15 thoughts on “Labor Party Deal With Channel 2 Reporter Shuts Competing Party Out of Election Coverage – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. When you offer proof for all the Israeli reporters who themselves use inside sources then I’ll offer you proof. Amazing the hypocrisy of readers willing to be gullible for Israeli MSM, but who have completely different standards for a blog like this. Is it because Israeli journalists have such a stellar track record with THEIR anonymous sources?

  1. BLT

    Everybody but I mean everybody knows that Rina and Shelly are enemies, they would not make any deal. Rina did not get any licks from Shelly the entire campaign. On the contrary, the one who did get licks from Shelly was Amit Segal, the younger and the much more talnted reporter for channel 2 news, who is also Rina’s rival in the same news system. The entire covrege of Shelly and the Labour party by Rina Matsliach was hateful, twisted and swamped with inaccuracy.

    You are damaging the credibility of your own blog by publishing such rabish.

    1. Yes, the past track record of this source. BTW, do you request the same of every Israeli reporter who uses anonymous sources for their own reporting?

      Do you want a tape recording of Yachimovich & Matzliach conspiring? Sorry. All I can provide is the word of a veteran Labor Party insider. You’ll have to take his word or not.

      1. it certainly wasn’t meant as an accusation. I’m aware that a vague description of the source is what is generally accepted. I was asking if there perhaps might be anything else to update, more specific or corroborating info. I’m fine with “anonymous sources”, I take them for what they’re worth (better than nothing).

        1. @Guy: Since my source continues as a veteran Labor Party member I don’t want to push for further evidence since it could expose his identity to those named in this story.

          Sorry for being snippy. It’s hard to separate people who are serious like you from people who merely enjoying being negative & dismissing the veracity of my reports.

  2. I honestly don’t understand why Eretz is seen as threatening to Labor. Isn’t a rejuvenated left in Labor’s interest?

    1. If you treat politics the old fashioned way as they did in places like Tammany Hall, there’s a pie & if there’s someone else he’s going to steal your slice. Hacks like Yachimovich don’t understand that the more excitement & interest there are the better all on the left can do. As Jesse Jackson used to say, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Yachimovich wants to use the tide to raise her boat & sink everyone else’s.

  3. There is no evidence here. You are just accusing Shelly Yakhimovich by hearsay. Where is your evidence? not professional.

    1. I wonder whether you say similar things abouut Rina Matzliach, Amit Segal or all the other Israeli press corps who publish reports based on anonymous sources. I’ll bet you don’t. Why would that be? Why would you try to hold me to a different, higher standard than them? And don’t dare tell me becauae they have a better track record because they don’t. In fact, Amit Segal was sued by Prop. Amiram Goldblum for libel & Channel 2 settled the case & paid the victim for his troubles.

  4. סליחה ריצ’רד, אני מקווה שמותר לרשום תגובות בעברית. השאלה. בכל לשון של בקשה, היא האם תרצה/יתאפשר לחשוף אחת מן הרעות בשרשרת עושק מנוצלי השואה:
    בית המשפט פסק באופן גורף שהמכונה “הרשות לזכויות ניצולי השואה” שליד משרד האוצר, טועה בחישוב אחוזי ה”נכות” לרעת מי שאני מכנה ‘מנוצלי השואה’.
    תצא נא הוראה גורפת שהרשות תעבור על כל התיקים ותתקן לפי החישוב הנכון עליו ציווה בית המשפט – הודות לתביעה חכמה ורגישה של עו”ד יוסי חיות מהקליניקה לסיוע משפטי לניצולי השואה שליד אוניברסיטת תל אביב.
    רבבות א/נשים נעשקים כל אחד ואחת ממאות עד אלף ש”ח לחודש שהיו יכולים לשפר במשהו חיי מצוקה – ואילו הרשות דנן מתקנת רק כשיש תביעה ספציפית, אחד לאחד.

    עד כה ידוע לי רק על שלושה תיקוני חישוב שבוצעו וזאת רק בעקבות פסיקת בית המשפט.
    מה תעשה כדי למחוק את החרפה אחת ולתמיד הקצר שעוד נותר?

  5. lol

    “All I can provide is the word of a veteran Labor Party insider. You’ll have to take his word or not”.

    are you seirious Richard? because this just proves that this story is fiction. When a Labour veteran says such a thing – I know its a lie.

    1. @political animal: Now you’re just talking like an idiot. And I don’t respect idiots. So if you want to be an one, be one elsewhere. As for fiction, I wish you were. If you continue annoying me with nonsense you’ll be moderated & outa here. As for whether or not I’m serious: about moderating or banning you? As serious as a heart attack.

  6. This story has no source. How do we know you are not inventing? and why you insult readers by saying they talk like idiot? answer question. Don’t insult.

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