8 thoughts on “IDF Appoints “Legal Advisor” to Review Cyber-War Attacks – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Can any army be ethical? Aren’t they all in the business of “killing bad guys” ?
    Is there no way of doing so that is more ethical than another way?

    1. Any army that pretends that it is good & ethical as the IDF does is lying.

      As for whether there are ethical ways to fight: the Bible says there are & I place great value in much of the Bible’s ethical prescriptions (though not all).

  2. RE: “The purpose is for this lawyer to make something that is treif, kosher.” ~ R.S.

    IN OTHER WORDS: This lawyer (the IDF’s legal adviser on cyber activities, notably cyber warfare) will be Israel’s John Woo!

  3. @Bob Mann
    The question is just who are the bad guys? Many of us believe it’s the bad guys who are doing the killing.

    1. Well, isn’t it the job of the army to protect the citizens of the state? Thus, the “bad guys” would be anyone who threatens to do harm to those citizens.

      1. @Bob Mann: Wrong. The “bad guys” would be anyone determined by the IDF to harm the State. That is based on faulty, deluded judgments having little to do, in many cases, with reality.

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