2 thoughts on “Israeli Teen Managed Cyber-Terror Supermarket – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. vDOS is definitely cyber. Not sure I’d classify Kaydar as cyber – what I’ve seen discussed is really “old style” telephone threats – made via VoIP (through proxies etc., all from his aptmt but with the use of a long-range wifi connection (specialized antenna) as an additional layer of masking) + masking software to disguise his identity (as opposed to using a burner cellphone or a random public telephone booth). He collected proceeds in bitcoin and advertised his “services” – but so do drug dealers today.

    Do terrorists/criminals still phone in advance to warn before striking? (they used to – the IRA used to do this, the Basque, I think some of the Palestinian factions too). Perhaps institutions should think twice about evacuation policy after a threat.

    Classification aside – this doesn’t make this any better or worse.

    His family is claiming he is autistic + with a brain tumor… However he was able to run quite a “successful” criminal enterprise…. So I’m dubious this will get much traction.

    The Juvenile aspect probably just protects his name at present. It sounds like he’ll be tried as an adult for many-many incidents. He probably will push to be tried in Israel, as in most cases Israeli judicial practice is to sentence -concurrent- sentences for “related” crimes – he’ll probably get close to the max on whatever he is charged with (10 years? 5?) – but he won’t get a sentence of 100*10 – which is possible in some American jurisdictions.

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