30 thoughts on “Israeli Racial Profiling: Guilty of Breathing While Arab – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I remember a photo of a guy in Ranana wearing a t-shirt that read (in Hebrew) “Please take it easy. I’m Yemenite.” That and less funny incidents of Mizrachi Jews being stopped and / or attacked for looking Arab are troubling, no doubt. However, the high rate of police-related fatalities you describe, well, aren’t they the result of this grass roots stabbing campaign? You make no mention of that in the post and make it seem like police are just shooting Arabs willy nilly.

    1. @ pea:

      make it seem like police are just shooting Arabs willy nilly.

      Indeed, they are. WHen IDF soldiers can shoot a 30 yr old Yeshiva bocher & claim he was reaching for their gun as justification for attempted murder, then they are shooting people willy nilly. Not to mention that we have no idea whether half the Palestinians killed were actually stabbing or attempting to stab Israelis when killed. We only have the killers’ word for it. And that is simply not enough based on past history of lying.

      For example, the case of Dania Arsheed, age 16, murdered in Hebron yesterday:

      There is a voice recording of an eye witness who said that he was at a location near the murder scene…He said that the only thing the girl was holding was her school bag, they shot her from a distance with 7 bullets so the Israeli claims that she tried to attack a soldier are totally false.Another eye witness said that the girl was screaming and pleading that she didn’t have a knife but they shot her regardless…

      Ynet reports she took out a knife and attempted to stab a soldier. Do I believe this? Nah, not at all. Will the IDF offer any proof of its claims? Nah, why should it. It doesn’t need to. Israeli Jews believe it, so why produce any real proof of its claims? The world doesn’t believe it? Who gives a crap about the world? So yes, they’re pretty much shooting “Arabs” [sic] willy nilly.

      1. Seems like they’re just repeating the same BS as when they killed Hadeel al-Hashlamoun, it’s pretty much the same scenario.

        Concerning the world, they rely on the International Hasbara Brigade. Bernard-Henri Levy had a hasbara article published in Le Point: Palestinians – part of the global Jihad – are killing Jews for no other reason than pure anti-blahblah…..

  2. Dubious statistics.

    Why not take each death on a case by case basis? Generalizing is no better than racial profiling.

    BTW. Was the Arab security guard who shot the Eritrean also guilty of racial profiling? He saw a black guy at the crime scene and opened fire.

    1. @ Hopper: Statistics are facts, which ipso facto means they cannot be “dubious.” You may not like them. But facts they are, nonetheless.

      Regarding the lynching, yes the security guard engaged in racial profiling. Clearly. He lied when he tried to explain (falsely) that he shot the man because he didn’t seem to be acting like the other victims who, he claims, were running away, while the victim was moving toward him (the victim was on the floor when he was shot by the guard, as shown by videos of the incident). In truth, the Eritrean was unlike the other victims, he was dark-skinned and “alien.”

      1. @Richard

        “Can we imagine a situation in which U.S. police would go on a killing spree and murder that many Blacks over such a short period?”

        Yeah. Of course.
        Twenty six blacks killed by police in Newark, N.J. during the 1967 riots.

        Victims of the 1967 Detroit Riot at the conclusion of five days of rioting, 43 people were dead and 1189 injured

        Sprees. Right?

        1. @ Hopper: You have to go back 50 years to find a single U.S. incident of mass national protest which has never been repeated (at least in part because we learned some important lessons from it)? When Israel has mass killings, wars in which thousands of civilians are killed, and intifadas on a regular basis over the decades?

          1. Again. The devil is in the details.

            The American military and State and local law enforcement have suppressed hundreds of riots throughout American history. Some of the riots were quite bloody indeed.

            But how many violent ‘mass national protests’ has America had to cope with? Two, post-Civil War.
            So, in terms of quelling riots, it is quite apt to compare the summer riots of 1967 with an Intifada.

          2. @Hopper: You’re full of it. Stop wasting my time with inanity. You’re done in this thread. If hasbarist central doesn’t have any higher quality than you to assign to us then you’re in desperate straits indeed.

      2. @Richard
        Dubious, as in, were your calculations based on the current population of Israel, or did you include the populations of the West Bank and Gaza with that of Israel?

        A sizable difference, no?

        1. @ Hopper: One of my major comment rules is to do your homework and not waste time here asking questions you can answer yourself easily. If you can’t answer your own question easily based on my calculations you failed elementary school math. Believe me, if I could do the research in less than ten minutes you can spare the 3 minutes it’ll take you to rework my figures to answer your own question.

          If you want to participate here you have to do some of the work yourself.

  3. Israelis have got to be about the most racial pedigree crazy people on earth. “What’s your background” is a question often asked of my daughter and myself. This question is actually two parts:
    1) Are you Jewish?
    2) What are you? (Race).
    I’ve never seen people so at ease with intrusive questions, the answers to which are nobody’s damn business. But, I’ve also never been to any state below the Mason-Dixon line either. The racism towards Mizrakhim and Sephardim has always been and without apology, but now, thanks to the absolute fanaticism of the Netanyahu government (although this has been years in the making), being Mizrakhim or Sephardim could be life-threatening. My hope is that they start to see Palestinian brothers and sisters as real brothers and sisters and unite. The Ashkenazi are rabid dogs.

    1. “The Ashkenazi are rabid dogs.”
      This is a blatant racist statement seemingly against your rules and it also refers to you.
      Should it not be taken down?

      1. @ murray: In the context of her comment, I don’t find it out of line. It’s certainly not my style & I would prefer not using such demeaning stereotypes. But if that’s how she experiences it (& I know Mizrahim themselves experience such demeaning treatment firsthand) I find it acceptable.

  4. Assuming racial profiling actually allows security to focus on dangerous elements, what’s the problem?

    What’s the point of wasting time and money just to bother people with a lower likelihood of being terrorists?

    1. @ eli: It’s a false assumption. Racial profiling identifies Arabs, not criminals and not terrorists. That is racist and unacceptable (except to Israelis). You cannot single out an entire ethnic group when a very, very small subset of that group are likely to attempt to commit an act of terror.

      1. Obviously racial profiling focuses on Arabs, because in Israel most acts of terror are committed by Arabs. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

        Of course you can focus on a particular ethnic group if the statistical chance they will be involved in terror is higher than other groups. Why is that unacceptable?

        1. @ eli:

          in Israel most acts of terror are committed by Arabs.

          This is absolutely false. And either you know its false or you’re racism is showing. Jews commit acts of terrorism on almost a daily basis. Jews burn, maim & slaughter Palestinians and Palestinian institutions frequently. So there’s no Jewish terrorism, is there?

          Of course you can focus on a particular ethnic group…

          Uh, no you can’t and still be a democracy. Now, if you wish to renounce that claim, I’m happy to hear your admission. Are you?

          1. You are being obtuse. I didn’t say there in NO jewish terrorism. I said that MOST terror acts leading to lose of life are committed by Arabs. That is a fact that can be easily ascertained.
            Avoiding racial profiling is not rational and not moral.

          2. @eli: It depends how you define “terrorism.” I define it to include all murders by Israelis of Palestinian civilians. In that case there is far more Israeli terror than Palestinian, & 6 times more Palestinian deaths than Israeli.

    2. The problem, Eli, is that Israel has manoeuvred itself into a situation where people like you seem to find it normal that there are “dangerous elements” about – and that the danger has to do with belonging to certain ethnic groups. Arabs fear Jews, Jews fear Arabs, Mizrahi Jews fear Arabs and Ashkenazi Jews, Ashkenazi Jews fear everybody except those who can “pass” as their tribal mates.

      I am living in one of the most mixed societies on earth but there is no mutual suspicion and fear.

      Don’t you ever wonder how the present situation in Israel came about?

  5. [satire] Why doesn’t Netanyahu force Jews in Israel to have numbers tattooed on their arms? That way they can be more easily identified. It’s the next logical step for Netanyahu’s fascist government. [/satire]

    1. It seems a brilliant idea, but the arm maybe isn’t visible enough. Why not on both chins ….
      And after Bibi’s Hitler-wasn’t-really-the-bad-guy, we should never say never.

      1. Don’t forget the Cross for the Christians ! At least one young Christian woman was seriously wounded (she’s got a bullet close to the heart): Dalia Nassar. Her mother is a well-known member of the Popular Front, and her uncle is Jamal Nassar, the Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at California State University.
        Here’s a picture of Dalia when she was still fit:

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