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  1. Agree with your sentiments Richard.Any suggestion that the loss of Jewish lives ONLY is worth condemning is totally repugnant

  2. After killing the Israeli couple, the gunman went inside the Museum to murder the Museum receptionist and a Museum volunteer, no doubt also Mossad agents?

    1. Richard concluded that there was no reason to link the murders with their involvement with Mossad. Read the article.

      1. So why does the murder of a civilian Mossadnik and her husband merit more attention than the deaths of the other two victims?

        I’m clueless

        1. @ Padre DeWalt

          I’m clueless

          You are indeed, though I don’t think you meant to use that term. “Speechless,” perhaps. Don’t they teach English language skills at Hasbara University?

          So why does the murder of a civilian Mossadnik and her husband merit more attention than the deaths of the other two victims?

          Uh, maybe because they (or at least she for sure) worked for Israeli intelligence agencies & several militant groups and intelligence agencies of several ME countries may be interested in finding Israeli military-intelligence targets to hit. Oh, I don’t know…but perhaps that might be the reason.

      2. Journalists in Belgium and all around just report the information emphasized by it’s headline without any shades.
        If there’s no link, what’s the purpose of such an article.
        It costs nothing to the writer to jump at the opportunity that this could be a political murder.

    2. @ Eric Fux: You know no more than the rest of us what happened and in what order victims were shot. There are many possible scenarios here & it’s inflammatory to jump to conclusions that aren’t strictly facts, which is what I’ve tried to do in reporting that one of the victims worked for the Mossad, but wasn’t a spy (as far as we can tell at this point).

      1. Richard, stop acting as you were yourself a spy.
        It seems you don’t have the clues. Unfortunately photo appeared on some papers and a blured video was published by the police. It is very clear that the couple was murdered first, outside the building in front of the entrance. They were looking at leaflets. Then, employees were shot inside the building.

      2. You are right, I do not know any more than the rest of us, and certainly didn’t mean to suggest the two Museum employees were actually linked to Mossad. Quite the opposite.

    3. The receptionist and or he made visual contact with the assassin. He was a professional killer and snuffed out the two who saw him.

  3. I can proffer the following tentative explanation (we won’t know the facts for a while): a man who identifies with Palestinians see the video of the cold blood murder of two Palestinian teens in Beitunia a week ago. He decides to “revenge” (of course this is not a revenge but a murder of innocents) by shooting anybody that he associates with the state of Israel. Two stories of cold blooded murders, apparently unrelated.

    But here is the difference: while Belgium’s and EU’s entire leadership were quick to condemn the killings, fortify security of Jewish establishments and order a man hunt for the killer, the killer of the Palestinian teens will never face trial, the investigation will be whitewashed and even if they are convicted it’s going to be a minor slap on the wrists. Needless to mention, no Israeli politician condemned the murder of the Palestinian teens, offered an apology or provided extra security for Palestinians. Just a story of two murders, one of the murderers wears uniform, the other doesn’t.

    1. Aaron, you’re right, I thought about that link too.
      As long as Israel claims to be the State of the Jews (all the Jews), as long as local ‘Jewish’ organizations act merely as extensions of the Israeli Embassy and Foreign Ministry, as long as the most loudscreaming part of the local Jewish communities stands by Israel no matter what that State does, these kind of actions are just a ‘logical’ consequence.

      Just the latest example: (information on the website of Union Juive Française pour la Paix [French Jewish Union for Peace]: “The Ambassador of Israel would like to inform the Jewish community about the arrival of a representative of Tsahal in Paris. The meeting will be at the Grande Synagogue, [address], on May 26th 18.30-20.00. Private meeting for engagement is possible”.
      French citizens in the Israeli army is a taboo here while French citizens joining the rebels in Syria is widely covered by the media and of course condemned by all politicians

  4. the only person blamed here in the context of the murder is Bibi. It si not surprising, coming from you.

    1. @ Zur Shefi: That’s not only an inaccurate statement, it’s gratuitous. The only thing I blame Bibi for is being a shameless political opportunist willing to use dead Israelis to advance his pro-settler political agenda. As for the murderers, I hope they’re caught, tried and convicted (hopefully before the Mossad appoints its own “judge” to do the job). My post clearly indicated that was my view. Only someone acting in bad faith such as you would claim otherwise.

      Bad faith is a definite black mark for you. I’ll be watching future comments of yours.

      1. ooooh I’m scared, you’ll be watching me big brother, all in the name of democracy, pluralism and freedom of speech huh? you should represent north korea.

  5. RICHARD SILVERSTEIN wrote: Bibi’s response is typically nasty.
    Is Nativ nasty? Is killing 4 people nasty?
    Why is it nasty?

    1. @ Abraham Tsinman: Blaming Europeans for the killings & doing so in a crude, incendiary way is indeed “nasty.” When your country suffers such a loss you can gain much in international standing by coming across in a dignified way, rather than the crude way in which he’s come across.

      1. Wrong, Richard Silverstein. Europeans ARE to blame. All non-Jews are to blame. Netanyahu does not go far enough in condemning this. Pressure must be brought to bear to make it illegal to criticize Israel, which is just a cover for rampant anti-semitism and the desire to finish what Hitler started.

        1. @ Moshe ben-Jacob:

          to make it illegal to criticize Israel

          It’s not even illegal to criticize Israel in Israel. So you want to criminalize speech that isn’t (yet) criminal in Israel? You want Europe to corrupt its democracy for Israel’s sake? Sorry. You’ll find no takers for that.

          1. @ Richard
            Haha, when I read comments like this one by Moshe Ben-Jacob, I always wonder whether they really mean what they write or whether it’s supposed to be a joke, imitating the worst hasbara. I find it difficult to believe someone really thinks what Moshe writes, but if so, he’s clearly a ‘case’ and need professional help.

          2. All non-Jews are to blame….Pressure must be brought to bear to make it illegal to criticize Israel…
            I can only think he was joking.

    2. What about the possibility of this all being faked?
      Remember it was one day before the belgian elections (and the european elections in other countries).
      The Minister of interior happened to be one of the first people who came to the scene. Got a lot of media attention along with other politicians and representatives of the jewish community.

    1. @ bluebird: My information says they were accountants. If their status was “attache/diplomat” that might indicate some other status than purely civilian. Interesting. Can a German speaker get me a translation of the passage that describes their employment status in Germany?

      1. due to that website copy from the israeli embassy in Berlin/Germany they were diplomats at the embassy with the status “attache”.

        there are military attachees, police attachees, financial attachees and culture attachees working at an embassy as diplomats. They were attachees starting from 2007 in the israeli embassy in berlin.

        We should mention that attachees at an embassy often are members of the secret service covered as diplomats. Also NATIV executives were always working as diplomats out of israeli embassies, that one in germany inclusive. They were always closely connected with ukrainian jews in the israeli embassy in berlin, too. Therefore i wouldnt exclude a possible ukrainian/russian mafia link with that murder in brussels, too.

        One more thing: Since european diplomats, politicians and military attachees are travelling to brussels quite regularly (NATO headquarters, EU headquarters, SWIFT), this would be the last place they would deliberately spend their holidays/vacation. I bet 99% that they had been in brussels on some kind of business/politics trip.

        1. Interesting point bluebird. Brussels is not a tourist destination for those living in Berlin. Going from one administrative capital to another for tourism? Boring Brussels? No way.

          Italy, Austria, Spain, but not Brussels .

          1. Felix, so given the following two scenarios:
            1) An Israeli husband and wife who live in Berlin travel to Brussels and visit a Jewish museum are tourists.
            2) A shooting at the Jewish museum in Brussels which is the only Jewish institution without security is an anti-Semetic attack

            You are more likely to believe that both these statements are false than they are true

            Suuuuuure. I typically find that those who have such unfortunate theories are not very smart.

          2. @ Marcos: My comment rules, which you must read, say comments must be substantive and on topic. Commenting on whether another commenter is smart or not is not substantive esp since your meandering comment didn’t prove anything about Felix’s intelligence.

      2. Also consider the matter of fact that Israel sent two NATIV executives as “diplomats” to its Berlin embassy in 2007 starting a NATIV project in germany. As a matter of fact exactly in 2007 that couple began to work at the embassy in Berlin. Coincidence?

        Their job was to lure as many as possible russian and ukrainian jews (who were currently living in germany) to israel. The german jewish organisations were quite upset about the NATIV plans what had been the idea of Mr. Avigdor Lieberman.

        2 NATIV members had been sent by Lieberman as “diplomats” to the israeli embassy in berlin in 2007. Mr. and Mrs. Riva started to work in that embassy in 2007 !!!

        Their success in Germany was marginal and therefore they began to cooperate with the israeli embassy in Kiev/Ukraine. The rest you can read in current headlines.

        1. Interesting information and speculations, bluebird. Indeed that AK47 is curious – definitely suggestive of east European connection. This may well have been a “hit”. If it was, someone(s) knew what and who the Rivas were and knew something of their plans or purpose for being in brussels. They may have even been lured there.

          If this was a “hit” – and there are some indications of “professionalism” by the gunman, then the other two who got killed – the receptionist and the volunteers may have been witnesses that needed to be silenced. from their perch at the front of the museum they might well have had a good view of what transpired, hence the gunman’s actions.

          I also agree that it is strange that no antisemitic/radical group took responsibility. Something about this incident does not add up to a run-of-the-mill “hate crime”. To me it looks like some kind of a planned operation, with a pre-planned escape route and an effort to avoid detection.

          1. quote (guardian link)

            The Israeli embassy in Berlin has confirmed that two emissaries from Nativ are due to arrive in Berlin within the next few weeks to start their work, which includes trying to encourage emigration to Israel among the Jews from the former Soviet Union, and offering help with their move on issues such as bureaucratic matters.

            The German press has referred to the operation as being “James Bond-like”.

            Bases for agents and the organization of meetings and information transfer are traditionally synagogues, cultural and Jewish and Israeli educational centers, high schools, school.

            question: is a jewish museum a cultural center for israeli citizens? I believe that the answer is “yes”.

          2. @ bluebird: It can be a very dangerous thing for Diaspora Jewish communities to allow themselves to become appendages of Israeli foreign policy and intelligence operations. Israel will obviously relish such cover without considering (or if it does consider it, it discounts it) the danger in which it places Diaspora Jews.

      3. Richard , that is a web site for the Israeli Diplomatic Corps in Berlin. Both Frau Miriam Riva and Herr Riva (in smaller type under her name) are listed as diplomats. They were more than attaché s.

        You should save that page.

  6. How did Bibi’s policies lead “to the deaths of several thousand Palestinian civilians”?
    He does nothing. He doesn’t build, and hardly any arabs die.

    1. @ Frank s: So Bibi doesn’t order invasions, military operations, assassinations? So he’s not the PM of the country? Or does the IDF really run the country and do these things without any input from the PM?

  7. [Sorry but comments like this that are crude propaganda devoid of substance & rich in ignorance & false claims will not be published here]

  8. “Bibi clearly hates Arabs (as his father did before him) and his policies led to the deaths of several thousand Palestinian civilians. All the killings have to stop, not just those of Jews.” … Don’t forget the millions of other Arabs killed by neocon/Israeli pressure on the US government.

  9. I live in Brussels not far from the shooting, i am not jew, but vigilant to propaganda and false information, so i end up finding this post and your comments. I confess i am really happy to see how moderate and peaceful you are trying to discuss how this shooting looks from different perspectives. Thank you for this. We are trying our best here to understand the event but our recent elections have showman a growth of NVA an extreme right party, with racist leaders in it, so our press is a bit confused on how to be educational or factual… Hope it will get better soon (Moshe… You need help indeed..)

    1. JLP: Thanks for that comment and I appreciate your closeness to this tragedy. Feel free to update us or me here with reporting from the Belgian media about this story. I’m very eager to hear local reports. I will continue to pass along what I learn from Israel & other sources.

    2. Prosecutor’s office so far seems to read the killing as one carried out by a well prepared and determined individual. They think the couple’s visit to the museum was not planned. Belgian press attributes their presumed Mossad connection to Israeli media reports.

  10. Can Moshe ben-Jacob please explain why I as a European am to blame for these killings? Or why all non-jews are to blame?
    More supremacist BS.

  11. Netanyahu is a prime factor in more and more people becoming “Israel-haters”! The genocide, lying, cheating and exalted status these blood-thirsty murderers demand is a black plague upon the Earth!

  12. “there are people out there who are just deranged enough and just outraged enough to perpetrate murder as a response to Israel’s bloodletting in the Middle East.” Didn’t you just complain loudly and bitterly that Netanyahu made this association?

    1. @HMP: No, I complained that Bibi blamed all of Europe because its leaders didn’t immediately call him to express their condolences and because he blamed the killing on Europe’s hatred of Israel, which is utter nonsense.

  13. As all Israelis work for the Mossad, but few are agents, thus making it possible to segue the Brussels Jewish Museum shooting narrative into one in which people are induced, by the ambiguity, to form the unconscious belief that Mossad wouldn’t shoot their own agents, when all they did was shoot two expendable ordinary Israeli citizens.

    1. That’s odd. None of the Israelis I know work for the Mossad. Do you know any Israelis who work for the Mossad? Do you know any Israelis?

  14. news from:

    Israeli Internal Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich also attended the funeral.

    He said: (quote)
    They were ethical people, humble, committed, thorough, and pleasant; worked for many years in public service, were engaged in diverse fields and performed a variety of challenging and complex roles.

    (Challenging and complex roles …. well said!)

    Ayelet Riva, the daughter of the couple, stated while crying: “There are so many words. There are so many stories and so many jokes. There are many things that remain for me to see: finishing school, getting drafted and released from the IDF, getting work and principally growing up.

  15. From an Israeli source:

    Itay BlumenthalPublished: 05.27.14, 12:25 / Israel News

    “We couldn’t ask for better parents. Loving, caring and good-hearted, who most of all wanted the best for us,” wrote Shira and Ayelet Riva in a letter in memory of their parents Emanuel and Miriam Riva.

    The museum’s spokesperson said that security at the site is usually minimal with no gates or regular guards.

    “Most of our visitors aren’t Jewish”.

    Belgian officials said on Monday that the shooting f three people at Brussels’ Jewish Museum was probably a “terrorist attack”, though some security experts suggested it may have been the work of a hitman rather than an anti-Semitic ‘lone

    “Most of our visitors arent jewish”.
    How would an antisemitic hitman know in advance that he kills jewish citizens while he should know that most visitors arent jewish? Even Israeli news talks about a professional hitman now.

    The unfortunate murder of two NATIV agents had been used by israeli propaganda and media to once again blame europeans and so called antisemitism for a simple cover up of a secret service war. However, that propaganda has failed now.

    It’s the same as if the murder of two CIA agents in Rome would be antiamericanism blaming Italians while the murder of two russian agents in London would be a sign of anti Russian mood by the British population. BS!

    Instagram site of daughter Ayalet Riva:

    She says that she lived in Berlin from 2007-2011. She loves Israel and NY. She did attend BBIS in Berlin (Berlin Brandenburg International School). The kids of all diplomats in Berlin are usually attending this school.

  16. BBIS (Berlin Brandenburg International School)

    28 percent of the students come from Germany; the largest group of foreign children provides Israel with 35 students. The parents are mostly in the diplomatic service, active in the boardrooms of international companies or banks. Teaching and language in general use is English.

    BBIS charges between 7.500 and 12.000 Euros per schoolyear. Parents must be pretty rich. The Rivas had 2 daughters in that school over 4 years. That’s approx. 100.000 euros for school only.

  17. regarding suspect Nemmouche

    interesting french media releases from 2009 and 2011 (links below).
    Women, vodka, prison, drugs and the kalashnikov was already mentioned in 2011.

    This paragraph below I liked best:

    Nemmouche, defended by Soulifa Badawi, adopts an original attitude: he is imprisoned in the south of France and refused to be taken from his cell because he is afraid of flying.



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