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  1. @Richard:
    “if you lived in a real democracy, why would such a country find it necessary to maintain secrecy about a military unit which ceased to exist 25 years before? Can you imagine, if you’re American, the U.S. trying to keep secret that SAC exists?”

    Maybe because the Israeli nuclear program in Israel is considered a secret (or at least was until the middle 80’s), and if the military unit in charge, it’s size, base of operation, etc. is reveled – it could reveal information that could be used against it.
    In short, the answer to your question is “Operations security”.

  2. Of course there is still the story about Israel blackmailing the US to provide satellite intelligence and weapons assistance in 1973 when things were not going Israel’s way. The blackmail was that they would nuke Egypt and, the story goes, they had aircraft loaded with nukes on the tarmac ready to go if the US wouldn’t help. Do you recall how the Israelis knew exactly where the Egyptian forces were deployed. How did they know that?

    1. Cairo is marked on maps, as are Port Said and Alexandria.

      Blackmail requires some sort of really odious threat in order to work.

  3. Be sure: it was replaced, and by something far more nefarious than a fabricated defensive mission.

  4. Israelis and their supporters have an “exact” vision how to use these secret units and their nuclear weapons.<
    Example comments from Jerusalem Post’s discussion on June 10th.:

    Zeteboy • 17 hours ago
    Muslim scum need to be eliminated.
    Start with a nuke into the Aswan Dam.

    Mohammed -> Zeteboy • 11 hours ago
    A nuke on mecca and medina would be a great start, we should have done that in 1967.

    These kind of extreme offensive (religiously) and to mass murder agitating comments are not rare in Israeli English medias’ comment sections. In most European countries, if the media would allow these kind of comments besides the writers those answering of the media would have to face police, courts and prisons. What is astonishing is how people, who are so ultra sensitive of what is been said of their country and religion, give themselves the right to promote the mass murder of millions and destroying holy places of others. Imagine the first comment where the word Muslim is replaced with the word Jewish and Aswan Damn with Tel Aviv. We do not see such comments in reader discussions of European media, but in Israeli it is daily “free speech” to demand nuking Muslims and sometimes even Christian European capitals, if some of our politicians has expressed even mild critics towards Israel.

    Considering, that even Israeli politicians as ministers (Lieberman) promote the idea of bombing Aswan Damn, it would be interesting to know how religiously and politically extreme are those serving in these units with nukes. But if we would know, could anybody in Eurasia sleep anymore?

    1. That’s pretty common language in the comments section of Reuters US and other news agencies as well.

      Talking of mass murdering Muslims is ‘hip’: you’ll get reported if you call another user an idiot, but if you call for genocide, no problem!

      1. Well, well. Try writing there a comment using terms Jewish scum and nuking Tel Aviv. I haven’t done so, but it is 100 percent certain that these comments with nuking Israel would be deleted at once and the writer would have new “followers”.

        Basically all kind comments would be OK if Israeli Jews and their supporters would tolerate equal language used of them as they use of others. If demanding nuking Mecca or Rome is OK then should nuking Tel Aviv seen as a “normal” demand. If demanding destroying Aswan Damn (tens of millions would be killed in that flood) is OK then there should not be any future holocaust whining.

        Simply by watching Kantor Centers’s (Tel Aviv university) antisemitism database one sees how sensitive Israeli Jews are in categorizing antisemitist attacks. For example with the keyword Finland we get 107 hits. Many of those records have nothing to do with Jews, Israel or antisemitism. They are about the populist party members fights with our legal system after they have been spreading racist hate speech against Muslims. The records of violent incidents – antisemitism are mostly amusing considering the term violent. One is how a man pissed on the fence of the Jewish center, one of how a drunken man made a nazi salute in the middle of night in front of the Jewish Community Center, photo taken by security camera – nobody else was there. One “violent incident” was when somebody had called a Finnish Jewish MP a Jew. A couple of “violent incidents” were where Israelis in Finland had arguments with people of Middle Eastern origin and those expressed that they do not like Israel and Jews. This Kantor Center’s database is important because it is used as the basis in those studies which produce widely and loudly published stories telling us how antisemtism is “raising”. Imagine if Palestinians and Muslims in general would collect equal databases using equal criteria (storing events of mostly rather mild verbal conflicts and stupid (but harmless) acts of drunken etc).

        1. “Imagine if Palestinians and Muslims in general would collect equal databases using equal criteria (storing events of mostly rather mild verbal conflicts and stupid (but harmless) acts of drunken etc).”

          Sounds like a good Idea. They should.

  5. I know it’s too late, but here is my take on why Unit 155 ended: they switched over to American planes (F-15s or F-16s) which were more complicated than the French or Israeli made units. At the same time, the number of Israeli made bombs had grown so numerious that the old security measures were getting obsolete. So they retrained/reorganized, ditched the Unit 155 tag and became Unit “X.” I would not be surprised if they changed their designation while they were Unit 155 to keep the group hidden, and yes I agree that it’s sick to hide that even such a unit existed.

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