11 thoughts on “Israel to Shutter Al Jazeera, Join Ranks of Arab Authoritarian Regimes Suppressing Press Freedom – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Two points of correction:

    1. “As part of Bibi Netanyahu’s ongoing campaign to turn Israel into an authoritarian regime…
    — the regime already is authoritarian and the regular man on the street loves it

    2. I had a chat with my friend who supplies TV to Arab (and Druze) villages in the North and am informed that Al-Jazeera (both versions) will not be affected.

    Indeed, many Israelis have streaming boxes and just like when CNN disappeared from our screens, people gaily continuned to watch it. (Usage of word in more classical context.)

    1. @ GefullaS(&t:

      the regime already is authoritarian and the regular man on the street loves it

      I don’t know who the “man on the street is.” I do know that Bibi as a political leader is hugely unpopular. I know that polling shows that most Israelis would love to see him go. As for the Israeli inclination toward anti-democratic values, that’s obvious. But are you saying you like Israel being authoritarian or a dictatorship? That seemed to be your point.

      As for AJ, having them freely available on cable or only available through streaming are two wildly different modes of reception. Most viewers don’t or can’t get AJ via streaming. If they can, they can only do so via their computer, while most people watch AJ through their TVs. So cable is a vastly preferred mode & those would be the ones banned by Israel.

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      1. Richard, are you really a petulant child who (when challenged) goes sulking and name-calling? Or are you the scholar and balanced reporter you purport to be?

        Right now, you seem to be the former with your name-calling.

        To address your question(s), it is ex-apertus who the “man on the street is” unless you engage in splitting hairs. Bibi is hugely unpopular among many and yet hugely popular amongst others. I personally have no affinity for the man. Israel needs new leadership.

        1. @ gefilte: I’m just a blogger who rejects propaganda & mindless spouting of tired cliches. You stop the hasbara, I’ll offer you the respect you feel you deserve.

          As for your unscientific claims, all polls show he is immensely unpopular. Yes there is a minority that support him. But only a minority.

          Israel doesn’t need “new leadership. ” It needs radical change & “new leadership” won’t do that.

          1. Then I would agree with you that Israel needs a massive change but realistically I don’t see that happening any time soon.

            I qualify my statement about the Israeli PM’s popularity in that certain socio-economic groups tend to like him more than others.

            As for the pejorative use of “hasbara”, is it that any view that supports Israel in a manner you find contentious and/or objectionable automatically is disregarded and/or the fuel for childish slurs?

            I am an Israeli Zionist in the true sense of שיבת ציון and not in the monstrous distortion it has become.

            Much harm is done to our fellow humans by shooting from the hip before engaging our critical faculties, I suggest that you may be misconstruing me abd/or my comments.

          2. @ gefilte: while I admit that your last 2-3 comments have been quite mild & largely free of cant, that’s not been true of the ones which preceded them.

            Hasbara is pro-Israel propaganda. The term is widely used & understood. The fact that you don’t like it doesn’t render it treif. People who have a clear pro Israel agenda which dismisses or demeans Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims etc. In order to score pts are hasbarists, plain & simple.

            As for Bibi, yes of course certain niche groups adore him. But just like Trump, they are a minority & increasingly so.

  2. Al Jazeera supports both Islamic state and Iran, and Hezbollah acc. to Kara? I guess he does not understand the meaning of ‘reporting’.

    1. Reporting can be very subjective especially when the piece contains the author opinion/assessment of the situation.

      A classic example is many of the reports about Palestinians attacking IDF soldiers that resulted in the attackers death where the headline fail to mention the attack that led to the death. Whether one sees it as terror or not, failing to mention the attack is a strong bias.

  3. Richard said:

    “To support his decision, he regurgitated the mindless talking points of the dictators of Saudi Arabia, Egypt..”

    I think Bibi has more specific grievances.

    “…anyone who watched the network’s live reports from Israel and the West Bank over the last few days inevitably came away with the impression that Al Jazeera’s reporters did goad Palestinians to demonstrate. Its reporters relayed the message that Israel was acting unilaterally at Al-Aqsa Mosque, while its reports failed to note that the metal detectors were installed in response to the July 14 terrorist attack there.”


  4. [comment deleted: this isn’t a soccer match in which one side shouts slogans and the other side responds with slogans. If you have an actual argument and point to be made state it clearly & don’t rely on links to sources alone to make any point.]

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