19 thoughts on “Netanyahu’s Big Climb-Down: All Surveillance Cameras Removed from Al Aqsa, Status Quo Ante Restored – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “the al Aqsa enclave in Jerusalem” – first time I see the site refers to as such.

    Just wondered, which country does it belong to?
    – It can’t be Palestine since it doesn’t exist anywhere else.
    – It can’t be Jordan because no true pro-Palestinian will suggest the site actually belong under Jordanian sovereignty.

    Maybe you refer to the Corpus Separatum status in the 1947 UN resolution. Is that it?

    1. @ James: Geez, I don’t know Jimmy, Israel has conceded sovereignty to the Jordanian Waqf and for decades Palestinians have worshipped there under that arrangement. I guess you must’ve missed the memo.

      You clearly think you’re a whole lot smarter than you really are. At least on this subject.

      1. “conceded sovereignty to the Jordanian Waqf” – not sure where you read this but this is false.
        At most the Waqf has religious sovereignty but not state sovereignty.

        I would expect you to understand the difference

  2. Sovereignty is technically the wrong word. Authority would probably be better. The Temple Mount is not actually a separate political entity in the way that, say, Vatican City is.

    Israel did indeed cede authority to the WAQF. The result is that not only Palestinians but ALL Moslems can worship there. But Jews can’t. This is fine from the point of view of Satmar, Naturei Karta and many secular Jews, but not from the POV of the Temple Mount Faithful and a few other religio-nationalists. It’s not for anyone to tell anyone else what is holy to them (holiness is after all a state of mind). But the status quo is that Jews can visit the site but can’t pray there.

    Which of course is reminiscent of the all white churches in South Africa in the apartheid era. So Israel is an apartheid state after all. Just not in the sense that people usually mean.

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    1. Ab Cdef: 99.9% of world Jewry have no interest in praying at Al Aqsa. Neither the world, nor Israel owes anything to the .1% of radical messianic settler Jews who pray there for holy war.

      Your South Africa analogy is nonsense. South African churches led the fight AGAINST apartheid.

      1. It would be nice if you could actually support the 0.1% with anything credible.

        The whole struggle over Jerusalem is bc of the Temple Mount. Nobody really cares about a random acre in Jerusalem over another acre in Jordan valley or elsewhere in the West Bank.

        About removing the golden dome, you might be right but when it comes to sovereignty and control, you couldn’t be more wrong.

        1. @ JCohen: Clearly the figure “0.1%” was meant satirically. The main point was that the settler messianists who want to destroy the Dome of the Rock & replace it with a rebuilt Temple are a tremendously small minority of a minority.

          The whole struggle over Jerusalem is bc of the Temple Mount.

          No, once again only you & your crazy settler friends care about whether Jews or the Waqf control it.

          1. Iwrote it down for myself – in the future, when you quote numbers you don’t mean them, you just try to make readers laugh.
            – got it!!!

          2. And there are many jews who don’t necessarily care about “controlling it” but simply want to pray there. But Oh No. Muslims won’t allow it and somehow progressives feel like this is a true form freedom of warship

          3. @ Daniel: No there are not “many Jews,” there are a small number of Israeli settlers who want this. As far as I recall, societies have a right to prevent citizens from causing a country to commit national suicide. So no, there is no need to give a few messianist loons the right to provoke a holy war.

            You do realize that for the vast majority of Orthodox Jews there is an explicit isur on even stepping foot on the TEmple Mount, let alone praying there. There are a handful of Jews who want to provoke the Messiah’s coming who believe that violating the isur is the way to bring the rebuilt Temple & the messianic era. A handful. Maybe four handsful (I exaggerate slightly alas)…

          4. But do you realize that for many conservative and reform Jews, praying at the place where the temple stood 2,000 years ago will mean something as well? These people have no intention of destroying anything yet somehow you support forbidding them from praying there.
            You will however support them preying at the Western Wall which was used by Orthodox Jews as a prayer site long before Reform Judaism was invented.

          5. @Daniel: Jews pray at the Kotel. No non-settler Jews pray at the Dome of the Rock. Praying there has no meaning for Reform or Conservative Jews & none do it. It’s entirely alien to us Jewishly.

    2. Funny. It reminds me more of a beautiful old black church, which is being taken over by a bunch of Apartheid-style entitled whites.

  3. Dangerous times: Netanyahu has been thoroughly embarrassed by this whole saga, and is likely feeling very weak and vulnerable. His political enemies are licking their chops.

    If I was a betting man, I would put big money on Israel starting a mini-war either with Gaza or with Lebanon. Netanyahu must be calculating that he can only rehabilitate his macho image with scenes of scores of dead Arabs flashing across Israeli television screens.

    Mark my words – it’s coming!

    1. Actually, looks like the psychopath is most likely gearing up for bloodletting tomorrow during Friday prayers at Al Aqsa. If tonight’s events there are any indication, the police will kill many Palestinians tomorrow, and quite possibly spark a brand new intifada. Netanyahu will have his crisis and will be able to show his blood-thirsty hordes how adept he is at killing Arabs.

      The cycle of violence will continue, but at least now it is clear who keeps feeding it and why.

    2. Lebanon is my guess. ‘Secret underground arms factories’ and such allegations have already been uttered in preparation. It is clearly coming.

    1. @ Anya: This isn’t ‘insensitivity.’ This is provocation leading to massive inter religious violence including murder on both sides. Over 130 Palestinians were injured in a police riot today at the site.

      I wouldn’t worry about Muslims though it’s sweet of you to do do. They can take care of themselves. I’d worry about the maggots in your own midst.

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