6 thoughts on “Transparency International Finds “High” IDF Corruption Level – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The report says that it’s a measure of corruption risk, not actual corruption. You seem to be conflating the two.
    That being said, it’s preposterous that the rank is so low, and that there’s so little parliamentary oversight on an expenditure that takes up such a huge portion of the national budget.

    1. So your claim is that because the report only says Israel has a high risk of corruption that means it doesn’t have actual corruption? Really, is that you actual claim? Because if it is let’s all agree you’re the funniest guy in the comment threads tonight. If however you concede that Israel’s military/security complex is rife with corruption, self-dealing & conflict of interest, then we’d have something to agree on.

  2. Richard, from what you write, it appears that Israel and the USA employ the same mechanism for the irreversible militarization of society: [1] money from makers of military stuff (once aka “Merchants of Death”) can support political parties and politicians (and warriors), including via the “revolving-door”; [2] what actually happens can be hidden behind the wall of “national security secrecy”, thereby preventing public discussion of how much money to spend on what to spend it on, as well as military policy; [3] mercenaries and (other?) armed thugs are let loose without government supervision and allowed to do as they will against so-called enemies (including people the state is supposed to protect, the “civilian persons” living under military occupation) (USAers: please recall the excesses of Blackwater in Iraq).

    1. @Zakeri: Ah, so we are now graced by a comment from Hamidezra Zakeri himself, the fraudulent source for the fraudulent Reza Khalili who perpetrated the latest Fordo fraud. How nice to have you here Zakeri.

  3. Richard — you appear to suggest that politics and corruption are separate entities which “bleed” over to one another (a proper image!). It’s easier to lump these activities together than to separate them. From what I gather, the use of graft, payoffs, murder etc. falls under the overriding Israeli rationalization for all the crimes of the state, namely the “no choice” dictate This poor excuse allows crimes against peoples, states, groups and humanity. It may have once made sense though I doubt it, but now it has become just a place to hide. “No choice” should be the national motto, imprinted on shekels and monuments.

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