45 thoughts on “Jerusalem Descends into Blood Lust – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You write this from America where every other day some nutcase grabs an assault rifle and shoots lots of people. And you have the nerve to call Israelis defending themselves from Muslim terrorists bloodthirsty. Shame on you.

    1. Pathetic hasbara. Where is the equivalent of screams of ‘Death to Arabs”? Where is the equivalent of religious zealots chasing down random people and cheering when an innocent is murdered? Where is the equivalent of others attempting to jusify the barbaric behavior? Perhaps only in some extreme Wahhabist theocratic state. And Israel apparently.

    2. What is that got to do with Israel being bloodthirsty. Proofs are many regardless of where a Journalist geographic location. You do not make any sense and two wrongs do not make a right. There are crazies in the USA who are killing others for no reason but Israelis are around the clock bloodthirsty.

  2. In the past I have found your articles to be too one sided, but to your credit I think you’ve really found the center with this piece. It saddens me to see the bloodlust on both sides. It saddens me to not see responsible leadership from either side making a concerted effort to bring a much needed peace.

    But you ask when will the world step in after 35,000 dead Palestinians. The world doesn’t really care about the Palestinians or the Syrians or the Iraqis or the Afganis. Too many of us live cozy lives and dont want to be reminded of the blood that is shed every day around the world.

  3. Richard, as usual, the amount of logical fallacies in your post is staggering, so i’ll just settle with a small factual correction – you present the 2 victims of the Jerusalem stabbing as “associated” with “Ateret Cohanim”, clearly to somewhat justify the attack or at least make it understandable (oh yes, of course, you oppose such acts of violence, **but** they’re not innocent, they’re bad people, warriors, not civilians, blah blah, therefore the reasonable reader is left to assume they’re legitimate targets).
    Unfortunately, even the piece you link as proof, states that the actual target was the Benita family who are not even from Jerusalem, just visiting family, and are not related to “Ateret Cohanim” (in fact, quick googling shows he’s a Braslev from “Shuvu Banim”, a famous sect but not because of any political activism). Also wounded in this act of rightful retaliation and not-at-all-terror, were other two formidable warriors – his wife and his 2 years old son. What a courageous stabber, to go head to head against such mighty foes.
    Your source finally does show the connection you sought by stating that the other victim, a genuine “Ateret Cohanim” guy who happened to live nearby, rushed to assist them before being stabbed as well. Clearly that gives a different context to the entire incident, by rushing in to help, he made the attack justifiable.

    You know what, I don’t really mind about people twisting the facts to promote their agenda, i’m just amused that on one hand you take such a noble stand against extremism and hooliganism (truly well spoken!), and then on the same piece you lash out in a rant against people of the opposite ideology calling them all thieves and idolators, saying none of them is innocent. This is exactly what the PA and the Hamas leadership are doing (and exactly what the Israeli right winged extremists are doing) – fueling the flames and inciting more hatred and violence, only to bask in their self righteousness. That’s quite a company you’ve picked.

    1. @ Leeor: Ateret Cohanim is an ugly disgusting racist exterminationist settler group. Plain & simple. If you have them guns they would murder Palestinians with them. They want to destroy the Haram al Sharif & they & you both know that will ignite all out religious war. So no, I don’t shed any tears for Ateret Cohanim as a group.

      It is also completely false to say that Bratslav Hasidim has no political views. They, like all Haredim despise Palestinians and are happy to see them killed. How do you think a Palestinian feels seeing Bratslavers dancing in front of Israeli tanks? All warm & fuzzy inside?

      I never said that murdering the rabbis wasn’t an act of terror. Don’t you DARE put those words in my mouth. Do that again & you’ll be outa here. But Israel practices acts of terror that are far more lethal than murdering 2 rabbis. 500 children were murdered last summer. An 18 yr old girl was murdered in cold blood in Hebron. If you murder Palestinians they will murder you. That’s almost an elemental act of physics.

      The incitement and hatred comes directly from the settler side, which is in effect all of Israel since settlers are the Israeli government. Palestinians react to the far superior level of lethality & hate coming from your side. Your hate kills massively. Theirs in dribs & drabs. No killing is justifiable. But let’s be honest: you’ve killed up to 25 times more Palestinians than they’ve killed of yours until the past few yrs when the ratio has declined somewhat.

      1. Richard I completely agree with you, u have decency to speak out the truth, and say how it is that makes us human but now we r turning into animals, who r looking for blood. The pain and suffering of these Palestinians r more then anybody can put in the words.
        when ur parents r been killed, Even the brothers and sisters,ur house has been burnt down to the ground, on daily basis u suffer the racism and hypocrisy by the ppl who taken away everything even ur country , ur basic right as a human and who can put u in the prison just by saying it u throw the stone or even ur little child who doesn’t even know what’s going on around him, or they can shot u dead anytime when they want just blaming u for being a terrorist without any proof, then I’m sure u will b the one who will kill those from ur own hands or commit a suicide !!!
        Where there’s no justice, there’s a chaos!

    2. @Lecor


      Where are these “logical fallacies” in Richard’s post to be found? According to you there is a “staggering” number of them so it shouldn’t be difficult to point out at least a few.

      And do I understand correctly that you regard the people who have oppressed millions of Palestinians for close to fifty years and stolen a considerable part of their land (after already having amassed in the period until the Six Day War 22 % more of Palestine than the UN ever granted them) as being merely “people of the opposite ideology”. Has there ever been a burglar who justified his deed by saying that he had an ideology that differed from that of the house owner?

    3. There are no “right wing Israeli extremists any more”. Being “Right wing” has become normalized so that the “Right wing” are the new “moderates”.
      Every Jew in Israel and everyone among the Blind Supporters of Israel, wants the Palestinians gone, whether they are gone because they left or, were terrorized out of their homeland or, were “neutralized” (like the Europeans “neutralized” Jews in the past). The only difference among them is that there are the lead goons who scream, “Death to Arabs!”, there are the leaders who make it a matter of Jewish nationhood to get the Arabs, and there are the silent ones, who may offer muted opposition, but provide the moral and financial support to take more Arab land and kill more Arabs.
      If you enjoy the fruits of dispossession and genocide, then it does not matter whether you wielded the gun or not, YOU are the usurper, the opporessor, the butcher.

    1. @ Lost: That’s not evidence of anything nor “interesting.” Tom Paine wrote on his Facebook page “give me liberty or give me death.” Guess what? He didn’t kill anyone & wasn’t murdered in the act. I could write on my Facebook face that I’m dying for ice cream. Does that mean I’d kill someone to get it? Let’s see real evidence instead of innuendo, rumor & circumstantial scraps of information.

      1. Richard.
        Fadi Alloun posted his martyrdom comment hours before the 15 year old Jew was stabbed at the Damascus gate.
        Are we to believe that it was happenstance that Fadi Alloun that he was a few hundred meters from the stabbing site and was chased by a mob of Jews until the police arrive and shot him?
        Mistaken identity? Okay. So what happened to the real stabber?

        Question. What was Fadi Alloun doing, alone, in the middle of the night, so near to the stabbing site?

        Please consider the video linked below. It does seem that Fadi Alloun produced something from his pockets just when the police car arrived. The video is not dispositive of anything, I grant you that.


        1. One article lists that Fadi was going to work as he holds a job at a bakery in the area. Obviously these Orthodox jews had been bullying him for a while. Before you pass judgements you should consider the fact that you do not have the full truth, be kind!

        2. @ Lost: I don’t care what he posted & when. If everyone who posted on social media that they’d like to kill someone did so we’d have oceans of blood sloshing down our streets. Give me PROOF! But you don’t have any. Israeli media would’ve reported it by now if they had it.

          As for the real attacker (if it was not Fadi), it’s not my job to find him. YOu have a police force, inept & corrupt as it might be, that’s supposed to do that. But now that they executed the 1st Palestinian they met, they’re off the hook.

          He produced nothing from his pockets. If he had it would’ve been on the front page of every Israeli newspaper & leading every Israeli TV newscast.

          Is it possible Fadi was the attacker? Yes, possible. But not based on circumstance, rumor, innuendo and inference. That may be justice, Israel style. But now how the rest of us operate.

          1. @ Lost Dutchman

            You wrote “Question. What was Fadi Alloun doing, alone, in the middle of the night, so near to the stabbing site?”

            Why don’t you ask what these mostly religious Jews were doing there at that time? One likely answer is that they were there looking for Palestinian victims and for Palestinian property that could be attacked. Palestinians know this and don’t venture out into the open at that time unless for urgent reasons such as going to your work. But you prefer to think that this particular victim was out jogging …

          2. @Arie

            One family member says Fadi was going to his job at a bakery. Another family member says that he was going out for a jog.
            In the memorial video posted by Deir Yassin, Fadi’s aunt said he was going to pray.

            To date, no on seems to know what Fadi was doing at the crime scenes. Was he an attacker, or a victim trying to defend himself with a knife?

            I don’t know. Were there security camera operating near the sites? Probably.

            What we can say, is that he was far from his home when these incidents took place.

          3. @ Lost: He wasn’t AT the crime scene. He was in the general vicinity. That’s not the same. If you don’t know this then you should. To date YOU don’t know what he was doing there. Nor do you know he had a knife at all since one hasn’t been produced.

            Stop offering speculation. If you don’t, you will wear my patience out very quickly.

            BTW, the next time you are ‘far from your home’ I will offer to call the police and claim you are a terrorist. Would that be justified?

            I don’t even know that he was far from his home. But by yr lights, only Jews can be far from their homes & remain innocent. Palestinians haven’t earned that right.

    2. @ Lost Dutchman who’s lost in translation !
      Amazing when people who don’t know any Arabic ‘translate’ into English.
      A ‘martyr’ is everyone dying for a cause, also a three-month old baby killed in Gaza during an Israeli bombing, just as the combattants. It’s just a way of saying that he’s ready to die for his land !
      Some even translate ‘martyrdom’ to ‘dying as suicide bombers’: an Israeli ‘journalist’ on Daily Beast or whatever for instance ‘translated’ Mohamed Assaf’s speech after winning Arab Idol as a tribute to ‘suicide bombers’ when he just paid tribute to everyone who had died for Palestine.

    3. LD: “The Palestinian teen who was shot by the police had earlier that day written on his Facebook page, “Either martyrdom or victory.” ”

      Meaning…… what, exactly?

      Even if we accept the translation as accurate (I’m assuming that it is a translation of Arabic), that sentence fragment (is it a complete sentence? Really?) sounds to me not much more “interesting” than a civil-rights advocate exclaiming “we’ll prevail or die trying!!!!”

      After all, “victory” is a rather odd word to describe “a stabbing”, isn’t it? Isn’t it far, far more likely to be a reference to a “struggle”, one where he (or his people) will either prevail or….die trying.

      Still, full marks for effort. Zero marks for content.

      1. “martyrdom or victory” is a quote from the Koran and I astonished the Israeli journalists who mentioned the quote on Fadi Alloun’s FB didn’t mention this, if they know Arabic how can they not know this ….
        If Fadi Alloun were Latin American, he might have written Hasta la victoria siempre.

  4. You have this single minded hate for anything to do with israel. A little read through your blog shows that you have some obvious agenda. Of course anyome who disagreed with you is called a ” hasbarist”. A term i am nOt familiar with, but obviously refers to one who defends israel. What is the term for a jew who finds every reason to bash israel? You lose all credibility for any valid points you might have with your dogged anti israel views. Nobody can say israel is perfect, but when you have such one sided views, you just have an agenda. You cherry pick information, look for whatever bad you can find. And when 4 jews are murdered, your dont have a post on that. When some arabs are killed attackimg soldiers, stabbing jews, you rise up to write your blog post.
    Just remember richard, as much as you are a self hating jew, neither the nazis, not the arabs that want to wipe the jews off the map would look at you as anyhthing less then another jew.
    I doubt you will even let this post as it goes against what you believe. And im not a hasbarist. But i have seeved in the idf and i know what we were taught, and i know the emphasis that was put on value of life. You want to point out bad individuals, lets see you do the same with arabs as well. Otherweise your just a racist

    1. @ Moshe: First, calling me a “hater” of Israel or “self-hating Jew” is a major comment rule violation. Do not publish anything further here without reading & following those rules. According to your definition Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micha and a host of other prophets were self-hating Jews as well because they too railed against their political leadership. They too decried useless wars and immorality by the nation’s leadership. No, what I do is part of a sacred Jewish tradition of bearing witness for justice.

      The fact that what I write makes you angry or uncomfortable shows me I’m right on target.

      I normally would not have published your comment (there are scores of comments matching what you wrote almost word for word which sit in moderation over the years). You say almost the same things, which again shows there isn’t much originality in the views of your camp.

      I hope others will address the shallowness of your views and attack on me. I don’t have the cheyshek.

      1. @Moshe

        You wrote: “When some arabs are killed attackimg soldiers, stabbing jews, you rise up to write your blog post.”

        Do you, by any chance, believe that Palestinians are only killed in the course of attacking soldiers, stabbing Jews”? If so they are mysteriously unsuccessful. If you want to know (but you don’t do you – your world is based on not knowing) but if you wanted to know the respective overall figures of Palestinian and Israeli victims you can visit the well documented website “If Americans Knew”.

        Here is an instructive figure c concerning the First Intifada that we might soon see magnified in the killer frenzy that seems to have gripped Israeli society:

        “A tally kept by the Jerusalem bureau of the Associated Press indicated that in the first year and a half of the intifada at least 430 Palestinians were killed, 25,999 injured, 6,599 imprisoned – 85 per cent without trial. According to the Washington Post, 21 Israelis were killed in the same period and 1,121 injured …

        (The disproportion in the number of victims is a well-known phenomenon of colonial conflicts. The Israeli case is remarkable for occurring in what has been called our post-colonial era. A.B.)

        … Israel managed the unprecedented triple of being condemned (late in 1989) by an Amnesty International investigative report, by the Middle East branch of the International Commission of Jurists (also late in 1989), and in the spring of 1990 by former U.S.president Jimmy Carter who undertook his own investigatory mission.”

        (From Donald Harman Akenson “God’s Peoples – Covenant and Land in South Africa, Israel, and Ulster” Cornell U.P. 1992, p.338)

        Yes Richard has an agenda, as do many who comment on this blog: one of its main points is to counter the endless stream of lies emanating from your side.

    2. Typical attempt to deflect any inconvenient truths about God’s “chosen” people, into a rant against the messenger with slanders of self-hating Jew. You missed your right turn at Arutz Sheva. The ravening wolves are waiting happily for you to join them.

    3. Seriously? How can you defend anything Israel does to Palestinians. The Zionist claim of a right to defend themselves is to defend an illegal occupation, yet the Palestinians aren’t allowed a right of return or can they not also defend themselves? Actually, legally.
      Israel is built on the bloodshed of Palestinians and I don’t get how such a caring group of Jewish people would sign on to Zionism and would want to even live there, especially so soon after the Holocaust was done and over. Jewish people generally are the most successful group on the planet, and could find anywhere to live as they have in the past, but why must Zionists create a state in Palestine, an already populated place [justice wasn’t learned very well and nothing from the European mandate to remove the Native Americans from America]so why would colonization be an answer for Jewish Zionists people if it means they use Nazi styled tactics to create their nation of Israel.
      You realise that in the USA early on religious strife between groups were pretty rampant and unfair, and even the Pentecostal orphanage I was in in 1960 the buzz was over voting to ensure that that Catholic didn’t become President of the US. Everybody seems to hate somebody, but how many have an anti-defamation league? The problems arise when the idea that ‘I belong while others do not’ divides people and then they try to outdo each other, some through violence even. I don’t think Richard is against Israel as he’s against what their terrible policies and racist hatred is producing. Personally(and maybe my bias) I can’t believe Jewish Zionists can be so hateful, cuz it doesn’t match my opinion of these wonderful and compassion people and having to re-evaluate that feeling for those in Israel breaks my heart. Holocaust ‘s later generations are acting awful as they commit Hitler instigated crimes against Palestinians. I have never met any Jewish people who would harm a life, in the US, at least. I don’t get Zionism and its hatreds.

  5. Richard, you captured the despair I struggle with. How many more have to die before the UN intervenes? Will they send troops who can actually do something, or will they merely be a presence of blue-helmeted scare crows, observing the murder and plunder, without lifting a finger? And who will have the gall to declare “never again”? There’ve been too many genocides since WWII – the Jews don’t have the market on suffering and genocide.

    1. Marnie. The UN cannot do anything the Super Powers do not wish it to do and as long as Israel controls the US, the UN will remain a muted shadow documenting atrocities and unable to even state what they witness.

      When the genocide of the Tutsis began in Rwanda, Clinton insited that it not be termes as a “Genocide”, “because then would we have to intervene”.
      It was. We didn’t.

      Today, the genocide of the Palestinians continues and the US makes sure the G-word is never used in this context and the only question asked of Israel is, “Do you need more ammunition?”

      1. @Jafar –
        Yes, I know about the UN’s lack of spine. I remember the disgusting press conference re: calling the mass murder of Tutsi’s a genocide or not. Like Richard asks – how many have to die? I bring it up to shame them. Thank you.

  6. With over 200,000 dead Syrians and no UN intervention in sight I wouldn’t wait for the UN to finish tallying the dead bodies in Israel or the West Bank. Just a thought.

  7. @ Lost Dutchman

    You wrote:
    “To date, no on seems to know what Fadi was doing at the crime scenes. Was he an attacker, or a victim trying to defend himself with a knife?”

    Yes, and that includes the police – but they shot him anyway.

    1. Exactly right, Arie.

      Consider the actions of that cop: he stepped out of his squad car, heard the shouts of “shoot him!”, and then just…… pulled out his gun and shot him.

      And it wasn’t until *AFTER* he had pumped that lad full of lead that the policeman then turned to the crowd and asked what the crime was.

      If that isn’t an extrajudicial execution then…. well… heck… it’s an extrajudicial execution, isn’t it.

        1. Oh, it’s worse than that.

          That Zionist trailer-trash would stoop to running around as a mob seeking vigilante “justice” is shocking.

          That an Israeli police officer then *immediately* and *without* *hesitation* obeys the shouts of that mob to shoot and kill someone is much, much worse.

          I don’t even know if there is a word to describe *that* action.

          Perhaps in future the Police and the IDF won’t need to carry blue-and-yellow knifes with them to plant on the dead bodies. Just take an ultra-Orthodox Jew with them, and whenever the officer shoots someone that officer can simply point to the dude in the passengers seat and say “he told me to….”.

  8. Arie,
    I am not going to sit here and say everythung israel and the idf does is perfect. I do believe that for the most part that there is a fundemental difference between killing a 15 year old who is throwing rocks at cars, and arabs firimg puropsly at a car full of kids. Do i believe there arent people on the israeli side who are bad, evil, and hate . Sure there are. But there are enough people in the world pointing out the flaws of the jews. It takes a special kind of hate to devote your life to everything anti israel. To search for every fault. I see people being stabbed day in day out, people being shot amd killed, but richard only finds other things to write about. Of course you dont realy want any other views, thus your rigid rules on what you allow people to comment. I might have a biase towards israel, but i dont allow that to cloud my judgement to think everythung is perfect. Your animosity stops you from having any perspectuve. Id be curious how you keep to hate israel so much? What happended to you?
    I had an awful traumatic experiemce coming back from israel recently. Something that never would have happened in the us, but i was able to seperate that some bad things happen in israel, and that doesnt mean everythung is bad..

    1. @ Moshe:

      I might have a biase towards israel, but i dont allow that to cloud my judgement

      That’s precisely what you do. Precisely!

      Id be curious how you keep to hate israel so much? What happended to you?

      What happened to me? I read the major tracts of Zionism, studied Zionist history and read everything I could get my hands on. Then I read the newspapers and realized how Israel is betraying every Jewish value I hold dear. So I’m afraid I was mugged by Israeli reality.

      As for the psychologizing…give it up. Save that for the grown ups who know something about the subject.

  9. Such one-side claptrap coupled with censorship that would make China and North Korea proud.

    In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king (boggled-eyed in this case).

    1. @ Simon: You criticize censorship in praise of a nation riddled with it. You speak of blindness when Israel is a nation of the morally blind leading the morally bankrupt. Thanks, we know on which side your bread is buttered.

      1. Where am I praising anyone? And what are you wibbling about re “bread is buttered”?

        Imputing things that are simply not there but why let facts get in the way?

        And as for Moshe’s deleted post = your censorship in all its bitter glory.

        Res ipsa loquitor.

        1. @ Simon: Oh please. We all know what your views are. You’ve telegraphed them from miles away.

          I have comment rules. If people wish to comment they respect them. If they don’t, they won’t. Simple as that. One of my comment rules is to write comments that are directly related to the post. You haven’t done that. My editorial decisions aren’t up for debate. Don’t like ’em, move on. Simple as that.

          This comment thread is now closed as far as you’re concerned. You may comment elsewhere on other posts if you wish.

  10. [ed., Comment deleted. You were warned to read the comment rules and respect them. Clearly, you did not do either. You are banned. I do not allow anyone, ever to claim I “hate Israel.” What I hate are asses like you who spout nonsense and lies.]

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