6 thoughts on “Iran Yellow Star Hoax: Hardline Jewish Groups and Neo-Cons Gin Up War Against Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Once again, peaceniks are chasing around the media establishment, desperately trying to extinguish BS fires with a leaky squirt gun. Unbelievably tiresome. Thanks for putting this up to assist the cause!


  2. Is that “Trog” as in “trogdolyte?” If so, it’s a perfectly apt name to adopt. You may not care whether “journalists” like Taheri are perpetrating hoaxes to gin up a war fever against Iran. But there are many other Americans & American Jews who do.

  3. Good morning, Richard Silverstein.

    Obviously you mistook my sentiments as pro-warmonger. While I don’t knowingly side with terrorists, Teheri and his ilk can most assuredly rot in hell. I’m one of those “peaceniks” I was referring to! I see now that my thanks to you, while quite genuine, looks a tad snarky. I do not apologize though, since it’s mostly your fault. I was on a slow burn while reading about Mr. Taheri, remaining lucid until following the link here,(I’ve also been a subscriber to this newsletter for a while now!) when your evidence against this lying asshole really set me off! I imagine after writing such a thorough indictment of these war-criminals, to have someone come along, sounding like an apologist for them, must have chapped your hide, so hopefully we’re even.

    Teheri and co-horts are helped by the unquestioning MSM, so believe me when I say how grateful I am for people like you who are pointing us at the problems. Since I do subscribe here, and may post comments again, let me clarify that I am also not an anti-semite or anti-Palestinian. Like you, I want only peace, in case I’m not clear!. (Oh, and trog is just parts of my name.)

    coming here,

    bscriber to

  4. Omigod! So sorry. I completely misnterpreted what you wrote & I apologize. I assumed you meant one thing when you meant something entirely different. Whoops.

    And thanks for subscribing & don’t let my bad manners put you off.

    Taheri is still on a roll. He’s manufactured quotes fr. Ayatollah Khomeini which Norman Podhoretz is using to gin up war against Iran. How long can these jackasses continue to get away with their chicanery?

  5. Good aftermoon, Mr. Silverstein.

    Hahaha! Bad manners? Hah! I’m called worse than that by my loved ones! Frankly, I don’t care what ya call me, as long as you continue with this great work exposing the criminals and elevating the discourse to it’s proper humane level,

  6. It is funny that christian fundementalist care about jewish suffering all of a sudden. Remeber untill world war 2 and Israel’s founding these same christians were far more anti semitic than most muslims. They just want to ship us (jews) to a battle field called the West Bank in which their messiah will return in 2012. There jews and palestinians including non western christians will be killed and all who do not believe in this messiah will perish and burn in hell including some christian denominations that do not share the rapture dsipensationalist viewpoint.

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