism, which country would you send you staff to in order to learn?

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