13 thoughts on “Adelson Buys U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem* – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. [Comment deleted: read the comment rules. The comment threads aren’t a sports stadium and we don’t need grandstanding. If you have a substantive point or argument to make, do so. If you want to score points or root for your team, head to a soccer match.]

  1. You probably have no issues with European money supporting all kind of Palestinian projects.
    And yes, there are differences but you would never think of criticizing these donations.

    1. @ Ariel Koren: I’ll make you a deal: if you object to Israel destroying virtually all the European funded projects in Palestine such as water & sewage treatment and elementary schools & if you get Israel to fund them itself, then I’ll object to the European funding.

  2. You seem to object to this. The more US policy in the Middle East is linked to Trump, Adelson, et al, the harder it will be for the half of America more to the Left to stomach continuing to support it.

    US support for Israel depends, above all, on an uncritical, bipartisan ‘consensus’ that tacitly or explicitly prevents any dissent or critical comment from reaching the mainstream media.

    Changing anything requires first off, changing this. Once Israel becomes a partisan issue — something like gun control, or ‘Dreamers,’ or global warming, a major step has been taken. It will no longer be possible to maintain an essentially unquestioned presumption that Israel is ‘one of us,’ an ally, just fine, a meritorious cause, worthy of our support.

    So go Sheldon. I hope he gets to put his name on the building and doll it up like one of his casinos.

    1. Colin, I totally agree. It should be called the Adelson Embassy. It should have a huge portrait of this exceedingly ugly little man Inside….
      We have ground down to throwing our hands up and letting go with cynicism. Let the chips fall.
      The idea to talk about peace at the same time, the obstacle of course lays with the Palestinians.

    2. Colin, excellent and important points, but the single-minded focus and the wealth of US based Zionusts tempers optimism. The biggest missed opportunity, so far, is a national consumer boycott. BDS is honored rhetorically but neglected as an actual staff-time-invested priority. We can admire but should not imitate the grand talkers.

  3. First, just to clarify my stance, i’m a Muslim, and I want the Al Aqsa mosque to remain. But I also am a Muslim Zionist and support Jewish migration to Israel, and the two state solution, with Jerusalem as Israel’s capital with Muslim access to the Waqf, under Jewish sovereignty.

    The Jordanians fund the Waqf, the Saudis fund Mecca and Medina, I am at a loss to understand why a Jew would think there is anything sinister in another Jew funding the rebuilt Jewish Temple.

    Many Jews have a heartfelt desire to have the temple rebuilt. Now my questions to Mr Silverstein are these:

    1 Do you think the Muslims will allow the Jews to share the Temple Mount and build their temple alongside the Muslim Waqf? There is plenty of room, but I am convinced the Muslims won’t allow it. If you think otherwise, please explain what you think should happen given Muslim rejectionism.

    If the Muslims agreed (hyopthetical) would you be OK with Sheldon or another Jews funding the Temple rebuilding? Or do you object to the Temple being rebuilt?

    Thank you.

    1. #FauxFatima: Fellow readers, help me out here. How many times has a hasbarist tried the faux Muslim routine here? Too mant to count. You’re as “Muslim” as I am Shinto; and as phony as a $3 bill..

      So stop right there. I don’t engage with anyone who posts under a false identity or false pretences. Post again here and I will ban you outright.

      1. Characters such as ‘Fatima’ actually recharge my batteries.

        There are several things about Israel that annoy me; but the one that truly infuriates me is the sheer dishonesty of its advocates. Anytime I seem to be flagging, just let me see another post like the above and I’ll be ready ‘n rarin’ to go.

        Let ‘her’ post. It perks me right up.

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