12 thoughts on “Former IDF Brig. Gen. Calls for Destroying Dome of Rock, Islam’s Third Holiest Site – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. For a visionary (or wistful) exactly opposite view of how Mashiach in a truly down-to-earh Messianic way will build the Third Temple, see a story called “The Last Tisha B’Av” by Rabbi Phyllis Berman and me at

    Shalom, salaam —

  2. Why are you surprised that Israel Hayom gave this fascist a soapbox to spout his bile from? After all, this is the Sheldon Adelson-owned rag, and is by far the most right-wing daily in Israel. That they are inciting for further violence at the end of this blood-soaked week is perfectly in line with who they are.

    Regarding the fascist who graces Israel Hayom’s cover – he is the perfect example of what Yeshayahu Leibovich once called “Judeo-Nazis”. Had he lived in 1930’s Germany, he would have no problem whatsoever to become an SS man. Like his father, he is a pure Zionist fanatic.

    He also happens to be a prominent surgeon in Israel. I would refuse to be treated by him, if I had the misfortune to be in need of his services, because there would be a very real possibility that he would intentionally botch my treatment if he found out I am leftist. Yup – he’s that vile!

  3. Two days ago it was only 0.1% of Jews who cared about the place. Now it is mainstream.
    Which one is it? You bend reality and facts to fit whatever you’re trying to say.

        1. @Daniel: in the context of a post about a magazine profile in Israel’s most popular paper, that is what I meant by “mainstream.”

          But as I said if his ideas become so absorbed into the mainstream that Israel destroys the Dome of the Rock or rebuilds the Temple or expels Palestinians, then the State will be hefker, forfeit & will destruct or self destruct.

  4. Hello administrator,

    I left some comments, please approve them, I want a dialogue about the Temple Mount,

    1. @ Khaleel: Read the comment rules. You can’t post false statements, opinions unsupported by credible facts, or Islamophobia here. If you do the comments will not be published. This is not a site meant to derogate any religion, whether Judaism or Islam. If that’s your agenda, you belong somewhere else.

      You are not seeking a “dialogue.” You’re seeking a monologue spewing hate against Islam. And I won’t offer you a platform.

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