15 thoughts on “Shin Bet Arrests Kahane’s Grandson Claiming He’s ‘Terror Mastermind’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. To you, A terrorist Jew has got to be operating as part of a large group, supported by the government and what not, while you go to great lengths to explain how Arab terrorists are lone wolves. You even went as far as claiming the the murderers of the three teenagers – an operation that required getting hold of two vehicles and some weapons – were not by any means connected to anyone and certainly not to Hamas. Then you went on to to call the war in Gaza “Operation Punchbag”. Typical.

    1. “Then you went on to to call the war in Gaza “Operation Punchbag”.” It should have been called “Operation Fish-in-a-Barrel”.

    2. @ Hed Shaket: What most annoys me about people like you is that you reduce my views to caricature. You bastardize them. You distort them. Here is what I actually wrote and believe. The terrorists who murdered the 3 Jewish teenagers come from a family which supports Hamas. But Hamas as an organization had nothing to do with the crime. There were unsupported claims that a Hamas operative exiled in Turkey supported their crime.

      You think buying 2 stolen cars and some guns in the West Bank is hard or expensive? THink again. Of course there was someone funding what they did. But the killers and the one funding them were acting alone and without the approval of Hamas. And you & your hasbara masters have never proven otherwise.

      1. Your reply does not contradict my post. I remembered well what you had written about the kidnapping.

        And really, you Richard, complaining about reducing views to a caricature? You, that automatically categorize any Israeli who disagrees with you as an hasbara agent, as if it’s entirely impossible for a sound mind to disagree with you without being brainwashed by evil hasbara forces first?
        Please, tell me more about my “hasbara masters”. Who are they? How did they teach me to spread Israeli racism – was it in a dark room with a swinging lamp? What do the black books they gave me say? And how often am I being visited by Shabak agents to “refresh” my training?

        Am I being out of line here?
        In fact your posts, cleverly, give that exact feeling about the the Israeli bureaus, government, and many of its Jewish citizens.
        In your self-proclaimed enlightenment, while sitting thousands of miles away, you are, in my humble opinion, one of the worst hypocrites.

        Off for now to do some more productive things, such as studying for my exams (and not e.g for uprooting Palestinian trees and stealing their land, which most Israelis do, of course…)

        1. @ Hed Shaket: My reply refuted all your claims. THe kidnapping of the teenagers was not sanctioned by Hamas & had nothing to do with Hamas, which is precisely what you claimed it did.

          The rest of your comment was entirely off topic. It has no relation to the post. All comments must be directly related to the post.

          I don’t give a crap what you think I believe about Israel or Israelis. But what you do think I believe is entirely garbled & cartoonish. And that’s entirely off topic. Stay on topic in future.

  2. RS wrote “We’re supposed to feel sorry because they get death threats when one of their own murdered an Israeli teenager…”

    Schlissel, the pride parade stabber is Haredi and not a right wing settler. There are no Haredim at settler Yeshivas. Haredim are for the most part if not openly opposed to Zionism then at least indifferent to it. Walking through Meah Shearim in a knitted kippah or driving through in a car with an Israel flag is an invitation to be attacked. You can’t simply paint settlers and Haredim with the same broad brush strokes.

    1. @ pea: You make distinctions without a difference. There are Haredim who are Zionist and endorse the State. THere are Haredim who are anti-State. You attempt to make artificial distinctions when the final result–murder–is what both have in common. And that’s all they need to be yoked together.

      The Haredi terrorist and the settler terrorists are both Orthodox Jews and they represent the worst & most repugnant aspects of Judaism. Of course there are other aspects of Judaism that have nothing to do with these monsters. In fact, which are the antithesis of them.

  3. The invocation of the historian Joseph Klausner. the etched words “Judaism” “Humanity” over his door essentially to add to Netanyahu’s message, one that Jews. Israeli’s would like to believe: “we are better than they are”. should get a response from Amos Oz (I believe Klausner’s nephew) and a strong one. Should.

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