14 thoughts on “Price Tag Vision: “Racism or Assimilation” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. @Richard:
    How can you tell that the graffiti sprayer(s) are settlers?

    And by the way, last time I checked, Abu-Gosh was west to the “green-line”, and never was a “Palestinians Village” as your caption says.

    1. @Nimrod: How can I tell the graffiti is written by settlers? Because it’s a price tag attack and price taggers are settlers. Oh & I also had handwriting analysis done & it confirms my finding. Next dumb question?

      Abu Ghosh is a Palestinian village, Israeli Palestinian, but Palestinian nevertheless.

      1. I hate to correct you, but I know you are a stickler for accuracy. I did a little research to make sure I have my facts straight, but Abu Ghosh is definitely not a Palestinian village. It is well inside of the Green Line within Israel proper. I am pretty certain it is an Israeli village – and I think you can confirm that online.

        Interestingly, the village was founded by Circassians in the 16th century, specifically the Abu Ghosh family for whom the village is named (and many of the residents are their descendants).

        Anyway, just passing along the information.

        1. @Bob Mann: Ferchrissakes, it is a Palestinian village because Israeli Palestinians are PALESTINIAN!! When there is a border between Israel & Palestine and Israel recognizes a Palestinian state (as if!), then you can correct me about the designation of Abu Ghosh (& I’ll call it “Israeli”). Till then, it’s” Palestinian” (or “Israeli Palestinian”).

        2. “Interestingly, the village was founded by Circassians in the 16th century, specifically the Abu Ghosh family for whom the village is named (and many of the residents are their descendants).”

          No, it is older than that. There was a medieval caravanserai there, and occupation back to the Bronze Age, as far as I remember.

  2. One correction:
    As far as I remember, Prof’ Leibowitz (proph’ Yeshaayahu) did not refer to his contemporary settlers as Judeo-Nazis but predicted the inevitable emergence of Judeo-Nazism, resulting from the settlement policy.

  3. Mr. Silverstein,

    As horrible as these acts are, I don’t believe this is not a fair description of the settler worldview, since you are just looking at the acts of a small band of hooligans who do not represent the mainstream settler population; as such this analysis is not accurate. Why not look at the University of Judea and Samaria for instance, which is a model of coexistence between Jews and Arabs, yet it is the main university of the settler movement? How does that reality fit your analysis?


    Moses Sparkman

    1. Settlerism means racism. One needs not be a great logician to fathom settlerrism’s obvious raison d’etre:

      Settlerism was instigated and is being perpetuated for the sole purpose of eliminating any prospect of a two-state-solution.
      A one-state-solution can mean either a secular democratic state whose residents enjoy equal rights regardless of ethnicity or a racist state where the Palestinian natives are either deprived of their civil rights or ethnically cleansed.

      As the vast majority of settlers would not contemplate the former – a secular democratic state – it means their negation of the two-state-solution is meant to advance the latter – a racist state.

      1. [Comment deleted for comment rule violation–comments must be “substantive” and contain a real argument]

        1. This is not an appropriate comment. The rules ask that comments be “substantive.” That is, that they contain content, substance, argument. If you don’t have a substantive comment to make then don’t publish one that isn’t.

    2. I think you will find this is not the place for you. I would encourage you to leave while you can. If not, I am fairly confident you will be banned within the next week or so.

  4. RE: “It reminds me of the film, Invasion of the Body-Snatchers. Will we wait till there’s no one left to fight them and the thugs have completely taken over the country?” ~ R.S.

    TAGLINE: “They come from another world. Spawned in the light years of space. Unleashed to take over the bodies and souls of the people.”
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Official Trailer (1956) [VIDEO, 02:20] – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFnSxeDfENk

    P.S. M.J. Rosenberg sometimes refers to the Podhoretz clan as the “Pod People”. [Lol!]

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