9 thoughts on “Israel’s Elections: Dirty Tricks and Rearranging Deck Chairs – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. On the “eretz” issue. I don’t think the lost votes because of no zien ballots or other dirty tricks ( that there were) had much effect- maybe a couple of thousand votes. I think even you were duped in to being convinced we had a chance ( I was one of their supporters) My conclusions this morning after the elections were:

    1) You can’t run a party without big money ( and a very known TV personality can’t hurt)
    2) The good guys also don’t tell the full truth- it’s part of the game.
    3) People would rather live in the matrix.

    good day to all 🙂

    1. I completely agree with Ari.
      I don’t thinks it’s a real democracy when an ordinary citizen can’t even dream of being a prime minister if he doesn’t lie, cheat or steal.
      The events, the last few days, proven again. ignorance is bliss. People rather watch dumb TV programs and “reality” TV trash then get informed and open a damn book once in a while.
      A shitty place to live.

  2. Yair lLapid is not a centrist. Yair Lapid is a rightist, both socially and externally.
    The center left coalition is mostly a pigment of imagination of some – mostly Shelly Yechimovitz – as Yair announced many times he will not join the parties on the left in blocking Bibi, Yair will no doubt join iBibi’s government

    As for Eretz Chadasha, Election threshold this time around was about 75K votes. Eretz Chadasha got 25K. Making 50K votes in the state of Israel disappear is simply not possible. You were leaked polls probably from Eretz reps to contribute to their hype, Eldad Yaniv directed to your post bypassing the Israeli law that prohibits publishing poll results in the last 5 days prior to an election. In my opinion those polls were tempered with.

    1. I made very clear that the poll that predicted 2 seats for Eretz Chadasha was a competitor’s poll, not Eretz’s. This poll was not leaked to me by anyone with the remotest connection to Eretz. I did speak also with Itay Adam of Eretz. But he did NOT leak the poll I mentioned above to me.

      I don’t like people like you who make presumptions like this, especially when they’re dead wrong.

  3. The picture you posted shows 30 parites. There were 32. I noticed כן is missing (that’s Kadima). Their ballot should be in the middle of the secod row where קן is. In fact appears twice. קן is the legalize canabis party. It’s possible the ballots aren’t missing but that merely someone covered ballots with other ballots. Maybe even the guy who took the picture. The regulations say that once every half hour the proctors need to check the ballots and their placement. Since קן appears twice, that means now 3 parties ballots are missing from the picture. The third missing ballot is הפ which is a party called חיים בכבוד. You will also nitice that there is an empty ballot far left bottom, which is there so that you can write in your parties name should you not be ablr to find the appropriate ballot.

  4. if you look on the photo you gave from the polling stations you could see that Eretz Chadasha ballots are not the only ones missing, also missing are the ballots for Haim BeKavod (letters הפ), which only got 3,502 votes, and Kadima ballots which is still on the line and might pass when all the votes will be counted.
    Kadima letters are KN (כן, or Yes in Hebrew), and it seem that someone put on their ballots some of Alle Yarok (the ballot with the letters קנ), because they have two packs, the first one is right where Kadima ballots should have been.

    The letters of Kadima and Alle, are quit close, ק and כ, both have almost the same sound in Hebrew, and ן is just the final form of נ. So I suspect the someone put Allle Yarok ballots on top of Kadima ballots to confuse voters that are not so good with Hebrew, do you know from where is this photo?

  5. Why no coverage of Likud’s move to the extreme right? Likud will remain the governing party, only now, Moshe Feiglin will be in the catbird seat, and the Likud “moderates” are gone.

    Feiglin is a wonderful source for bare-faced racist quotes that expose the core of the Zionist project. He is the gift that will keep on giving.

    Richard, you could do us a great service by hunting down his vote total and placing it in an overall context. That a Kahanist was elected to the Knesset says much more about where the Israeli electorate is headed than the Lapid story. His Dad’s party was a flash in the pan, and his will be no different.

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