10 thoughts on “Shabak Torture Interrogations Fail to Yield Murder Confessions – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. @Richard
    “It is a system built, not on the normal standards of policing in the western world in which evidence is gathered, witnesses interviewed, scenes reconstructed; rather, the emphasis is on extracting confessions, often by brute force.”

    Consider the strange case of Japan, where, in under 48 hours, Japanese confess to practically anything, without having been tortured.

    “Under Japanese law, you may be arrested and detained without bail for 48 hours by the police on suspicion of having committed a crime. During this period, the police are required to inform you of the crime of which you are suspected, of your right to remain silent, of your right to hire a lawyer at your own expense… The police usually begin their initial questioning before you have an opportunity to see a lawyer.”–Source: US Embassy in Japan

    1. @ Barbar: I thought of the Japanese justice system when I was writing about Israel. Japan tends to have an entirely different cultural-social approach to crime than other western democracies. I wouldn’t use it as justification or precedent to claim Israel’s dysfunction is therefore acceptable or understandable.

  2. @Deir

    There is no perfect criminal justice system, anywhere, and Israel is no exception.
    I brought up the Japanese system as ‘food for thought’.

    There presently is no discussion here and there probably won’t be, because Richard is just ‘going over old ground’.

  3. @Richard.

    “Ah, as close as we will ever get to an admission of Israeli failure… ”

    I could point out Israel’s failures, longer, and in greater detail, than you ever could. Trust me.
    I prefer to pursue Truth, and not Justice.

    1. @Barbar: Yet another reason why you are misguided. There is no difference between truth & justice. The fact you feel you need to divide them shows Israel sacrifices justice. We knew that all along. Now you have confirmed it.

  4. “I could point out Israel’s failures, longer, and in greater detail, than you ever could. Trust me.”
    Well if you really want to pursue Truth don’t keep us waiting!

  5. @Richard

    “There is no difference between truth & justice ”

    Sure there are differences.

    Richard. There are many pro-Palestinian activists and anti-Zionists who want to hale the State of Israel, her politicians and foot soldiers, into the docket, and subject them to punishment reminiscent of the Nuremberg War Trials. I believe this approach is wrong.

    I believe that the wounds caused by the Israel-Palestine conflict should be treated by peacemaking tribunals such as the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa. Tribunals that would institutionalize peaceful approaches to the violations of legal and human rights that have occurred between Arabs and Jews.


  6. I am very concerned about all aspects of this case. Richard raises good points. There are so many issues arising.
    Torture is always evil, and although the general public are impressed by a “confession’, it is always a weak form of evidence, and is worth nothing if the suspect has been isolated and treated inhumanely.
    It strikes me, that while these yahoos are held in secrecy and isolation, the real perps may be getting away. They may be allowed to get away.

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