3 thoughts on “Settlerism as the New Hipster Chic – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Concerning “the original Semitic keffiyeh” alias “the Israeli keffiyeh”, isn’t it ironic that DJ Diwon uses the Arabic word ‘keffiyeh’ [kûfiyyah: ‘from Kufa’], also called hattah in Palestine.

    Shadia Mansour, the British-Palestinian rapper wrote a text when she heard that some Zionist company had started producing “Israeli keffiyehs”.

    The video is great (Shadia wearing a traditional Palestinian dress, next cultural theft ?):
    “Good morning, cousins (….)
    That’s how we wear the kufiya, the black and white kufiya (……)
    They began playing a long time ago by wearing it as a fashion accessory
    No matter how creative they become
    No matter how they change the color
    An Arab kufiya will remain Arab
    Our kufiya, they want it. Our culture, they want it. Our dignity, they want it. Everything that’s our they want it (….)
    This land is not enough for them

  2. Even though it is typically and truly repulsive to see this
    new strategy by the Zionists, it is also rather heartening to see
    just how cornered they feel by the growing worldwide movement to
    support the occupied Palestinians. It is extremely sad to say that
    Zionists, like the old brutal South Africans who supported
    Apartheid there, will not come willingly to the table of civilized,
    peaceful justice for the Middle East; they will come kicking and
    screaming and do anything they can to stop justice and peace coming
    to the region. This is just one strategy to counter the worldwide
    movement that supports the indigenous people of Palestine. More
    worrying is the overt strategies they will be using to stop the
    push for Palestinian human rights. They have shown that nothing is
    beneath them and like a cornered snake, they are very

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