3 thoughts on “Assassination of Hezbollah Number 2 Israel-U.S.-Lebanon Job? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I remember on my honeymoon in Paris in 2005 (nothing like working that into casual conversation 🙂 ) a shrine on a street corner to a recently assasinated political leader from the Christian anti-Syrian faction (I forget the name) which triggered protests and counter-protests in the strets of Lebanon. These have continued over the last several years (and I’m sure that wasn’t the first) – I forget the man’s name.

    Taking your speculation further – if there was any evidence (let alone suspicion) that Hezbollah in general, let alone Mugniyah specifically involvement in those assasination, it doesn’t defy any credulity that that faction could supply support for a revenge killing

  2. I think it’s pretty crude and inhumane to think about this kind of murder–regardless of whether it happens to Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, or Israelis–as “sending a message.” It’s not a game for one, two, or three to play, it’s a treacherous road to violence that is going to affect the lives of people who’d rather play games with their children and neighbors than these pointless high-risk games, which, like most thrill activities, is the scene for the rich kids. The worst kind of violence is the kind shrouded in mystery, and you can always bet that when it is based in mystery, it is not for any good or noble cause. Maybe it’s meant to confuse, maybe it’s meant to cause disarray, or maybe it’s meant to bring about disaster. Whatever it is, it has no positive tendency whatsoever.

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