5 thoughts on “Israeli Police Riot and Injure 130 Al Aqsa Muslim Worshippers – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “We have our own opinions etc.” Is that mutiny against the government? Just imagine a police chief saying something like that. And then they fire stun grenades into a trapped crowd that includes children. People can get trampled to death in such a situation. (It happened not long ago in Germany simply because of bad crowd management at a mass event.)
    Israel is crossing into madness for real now.

  2. I didn’t see any police riot, let alone a pogrom. Please tell me at what precise time on the video clock, the police rioted?

    What weapons did the police use when they ‘rioted’.

    What pogrom did this remind you of? Kishinev? When did shtetl Jews attack Cossacks with rocks and bottles and when did Cossacks ever use non lethal weapons?

    Richard insults the memory of the real victims of pogroms.



    1. @ Anya: Quel surprise! The hasbarist didn’t see a riot. She looked at a video in which police threw stun grenades into a crowd of thousands of Muslims surging through a narrow Jerusalem street with no outlet & didn’t see anything wrong with that. She read an eyewitness account by an Israeli Jew which called it a police riot. She, who wasn’t there, chooses not to believe her. Why am I not in the least surprised??

      Stop pretending anyone needs educating about pogroms. My grandfather came to this country because of them & I resent your condesenscion. I don’t need educating from the likes of you.

      1. Yossi Gurvitz has had contempt for authority ever since his army days.

        Neither you, Yossi, nor I, know why the police decided to close one of the gates. I am assuming that closing the gate required that one of the narrow streets be cleared of people, so the police used non-lethal stun grenades and other non-lethal weapons.

        Police riot? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m withholding judgment.
        No one, but Richard Silverstein, is calling this police action a pogrom. Not even Yossi.

        1. @Anya: Since when does alleged contempt for authority mean he’s not a credible witness to a police riot? Further, you don’t have to believe him. You can see with your own two eyes & ears, presuming yours are in eutking order, police firing stun grenades into the surging crowd . Are you deaf & blind?

          Sure we know why they closed the gate. The commander said as much. You’re being disingenuous. Just admit they wanted revenge & to show their manhood and save face before the “natives.”

          “Kin lethal stunn grenade arevquire krthsl when used under such conditions. As a Etuppean vkmndnter noted here. Such conditions gave. Jed to the deaths of hundreds of Europeans at soccer matches. It’s a miracle someone wasn’t trampled to death inntjis police inspired melee.

          Many news outlets noted the crowd was peaceful and the police commenced hostile action. Many.

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