9 thoughts on “Case 5000: Just When Bibi Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Not that I wish to give the hasbarists any ideas, but…

    ‘…who I’ve started calling by any of a number of names of famous literary harridans: Lady Macbeth, Madame Dafarge, and the one popular in Israeli media, Marie Antoinette…’

    Given the readiness with which the minions of the Zionist entity pick up on anything politically correct and put it to good use – see pink-washing, ‘many Israelis are African,’ and girl soldiers – is the above really wise?

    If I was going to become an agent of Satan, I’d call it a ‘sexist microaggression.’

  2. It is actually case 1270. I too, however, think the police was inconsiderate (towards us poor souls attempting to understand all these myriad cases) in not naming these sequentially. However, the name might be indicative of this being open prior to 1000 as an initial lead at least (as the case number fits into the normal Lahav, non-Netanyahu, case number scheme).

    1. @lepxii Not having codnames means you can come up with ones on your own:

      Case 1000 = BevMo, Crocodile Scamee, The After-Dinner Flagrancy

      Case 2000 = “His Guy Mozes”, Israeli Pravda 1936, Operation Anti-Mock of the Week, “All the News He Sees Fit to Print”

      Case 3000 = Das Boot, Operation Moshe Dayan and Tom Clancy are Rolling in their Graves, “Hogan’s Heroes Meets McHale’s Navy in the Twilight Zone”

      Case 4000 = Mr. Robot, Ma Bell from Hell, Brad “RBCP” Carter is Involved Somehow

      Case 1270 = “Take My Wife, Please!”, Operation Upstairs, Downstairs, Operation Beat the Help

      Israeli Police = “Car 54, Where are You?”

      PM Netanyahu = Herman Munster (Say Al Lewis’ classic line “Hoi-man, Hoi-man, Hoi-man” after every new fiasco.)

      Sarah Netanyahu = Lucy Ricardo, Lucy van Pelt, Future Prison Matron #655321

      Paul Ryan = Eddie Munster

  3. ‘…As an aside, I jokingly tweeted that I would be happy to become Case 5000 and publish highly flattering profiles of both Netanyahus if only he would cede total control of Israeli foreign policy to me…’

    ? Don’t they both already have Wikipedia pages?

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