15 thoughts on “When is a Jew a Terrorist? For Bibi, Never – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Mr. Richard,

    Via your reference to the Hebron Fund, why do you refer to the Jews in Hebron in a negative way? There were Jews in Hebron for centuries before modern Israel, and were only massacred and expelled by the Arab armies. So Jews should be allowed to live there, and Hebron shouldn’t be referred to as a settlement either.


    Moses Sparkman

    1. Because the 400 settlers in Hebron (who you refer to as “Jews” but I refer to as pogromists) are thieves and disgusting models of humanity. Hebron is little more than a colonial outpost of the Israeli ultranationalist mission.

      Again, don’t give me lectures about your version of Jewish history. I’ll tire of that rapidly & you’ll end up booted out of the threads. Read the comment rules & respect them. Stay on topic & write comments directly related to my post.

  2. What about for you? When does a Jew (or anyone else) cross the line into becoming a terrorist? Do you think anyone who supports the settlers (via the funds you mentioned) is supporting terrorism? If not, that does seem to be your implication.

    1. Of course — that’s exactly the point. These funds support terrorism and should entail the same consequences in the US as the Holy Land Fund, rather, its participants! What’s the diff?

      The weird thing is why Shabak would make such a politically charged recommendation in the first place. Could that organization be so out of touch with the government’s sensitivities? Seems unlikely to me. I feel certain that most Israelis with some high school or whatever behind them would see that such language could not be applied to Jews, not now, not in that state, its history texts, not ever.

    2. @Bob Mann: Being a terrorist & supporting terrorism are two different things. Not sure why you need my definition of what makes a terrorist. It’s pretty self-evident. But settler hooligans & price taggers are definitely terrorists. States too can adopt practices that are terror if they completely abandon any adherence to codes of conduct or international law. There are many that do and have including Israel (& many others).

      As for supporting terror: certainly almost all charities that support settlements support terror. Hebron Fund & Central Fund for Israel are definitely enablers.

      1. You wrote: “Not sure why you need my definition of what makes a terrorist. It’s pretty self-evident.”

        But I thought the whole point of the article was precisely that such a thing is not self-evident.

        Your title is: “When is a Jew a Terrorist? For Bibi, Never” so clearly there is a discrepancy between different people’s definition of what makes a terrorist. According to your piece, there is stark disagreement on this subject even within Israel itself.

        1. @Bob Mann: Bibi and the ultra-nationalists who tacitly support Jewish terror, don’t believe it exists in any meaningful way. The rest of the country except for the peace movement and left, which has minimal power, doesn’t do anything to contradict this scandalous situation. Saying there is stark disagreement within Israel overstates the case. People outside Israel know Jewish terror exists & judge Israel accordingly.

  3. Richard, I believe the number of villages destroyed or ethnically cleansed of their Arab inhabitants is generally accepted to be 531.

    1. [After repeated requests and warnings, your comment has been deleted because it is off-topic and repeats hasbara memes offered her numerous times by others before you. Future comments will be moderated and approved if they respect the comment rules–which you must read before commenting here again.]

  4. If Bibi was in Germany in 1935, he would call the ‘Brown Shirts’ a youth movement.
    He is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Got a good belief system at home. His father was a Hitler sympathizer until he heard about the holocaust.

    1. @Gony: Do you know if Bibi’s father actually wrote about the Nazis before the War began. I’d be curious if he made any such statements. That would be very interesting if he had. Of course, the Revisionists did have such sympathies or at least were willing to do business with the Nazis. So it’s possible, perhaps likely, he shared them.

  5. I’ve always wondered about the bizarre formulation that Palestinians were told to leave their homes to “make way” for invading armies. There is apparently no evidence of any such thing anywhere. But this aside, what does “make way” mean? Was the native population “in the way?” How so? It is just unfathomable how this clear lie ever got repeated and repeated.

    As for Mr. Sparkman — Palestinians rightly opposed Zionism, not Jews, because Zionism was out to steal the land and kick out Palestinians. Jews were just the medium in which these goals flourished. That’s not hard to understand, is it? It is Zionism that ruined Jewish innocence in the Holy Land as it was, and is, a frank program of expansion and racism. The US opposed Germany in WWII because of the German policies that were very similar…expansionism and racism.

  6. It matters little whether Nutty Yahoo designates these people as terrorists, as the word has long since lost its meaning due to the way it has been applied, and they will still actually be terrorists regardless what he calls them.

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