26 thoughts on “Mossad Assassinates Key Hezbollah Commander in Beirut – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. One Question with your permission
    You published a very extensive piece after 8 AM Israel time. Before you did Or Heler at channel 10 news morning show reported the assassination story, few hours before that reports aired at few Israeli forums. The website story appeared on Ynet and rotter 2 days before you aired it.
    and yet despite all the above and despite the fact that there is no originality in your reporting you call it original, why ?

    1. @ Pulp: I never claimed to be the first to report the assassination. In fact I linked to Reuters, which was the first western media report. Nor did I claim to be first to report the existence of the Terror Control site. But I was first to report information from a tip submitted to the site was used in the assassination. I was the first to connect the site with the murder. That’s known in journalism as a “scoop.”

      I’ll accept your apology for doubting me & my source.

      1. You indeed provided a scoop, with no supporting evidence.
        The scoop you provided lacks any merits, Planing such an operation in the heart of Beirut takes time : surveillance, Intelligence gathering, planing, training, approval etc. The website was launched (based on whois search) in May, simply not enough time to complete all the phases associated with such operation for a tip provided through a website specially when your freedom and resources operating in Beirut are limited.
        Can you provide any evidence supporting your source’s claim ?

  2. FWIW, NY Times is reporting “a previously unknown group calling itself the Free Sunnis of Baalbek, a town in the Bekaa Valley where Hezbollah support is strong, claimed responsibility for the killing.” And several outlets including AP have reported that he was attacked with an assault rifle rather than a silenced pistol.

    1. @ Ari Greenfield: As you wrote “FWIW.” In this case & many others NYT isn’t worth very much. You should know that when NYT reports a story I do & we diverge, that they have it wrong 9 1/2 times out of ten. The Syrian rebels took credit falsely for the Latakia bombing when it was Israel’s doing. In fact, Israel may be deliberately diverting attention by telling the FSA to take credit. Hezbollah, my readers, my source & Israeli intelligence know who did it. NYT readers: not so much.

      As for assault rifles: you don’t assassinate people with assault rifles.

  3. Seems like a win win for me. Hizballah really seems to be getting hammered recently. High casualties in syria with its leader dead. The iran bombing and now this. One can almost hope that the average lebanese is catching on that Hizballah is bad for stability. Perhaps they will launch a war on israel to try and regain its relevance.

    1. @ ben:

      Seems like a win win for me.

      “Seems like” you’re a moron. Hezbollah isn’t “getting hammered.” As for its “leader dead,” hardly. Nasrallah is quite alive & healthy. News sites say al-Laqqis was one of the top 50 Hezbollah commanders. That’s senior, but not “the leader.”

      Mirroring your yammering tone: One can almost hope that the average world citizen is catching on that Israel is bad for stability. Perhaps Israel will launch a war on some 2-bit Arab country and knock the crap out of it as Michael Ledeen advised that America do periodically to show the world who’s boss. That way Israel too can “regain its relevance.” Whaddaya say to that, ben?

  4. Richard- the website you mention is interesting, is that something you discovered or were directed to by someone else? It’s not unique for any agency to set up a tip line but the security reminder portion does seem somewhat unique- especially if you are to collect a reward for providing information. It’s impossible to remain completely anonymous but also collect a reward. I guess the idea is to provide a level of reassurance to any tipsters that the information they send cannot easily be hacked by those they are providing information on?

    1. @ Ari Greenfield: Yes, the site was pointed out to me by an someone who works closely with me. He gave me the other info about the site I reported as well.

      Ironically, the security precautions the Mossad suggests that tipsters use are virtually the same as those used by Edward Snowden to authenticate his communication with Greenwald and others.

      As for protection, does anyone really think that a website created by the Mossad would allow any tipster to conceal his identity & anonymity? Mossad relies on the fact that they’d be a lot smarter than anyone who approached them via that site. Unless the tipster was an intelligence agent himself Mossad would identify him in a heartbeat (I’m guessing).

  5. Assault rifles for assassination? Off the top of my head Anwar Sadat and Indira Ghandi were assassinated using assault rifles. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

    1. @ pea: Gandhi & Sadat were not shot at close range five times in the head and neck in a car park at midnight with assault rifles, as al-Laqqis was. Besides all the media say they were shot with pistols (9mm I believe), not assault rifles. I don’t know where he dug up that fahrkochteh claim about assault rifles. The Mossad doesn’t use assault rifles in their hits.

  6. I don’t get this: A web site will pay for information on selected people that its promoter intend to kill illegally, without due process, and this website is allowed to pursue illegal activity openly?

    1. The site doesn’t say it will kill these people. If it did then you’d have an excellent case. But now that we know that they did, using the site to do it, someone should file a complaint with the web host about this & get the site taken down. Not that this will help things. They’ll move it to a new host or get their own private server.

      1. Who is the web host and how do you reach them? Given the site’s evident connection to murder, the site must be shut down. And those receiving payment for information leading to murder — aren’t they accessories to murder, especially to the extent that they know the purpose to which the information will be put??

        1. This is the registration information available at the site I linked to:

          Tech Organization: NIC Hosting s. r. o.
          Tech Name: Vaclav Faltus
          Tech Street: Dlha 9
          Tech City: Ivanka pri Dunaji
          Tech ZIP: 90028
          Tech Country: SK
          Tech E-Mail: info at nic dot sk
          Tech Phone: +421.421245945252

          I cannot vouch for whether it’s real or fraudulent. The phone number and zip code look fake.

  7. What middle-east countries are good for stability? On the surface it seems that none of them are working towards a stable Middle East.

    1. It is the imbalance of power which causes instability. Israel has superior and overweening military power in the region. If this power were effectively offset by countervailing force, there would be a lot less anxiety both within and without the ME.

  8. Richard you know I was referring to the leader in syria obviously Nasrallah is alive. I read a report that said around 200 hizbollah mitilia men were killed recently. So yeah with assassination at home bombings of embassies and heavy losses in syria I think its fair to say hizbollah is taking a well deserved beating.

    War would be bad for israel especially if its against hizbollah… its bad pr and no one like 100’s of rockets and missiles being launched at thier homes… but war againt israel by hizbollah help maintains its popularity.

    And please no need to be a jerk and call people morons.

    I respect your opinion even though most times I disagree with you… I still understand your motives

  9. Lots of ink spilled on an arcane question: was it an “assault rifle” or a handgun, (sound suppressed or not). A source of confusion, perhaps, is in the definition of an assault rifle, which would take too much ink to discuss here. One need only what is available in Israel in current production to establish that the assassin could well have used an “assault rifle”, modified for clandestine use. Again there are several models of “assault rifle” manufactured in Israel the are suitable that, with cyclic rates of fire in the 750-900 rounds per minute range, five shots to a skull size target take only one tap on the trigger. (Suitable weapons currently manufactured in Israel include: Micro Tavor (aka Commando Tavor or MTAR-21); the mini-assault Galil (MAGAL) and Galil SAR); the list with subvariations of the weapon type goes on, not to say what comes out of a government custom design shop.) A useful reference may be found in: The World’s Assault Rifles. G.B. Johnston & T.B. Nelson, Ironside International Pubs, Lorton, VA, 2010.

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