7 thoughts on “Israeli-U.S. Tug of War Over Teenager Accused of Terror Threat Campaign Against Jewish Institutions – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @Richard

      ‘…perfect criminal haven for dirty Jews..’

      Richard. Did you even bother to read your own link?

      “While some suspects have been extradited – including the 2015 case of an insurance scammer who killed someone in an arson in Paris – Israel is reluctant to extradite because Paris will not reciprocate, said Sammy Ghozlan, a French former police commissioner who moved to Israel last year.

      Ghozlan noted France’s refusal to hand over two French citizens whom Israeli authorities sought to prosecute in connection with a 2011 hit-and-run in Tel Aviv that killed Lee Zeitouni, a 25-year-old fitness instructor.”

      Is anyone else repelled by Richard’s rancid, yellow-journalism?

      1. @ Sea Mouse
        You can’t compare France not extraditing its own citizens to Israel and Israel not extraditing French citizens who fled to Israel in order not to be persecuted in their homeland France (and who only became Israeli citizens by the mere virtue of being Jews).
        Even you should be able to see the difference.

      2. @ Seamus: I offered examples of Israeli refusal to extradite Jewish terrorists to the U.S., sexual predators to Australia, & French Jewish terrorist & other criminals to France. You’ve presented a single article detailing a single indident in which France refused to extradite to Israel. THe source of the claim is a single French police official who emigrated to Israel. I don’t know if this is an accurate statement or not considering the source is TOI, not the most reliable source.

        This blog is beginning to stink
        Richard’s rancid, yellow-journalism?

        Further, your insult violates the comment rules. Your earlier comment is an even more serious violation. If you want to throw rocks, you’ll do it elsewhere. I have warned you of previous violations. You were moderated. After this new violation you are banned.

        1. Richard, you can either trust a source or not but cherrypicking the facts that supports your agenda and trash the rest isn’t serious journalism.

    1. @ Seamus: YOu’ve found a few incidents in which Israel has extradited common criminals & drug dealers. The cases I cited involved crimes committed by non-Israeli citizens in the U.S. and Australia, for which the Israeli Supreme Court refused extradition. These were very serious crimes of murder and child rape. There are other such examples including criminals who fled to Israel presuming they would not or could not be extradited:


      This pro-Israel information site even offers the Israeli legal rationale behind the refusal to extradite:

      an Israeli citizen named Shmuel Flatto-Sharon published a pamphlet in France that was translated into English and Hebrew arguing that every individual Jew in the world should be provided with Israeli passports so that they may receive sanctuary in the event of persecution. Flatto-Sharon campaigned for Likud on an anti-extradition platform and received popular support, winning a seat in the Knesset. That same year, Likud took control of the government with Begin, a strong opponent of extradition, as Prime Minister.

      In 1978, the Knesset passed the Offenses Committed Abroad Act. It eliminated extradition of Israeli citizens and switched Israel to the Continental system. Crimes committed by Israeli citizens abroad could be prosecuted in Israel. The Extradition Act was thus amended so that no Israeli citizen could be extradited except for offenses committed before he/she obtained citizenship. The new law was treated with concern by some academics who saw it as a way for Israelis to commit crimes abroad and harm relations with other countries. At the same time, Israelis were supportive of the law because they felt it made Israel truly a Jewish haven.

      Even after modifying the law to permit extradition, the Court has often protected Israelis from extradition. The case of the Australian sex offender is the most recent, and a troubling example.

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