8 thoughts on “BREAKING: Major Shabak Scandal Brewing – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. so wake up as censroship is accepted throughout the western world when it comes to security related issues

      1. @ Michael: What are you smokin’? If censorship were accepted throughout the world there would be no whistleblowers. No Edward Snowden. No Chelsea Manning. Thank God there are and that censorship is not accepted as you claim. Not only that, Israel’s version of censorship is much more akin to Russia, China or authoritarian countries than it is western democracies.

          1. @ Ilene: So you think stealing 2-million shekels is “a dud?” I guess maybe you’re richer than I am. Coz that’s a lot of money to most people.

            And my dear hasbaroid, I based my own reporting on Walla, which called it a ‘grave corruption scandal.’ So if you have a quarrel take it up with Imry Sadan not me.

            You know, I don’t much like you. And the gotcha attitude really bugs me. If you want to continue participating here I’d suggest you have an attitude adjustment. If not, your time with us may be short.

          2. Richard reported:

            “Israel has been abuzz for the past two weeks with news of a major intelligence scandal.. ”
            “An Israeli tweeted earlier today about a Hamas account which blows the story wide open:..”

            You led readers to believe that the Shin Bet scandal involved embezzling money earmarked for Hamas collaborators; a major scandal.
            In truth, the embezzlers were low ranking employees who had nothing to do with withholding payments to Hamas collaborators.

            A dud.

          3. @ilene: the dud is you I’m afraid. You’ve quoted in your comment from 2 different posts written at 2 different times. In the first, I did say the Gaza embezzlement was related to the Walla account of a major corruption case. In the next post, I noted that it may or may not be related.

            Further, and as you so conveniently ignore, we only have Shabak’s version of the story claiming the personnel are low level. I trust that account about as far as I can throw it. And it’s entirely possible the Gaza case IS related to the larger one. There is still a gag order on this case. So we know only the part of the story Shabak is willing to have reported.

            If you wish to earn your hasbara ‘wings’ here you will simply have to do better in whitewashing Shabak criminality.

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  1. Having walked the “dark boards” before, I am a little incredulous that these kind of “breaking stories” are treated as if these kind of events (in these kind of circles) are a rarity in any country’s security and/or similar services/agencies. These kind of events are “de-rigeur” and the modus-operandi of said establishments, the fact that one or two events “leak” out (every now and then) should not be taken as some major expose of Israelis uniqueness in this particular sphere.

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