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  1. Peace and of course a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is a desire that all of us share. The two-state solution, unfortunately, is undergoing a rather prolonged rigor mortis. The occupation of Palestinian lands because of the Six Day War of June 1967 is an unfortunate outcome of aggression of Egypt and its allies in those days. Today it is is morally unacceptable. Unfortunately, Mahmoud Abbas is very weak and has no ground root support from his people according to the latest Palestinian Polls. His so-called power and control is artificial totally dependent on the US and carrot and stick policies of Israel. I foresee another Hamas ruled scenario in a future Palestinian state on the West Bank with cooperation from ISIS and the dangers that this imposes on Israel is obvious to all. In a Catch 22 situation that exists with terrorism committed by ISIS, what would you suggest could be an alternative to neutralize radical Islamist terror which is a threat to the Middle Eastern countries, including Israel?

    1. Shimon, After you have started with a “motherhood” statement about the universal desire for peace and a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict you attempt to smuggle in some pure hasbaras. Here is part of it:
      “The occupation of Palestinian lands because of the Six Day War of June 1967 is an unfortunate outcome of aggression of Egypt and its allies in those days.”
      Who are you trying to kid? You don’t have to go further than Wikipedia to find authoritative Israeli voices disagreeing with you:
      “Major General Mattityahu Peled, the Chief of Logistics for the Armed Forces during the war, said the survival argument was “a bluff which was born and developed only after the war … When we spoke of the war in the General Staff, we talked of the political ramifications if we didn’t go to war — what would happen to Israel in the next 25 years. Never of survival today.”[175] Peled also stated that “To pretend that the Egyptian forces massed on our frontiers were in a position to threaten the existence of Israel constitutes an insult not only to the intelligence of anyone capable of analyzing this sort of situation, but above all an insult to Zahal (Israeli military).”[176]
      In a 30 March 1968 Ma’ariv interview Defense Minister Moshe Dayan explained: “What do you mean, [the war was]unavoidable? It was, of course, possible to avoid the war if the Straits [of Tiran] had stayed closed to Israeli shipping.[177]
      Menachem Begin also stated that “The Egyptian army concentrations in the Sinai approaches did not prove that Nasser was really about to attack us. We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him.”[178]
      Yitzhak Rabin, who served as the Chief of the General Staff for Israel during the war stated: “I do not bet Nasser wanted war. The two divisions he sent into Sinai on May 14 would not have been enough to unleash an offensive against Israel. He knew it and we knew it.”
      Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban wrote in his autobiography that he found “Nasser’s assurance that he did not plan an armed attack” convincing, adding that “Nasser did not want war; he wanted victory without war”.[183][184] As Abba Eban put it, Nasser wanted victory without a war.[185]

      Thus far Wikipedia

      The occupation of the West Bank after the war was based on a decision by a divided Israeli cabinet. Premier Levy Eshkol had declared, publicly, at the beginning of the war that it was not Israel’s intention to retain any territory that might be occupied by it in the course of the war. When Dean Rusk, American Secretary of State at the time, reminded Abba Eban of this after the war, the latter merely shrugged his shoulders and said “we changed our mind” (see Rusk’s memoirs “As I Saw It”).
      The West Bank was occupied, against the advice of Ben-Gurion, on the basis of overhasty and sanguine settlement plans by Dayan and Allon. The assertion that Israel had no other option because of the notorious “three no’s of Khartoum” is a blatant lie. These settlement plans were drawn up before that Khartoum meeting.(see my series “The olive branch and Khartoum” at the end of this thread:


      Before the war most of the provocations that led to it cam from Israel. There is the famous incident at the Jordanian village of Samu (see the Wiki) but there was a general pattern here. The historian Dr.Ami Gluska wrote in Haaretz (June 3 2011):

      “During the six month before the Six-Day War, Ben-Gurion severely criticized his successor as premier, Levi Eshkol, for actions by the air force and the ground forces, which in his opinion had contributed to a dangerous escalation of tensions.”
      See also the two part video by the Dutch UN-observer at the time, Jan Mühren : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLVoSdg_AE8

      The war could have been avoided. The blockade of the Straits of Tiran was not of vital importance to Israel. Moreover, President Johnson was in the process of forming an international naval squadron to relieve the blockade for which the Netherlands and Australia (according to his memoirs) volunteered. Israel jumped the gun.

      1. Shimon, you also wrote:”I foresee another Hamas ruled scenario in a future Palestinian state on the West Bank with cooperation from ISIS and the dangers that this imposes on Israel is obvious to all”
        No. it isn’t. That “cooperation with Isis” is a product of your phantasy.

  2. Thank you! Excellent and insightful …

    ISIS created during the Bush invasion of Iraq in March 2003, however sustained by Maliki’s failure to encompass the Sunnis in a unity government. The neo-colonial western powers shipped tons of arms from Libya to Syria via Turkey and have trained fighters in Jordan and on NATO bases in Kosovo and Turkey. The funds from the GCC states did the rest.

    Excellent explanation of this mess in interview with George Mitchell and in his long op-ed in the Boston Globe .

    If Obama can’t fix the Israelis to move forward on a two-state solution with the Palestinians, he won’t succeed in any other campaign to remove ISIS or Assad. Saudi Arabia has been Israel’s ally in warfare against the ayatollahs of Iran, but the national interest of the Saudis forces them to back the U.S. against ISIS that was created between them. The Saudis are no partner for peace in the region, they should be our nr. one foe to stop their funding of extremists, preaching hate and propagate Wahhabism throughout the world.

  3. Excellent article. Of course, Obama is doing exactly what his script says. The classic Hegelian Dialectic works again in the service of the false left/right paradigm. The corporate owned media complained ad nauseam about Obama’s “inaction” in dealing with the manufactured ISIS threat (thesis) in order to elicit a response (antithesis), a call to action, from those on the “right” and voila you magically get exactly what was ordered from Obama (synthesis). It is amazing that so few people remain deluded by these classic tactics of the ruling elites.

  4. “He husbands his resources (for what purpose isn’t clear).  He proceeds cautiously.”
    Very true Richard. What is he saving political capital for? I think that pro-Palestinian state Rabbi, Arnold Jacob Wolf, who knew him well at an earlier stage, got him right. He liked Obama, says Peter Beinart, but he considered him timid. He believed that on Israel he would do nothing that would shake the American Jewish community.

    Well recently he has done a few things that displeased Netanyahu at least. He continued negotiations with Iran. He didn’t resist outright the proposed union between the PLO and Hamas. But for the rest it has all been “lemonade with a straw”.
    And that he seems more alert to the GOP’s dog whistles, as you put it, than to the wishes of the people who voted for him seems obvious even to this outsider.

  5. Barack Obama is not a leader, he’s a politician. He has no vision and no strategy, only survival tactics (and poor ones at that). He hates the GOP, but recognizes that they are stronger than he is, and is more than willing to put the adage of “if you can’t beat ’em, join em” to practice.

    I’ve often wondered what 2008 Barack Obama would think of 2014 Obama. He would probably be as disgusted as the rest of us.

    1. Well, it’s not all bad. The NDAA allowed the Executive to imprison Americans for indefinite periods and to execute such, under certain conditions, without due process. NDAA also rendered all people and all organizations potentially linked to Al Queda and hence covered by the act.

      But, now the good part: Obama assured us that he would not use these obnoxious provisions! At that point, I wanted to hug my kids and show them that there is good in the world but, alas, there was only my dog. “Zoom” now appreciates the President’s leadership and strong moral compass. I will take Obama at his word. Of course, NDAA is silent on dogs.

  6. A declaration by President Obama, Muammar Gaddafi is illegitimate and can be taken out is not based on Internatonal Law.
    A declaration by President Obama, Bashar Assad is an illegitimate head of Syria and the United States recognizes the NSC as the legitimate representative of the state of Syria is not based on International Law and is just bat crazy.
    A declaration by President Obama, General Sisi is the illegitimate head of state of Egypt and regime change was in fact a coup d’état does hold water. The elected president Morsi was overthrown by a popular uprising in July 2013, nevertheless Obama and Secretary Kerry announced Egypt and president Sisi will be part of the coalition against ISIS. Peculiar, former president Morsi was member of the Muslim Brotherhood in a strong alliance with Erdogan in Turkey, Hamas in the Gaza Strip and the emir of Qatar. General Sisi declared the MB a terrorist organization, cut ties with Hamas and stopped Egyptians to join the jihad by traveling to Syria to overthrow Assad.

    MB Axis Egypt – Turkey – Qatar Faces Defeat

    The United States supports the minority regime in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia send troops in support of the Sunni elites. Nearly three quarters of the population is Shia and have little or no say in the government. The presence of a base of the US Naval Fleet seems to be an argument not to support democracy.

    From Central America to the Middle East …
    US Violations of International Law by Rick Sterling

  7. Like I said:

    -Israel,Hamas and PA will be talking without US/GB interference.

    -next stop will be ISIS/Syria.

    I’m not gonna bother giving you my view but I would advice you to read (and follow) syrianperspective.com by Ziad Fadel,a pro Assad US based attorney.

    Remember that this man is writing as a Syrian ,and Syria is at war,so he might be exaggerating for political reasons,but his historical background info is spot on

    I know of no better source to help you understand what this is all about,because you’re far off again.

    Start with article: “The trip to fancyful;Obama’s farcical speech”.

    We’re entering a crucial phase ,and even you are still as blind as bat.

  8. Some critics of President Obama’s speech on ISIL wail that Congress will not discuss and vote on a declaration of war. Actually action or inaction of Congress on such issues is the least of President Obama’s problems with regards to “bomb or not to bomb in Syria”.
    Syria is still a member of the United Nations. Its government has stated today that it will consider any US bombing within its territory without Syrian consent an act of aggression, which of course it is. The last thing President Obama should want is an involvement of the UN Security Council, not because any resolution against the US will ever pass but because our ambassador will have to present justification for the unauthorized (by Syria) bombing.

  9. it seems that there is no one in power who is a true believer in the day of judgement.the religious books they read only weaken their faith in God.come study Quran.you will get peace and the world will peacefull

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