24 thoughts on “Mossad Warns Hezbollah It Knows Who Killed Israeli Agents in Brussels – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Interesting theory, but I’m still unclear as to how the killer knew that the couple would be in the Jewish Museum?

  2. OK – fair enough. How, then, did the network of people make sure that the couple were in the Jewish Museum at the time of the shooting? Do you have a theory for this?

  3. So the assassins follow the couple, who enter the Jewish Museum. The assassins can’t believe their luck, and realize that they will be able to pretend it was an anti-Semitic attack. They quickly decide to kill a couple of other people randomly at the museum (so as to strengthen the anti-Semitic idea), and get away. This is what you think happened? And do you think the guy who got caught in Brussels it the guy who did the shooting? It seems strange that anyone involved in such a professional hit would be caught so stupidly.

    1. @ Dangerous Walker: This is getting ridiculous. Do you have any idea how a hit squad would operate? If this was what actually happened, they’d have people all over the city following the couple, where they work, where they’re lodging. They’d be able to communicate to each other as to where the targets were & what they were doing.

      The two other people were possibly killed as they were witnesses and would be able to identify the killer because they saw his face.

      As for how he was caught, that is the part that is difficult to explain.

      You’re done in this thread. You’ve said your piece and I’m bored silly. Move on to another. No further contributions to this thread.

  4. I have not read much speculation of the museums role in this drama. Why should a Jewish couple who have lived already long in Europe and have certainly visited Brussels tens of times, “suddenly” decide to visit the Jewish Museum in Brussels? Sudden need to search for their “roots”?

    And what is the probability, that a “random French in Syria trained Sunni” assassin, who wants only to kill some people in a Jewish installation, “decides” to travel to Belgium and to enter the museum when this obviously very valuable “undercover couple” is in shooting range. The videos of the assassin at least indicated, that he knew exactly what he was doing and was hardly a simple murderous amateur.

    So is the Jewish museum really a simple pure museum or also something completely else? If it is also something “else” what should we Europeans think if Jewish museums and other cultural buildings are used to “something else” for the state of Israel’s active secret services. There are plenty of Jewish museums or should we say “Jewish museums” around the world.

    1. [comment deleted–you have been banned. Ah, how the hasbarists ‘come and go speaking of Michelangelo’…and hasbara]

      1. @ Father De Walt
        I guess you’re already leaving…. Concerning SimoHurtta’s speculations why don’t you read the link I posted on a prior article: the Israeli embassy announcing on their website that a representative of Tsahal is recruiting soldiers from the French Jewish community at a meeting held in the major French public-owned synagogue. So you think a museum couldn’t be used for the same purpose, or as a coverup for Mossad or other activities ?
        PS. I think your own cover-up has cracked: a ‘real’ Father wouldn’t use the word ‘cunt’, would he …

        That said, if Nemmouche really was part of a well-prepared operation how could he act so amateurish. I’ve heard an interview with the custom officer who arrested him, the weapons were in a simple bag and visible (thr shape at least) without even opening the bags. Doesn’t sound very well-organized. In fact, the only thing missing was a shirt with the inscription: “Bruxelles, that was me”.

        1. @ Deir Yassin: Usually I ban someone & then the invective & abusive language flies. But the good padre decided to unburden himself probably as a fond parting shot at us all. But he’ll be back with a different name & IP; or else someone just like him will be sent our way. Of that you can be sure.

    2. @ SimoHurtta: I think that’s a bit extreme. To sweep up all Jewish cultural institutions into the category of being nests of Israelis spies is too much. There’s enough questions & important issues around this case without going to such extremes.

      1. What is extreme in my comment? Very relevant are the questions A) What was the couple doing in the Jewish Museum B) How did the assassin know the exact time and place when the couple could be attacked. A random attack or a planed assassination? In finding out that the real role of the Jewish Museum is very relevant.

        If we believe, that the murderer was a simple French in Syria (by USA, Turkey, Saudis, Jordan etc) trained crazy Sunni extremist who simply wanted to kill some people abroad, in a Jewish Museum in Brussels, then the background and profession of the couple was irrelevant. The couple simply was in a wrong spot on a wrong time. Surely Israel wants us to believe that, because it makes the victims to innocent victims and supports the last months noteworthy increased Israeli propaganda, that Jews in France and Europe are now in danger.

        If the assassin’s organization knew, that the couple visited regularly the Jewish “museum” makes some sense supporting the theory, that spy couple was the main target of the attack. Which raises the question of what exactly is the Jewish Museum in Brussels. It also reduces for Israel the propaganda value of the “we are still the innocent victims in Europe” claims.

        Israel throughout its history has not hesitated to use and organize local Jewish community members and their facilities around the world for its less daylight standing operations. Not even less Israel’s actions supporting Jews can not deny that. There are plenty of Jewish Museums in the world’s largest cities and capitals. If in some of those well located often large buildings are allocated a couple of rooms for Mossad’s listening and other equipment and personnel is not a very farfetched or extreme assumption. It would be rather “extreme” to claim that Mossad does not use or has not used local Jewish assets. A Jewish museum is not a holy “forbidden” place.

        1. @SimoHurtta “Israel throughout its history has not hesitated to use and organize local Jewish community members and their facilities around the world for its less daylight standing operations”…….can you substantiate this claim? Do you believe that Jews throughout the diaspora are so gullible as to compromise their autonomy and good name by blindly following the dictates of Israeli intelligence agencies.Do you honestly believe that Israel would allow her intelligence agencies to expose Jewish communities throughout the diaspora to the dangers that such collaboration would inevitably lead to.

          1. @ DanielF
            Not “Jews”, some Jews (and non-Jews). How could you doubt so ? Have you ever heard of the Lavon-affair ?
            I know the book “By Way of Deception” by Ostrovsky is controversial, but Moroccan Jacob Cohen has described this in his novel “Le Printemps des Sayanim” [(The) Spring(time) of the Sayanim] as well. When living in Morocco he was approcahed by the Israeli intelligence more than once.
            As you read French, why don’t you look at the informations that I posted on an earlier file about Tsahal recruiting in the Grande Synagogue in Paris.
            There is a French wiki-entry on “Sayanim”, there used to be one in English too, but it’s been taken down….
            The Israeli killing of Palestinians mainly in Europe after the Munich massacre, “Operation Wrath of God” clearly used local Jewish residents for collecting informations, sometimes without them even knowing being used.
            You last sentence make me ask: are you that naive ? Do you really think the State of Israel cares about the safety of the diaspora Jews ?

          2. @ Daniel F.: I’m afraid you’re wrong Daniel. Israeli intelligence regularly uses Diaspora Jews for espionage: think Jonathan Pollard. No less a person than Leonard Fine publicly admitted he happily carried out an intelligence operation after a request from Golda Meir to do so. This guy is a journalist ferchrissakes. The list goes on and on.

            So the answer to your questions is a resounding “Yes.”

          3. For example in the “hilarious” Lillehammer affair, where Mossad’s team murdered the wrong man in front of his pregnant wife, local Jews were widely used. Part of the assassination or should we say murderer team had Scandinavian citizenship, which makes them WHAT? Local Jews provided logistic support. For example in giving a boat for escaping.

            Mossad in itself is a small country’s small secret service. What has made it a big player has been its ability to recruit large amounts of well connected, educated, loyal (to whom?) cheap (for Mossad) local Jews (sayyanims = helppers) around the world. Does this mean that all non-Israeli Jews are willing to serve Israel even when their home country’s and Israel’s interests are in conflict and make de facto a treason? Certainly not all but some have done it in the past and it is likely some will do it in future. The IDF Mahal projects without doubt “scans” new assets also for Mossad and other secret services. Let us also remember, that industrial espionage is Mossad’s main “trade”. And where is that spying done?

  5. Can we suppose that this agenda is still active ?

    “A list of the Middle East regimes that Podhoretz, Bennett, Ledeen, Netanyahu, and the Wall Street Journal regard as targets for destruction thus includes Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority, and “militant Islam.”

    The alternative could be to restrain the expansionist agenda and negotiate peacefully with neighbours in the region..

  6. My earlier post …

    Leaders of the Jewish community in Germany had expressed alarm over the reports that Nativ, formed in the 1950s as an intelligence agency to build contacts with Jewish activists in the Soviet Union, planned to persuade Jews to leave Germany. The Nativ project called Operation Germany is Avigdor Lieberman’s initiative, from link of The Guardian and Haaretz. Visiting the Jewish Museum in Brussels could have been part of their job as Nativ representatives.

    As Nativ is focused on Russian Jews, the possible link to Ukraine and the division between Jewish oligarchs should not be overlooked. However, first of all it needs to be established the Israeli couple were indeed the intended target of the shooting which was performed in a professional manner.

    “Emmanuel and Miriam Riva, who lived in Tel Aviv and raised two teen girls, returned to Israel two years ago from a four-year stint in Berlin, where Emmanuel was vice-consul, Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot reported.”

    Even if it was a targeted assassination, a mistaken identity could always play a role. From bluebird’s link, in the Israeli embassy were stationed Eyal and Miriam Ben Zion, militay attaché and former Commanding Officer Dolphin submarine in Navy. He is also listed as an author about Unmanned Vehicles (UV) and taking part in German DWT forums. The UV is a hot topic in Europe and a recent decision by Airbus consortium to build Zephyr 8 UAVs.

    Still too few facts and too much speculation.

  7. I’ve been trying to follow this as my schedule & life allows and hopefully someone can fill me in on a few aspects…. The working theory is Hezzbollah recruited a French Muslim who they met in the summer 2013 in Syria, radicalized him & sent him to Belgium to grease two alleged Mossad officers. The reason Hezbollah hired out was to keep the trail away from them, and this is also probably why they let the guy get caught.

    I have a few questions in all seriousness:(a) what benefit would it be to Hezbollah to not get credit for the hit? Making it out to be a random kid radicalized in Syria then returning to Europe to attack Jews actually helps BiBi, right? Isn’t he that one warning if this type of thing being a result of not doing more in Syria? (AND NO, I’m not pushing Israel false flag kook stuff). (b) why hire a nobody that you want to get caught when he can talk & you have countless other qualified pwople to get in and out w/ no trouble and no link?

    If what Richard says is true and both were Mossad, it’s impossible to not think “hit” but the remaining facts scream anything but hit, IMO. What am I missing?

  8. If this theory is correct, then the Riva killings were the work of a French Muslim recruited by Hezbollah while he was in Syria doing jihad.

    How? Hezbollah is on Assad’s side.

    1. Any Muslim can do jihad. THey don’t have to be Sunni or oppose Assad. Someone’s jihad might be to support Assad or Hezbollah or even, God forbid, kill Israelis. Not to mention that ‘jihad’ has entire non-violent, purely spiritual meanings as well.

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