6 thoughts on “Did Sheldon Adelson Just Buy Nevada’s Biggest Newspaper? Anonymously? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I used to be consoled by the thought that Adelson is in his eighties but to my dismay I learned that the “eminence grise” behind him, his wife, the Israel born physician Miriam Ochshorn, who seems to be partly responsible for his rabid passion about Netanyahu Israel, is only 70.

  2. Being in one’s 70’s does not necessarily mean being in good health. As a 77er who is beginning to feel his age, I recognize that people age at different speeds. At a personal level, I wish Mrs. Adelson the best, At a political level, ahem.

    I read the other day how very little CO2 emission-per-person would be permissible if the world were to get GWCC under control, and it brought me (once again) up against the fact that reducing the world’s population ought to be an ingredient in getting CO2 emissions down to zero quickly. I suppose that if all us 70-ers (and older) were soon to go to our reward, it would be a good thing (and in some cases, in more ways than one! Many of us hold rather rigid and unpleasant political ideas.)

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