5 thoughts on “Jerusalem’s Museum of In-Tolerance – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Here you go Richard, Gary Winnick DID meet his initial obligations on the pledge of 40 mil (a later figure is 77)


    (This is dated Feb. 2002 just after his bankruptcy filing)

    By far the foundation’s largest single donation is the $40 million pledged to the Simon Wiesenthal Center for construction of the Winnick Institute in Jerusalem. The institute will represent a philosophy and function similar to that of the Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.

    Winnick has met his initial obligations on this pledge, and the outstanding payments are linked to the construction schedule of the Frank Gehry-designed Jerusalem institute, said Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Wiesenthal Center.

    Hier anticipates that construction will start in about 18 months and will be completed almost three years later, at which time the final Winnick payment is due.
    Obviously the museum hasn’t been started yet, but the costs for Gehry, the Jerusalem municipality and all fees involved aren’t chicken feed. Materials, labor once it gets started, cha-ching

    Guidestar figures for the Winnick Family Foundation. As of 12/31/06 (latest figure) there was a balance owed on the grant promised for the Human Dignity Museum of 4,500,000. (although it doesn’t give the grant promised figure but there’s no where that I can find his pledge was reduced but it may have been) In 2004 the balance owed was 7,400,000. The question is how much did he kick in between 2001 and 2004 and IF the grant pledged was decreased. (hope that makes sense) If the amount of his pledge wasn’t decreased, then he’s kicked in more than 35 mil so far.

    My question on the funding is is the figure of 115 million raised so far including PLEDGES or hard cash on hand. Good luck if they run out of money midway and have to stop to raise more cash. Tick tick tick, more costs.

  2. How ironic that those coming from the West, or North or South, if they are even allowed to come, must pass through checkpoints to get to the museum.

    Are these people blind to the hypocrisy of this endeavor?

  3. Judy,
    Here’s more irony. It seems Winnick has a new business endeavor, iCrete, which is an environmentally friendly strong as steel concrete. It is being used in the Freedom Tower in New York and on other Gehry projects. Winnick’s 990 actually refers to this pledge as the Museum of Dignity Jerusalem. I am sure this new miracle building material will be used in the Jerusalem project.

    Where is freedom, where is dignity for Palestinians?

    If we as Americans cannot fully expect the values we hold so dear for ourselves to be applicable to all others in the world, it goes beyond hypocrisy. It goes to collusion in denying those rights to others.

    If Winnick’s true vision for this project was as Heir stated, ““Gary wanted to make sure that the focus in Jerusalem would be what we consider to be the critical issue facing Israel – that is, the need to build a more tolerant society in which Jews, Christians, and Muslims can live together.” That by all accounts has been lost, particularly when you read how Heir has excoriated Gershon Baskin. I would call on Gary Winnick to remind those who are visibly on the board of this project to remind them of this, especially since it certainly was his “baby” to begin with, and especially if his building product is going to be used in the project.

  4. @Robin:

    Winnick has met his initial obligations on this pledge

    This is the operative statement. He met his INITIAL obligations & further payments were due based on the construction schedule. So since the schedule was delayed by years due to litigation & they’ve essentially just started in earnest, I’d guess that he made a payment of only a few million, if that as his “initial obligation.”

    The $115 million would only be pledges, certainly not cash on hand.

  5. Richard,
    On his 990 it gives the figure in 2006 as 4500 still outstanding on the “Museum of Dignity” pledge. IF the pledge was never reduced, then that would mean as of 2006 he had given more than 35 mil. (that line on his 990 doesn’t give total pledge amount) According to other pledgees, he has met his pledges early. Amazing footwork considering he filed bankruptcy for Global Crossing. The key is to find out if his pledge was reduced.

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