14 thoughts on “Scarfe’s Israeli Election Cartoon Grotesque and Offensive, Just Like Israeli Occupation – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, I’m reminded of a joke, wherein a Fundamentalist Protestant clergyman tells newlyweds they may have sex, and in almost any position, but not standing, because that might lead to dancing together — and dancing is forbidden.

    Here, we have a fabulous outcry of the usual Jewish big-wigs speaking out against the criticism-by-cartoon of crimes done by Jews (indeed, crimes done by the biggest Jew of all, the big Kahana one might almost say, N’hu himself, who claims to run the country of the entire Jewish people) because such criticism — even though entirely justified — might lead to antisemitism, and that is forbidden. (Whereas, as you’ve noted, N’hu’s actions are never criticized for a likelihood of bringing down antisemitism on Jewish lives.)

  2. Silverstein, with this post you have broken the record of cynicism.

    “Let’s examine the record of Bibi Netanyahu. Have his decisions not caused the gruesome deaths of Palestinians, both young and old? Has he not enthusiastically endorsed building not just the West Bank Wall but a new wall to insulate Israel from African refugees fleeing oppression in their homeland”
    So before Bibi became the PM everything was honky dory in the land of Israel, and this Man who represents the ultimate evil – The new Mr. Bane – decided to build a wall between Israel and the West bank and on the southern border.

    Should we list the number of Israelis who died in terror attacks directed at Israeli civilians ? Have you forgotten the images of exploded buses in the heart of Tel-Aviv ? The grotesque images from Maxim restaurant in Haifa ? no doubt this wall was built on Blood, the Blood of Israelis.

    With respect to the refugees, May i remind you that article 31 of the UN refugee convention states : “1. The Contracting States shall not impose penalties, on account of their illegal entry or presence, on refugees who, coming directly from a territory where their life or freedom was threatened in the sense of article 1” (Key phrase is – coming directly)

    Are you claiming that somehow Israel has established a Border with the different countries from which those people are coming to look for work ? Does Israel have a border with Sudan ? With Eritrea ? With Kenya ?

    1. @Brian: Why is it that when you don’t agree with someone you can’t simply point out what’s wrong with what they said. Instead, you have to gussie up your response with mock outrage and freighted words like “cynicism.” Cynicism has nothing to do with anything I write here. I resent the term. It’s meaningless except to signal your righteous indignation, which carries on particular weight.

      Bibi is Israel’s current leader. He makes decisions on behalf of the nation. Therefore, responsibility for those decisions are rightly dropped at his feet whether it’s a war, as happened in Gaza or the Separation Wall.

      As for Israelis killed in terror attacks, the subject is completely off topic. I’ve gone over this what seems like 100 times before: the Wall wasn’t designed to prevent terror attacks since thousands of Palestinians cross from the West Bank to Israel each day in the many areas where there is no Wall.

      That’s quite clever of you to quote UN documents. Where did you pick that one up? From your professor in Hasbara 101? I really detest people who use a document written for a humanitarian purpose in an attempt to justify Israel’s gross inhumanity toward African refugees. You know and I know and every reader here knows that Israel’s treatment of these people is gross, heinous and a violation of international law. It violates every moral tenet of Judaism and desecrates the memory of every Jewish refugee who died in the Holocuast and throughout our history. For shame that you should use such arguments.

      Don’t even attempt to defend or justify Israel’s inhumane treatment of African refugees. To read another word like the ones you wrote on this subject would make my stomach turn.

      1. [ed. comment deleted for violation of comment rules, which direct you not to repeat arguments you’ve previously offered. Also, when I ask you not to continue with this argument, you much respect this. If you do not, you will be moderated.]

        1. I told you very specifically in my last comment that your misuse of UN language to justify Israel’s inhumane treatment of African refugees was stomach turning and I didn’t want to read any further comments from you on this subject. You deliberately ignored me. You will be moderated. The comment rules require that respect both the rules, which you haven’t done & my editorial direction.

  3. Brian misses the point entirely. Israel is not immune from scrutiny and criticism and Bibi has, as a matter of fact, earned this cartoon critique. As for quoting UN conventions, Brian must be joking. The list of UN provisions and resolutions ignored by Israel would fill this page handily. Richard is absolutely right: The issue is the occupation, nothing else. Splitting hairs rigorously will not insulate Zionists and Zionism in its present incarnation. But the Zionists want to control such attention-getting criticism. Jews supporting Israel under Bibi are today responsible for the occupation and should take their hit rather than crying the ridiculous carp about “libel>” The cartoon is true in its essence, so there cannot be a libel.

  4. If the people offended by Scarfe’s cartoon were to call for the wall to be dismantled – Mr. Netanyahu, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL! – and for all of the settlements to be (not frozen but) OPENED to Palestinian residents, as should have happened decades ago, then I might be willing to take them seriously. Let me know when that happens.

  5. For a few years (I’m 46) I have become increasingly concerned over the Israeli/Palestine issue and have found myself increasingly bewildered by the activity of the Israeli government. I am not Jewish (or Christian or any religion), I was worried that my feelings meant I was developing an anti semitic stance.

    This piece has helped me to realise that my concerns are valid and indeed recognised by individuals all over the world. It is a shame that those who oppose the actions and policies of a government can be branded as xenophobes rather than political critics.

    Thank you for this excellent article, I have favourited (is that even a word?) your page and look forward to more of the same – that is to say writing which exposes the failings on all sides and is not scared to admit that two wrongs will never make a right.

  6. Comparing ISRAEL’s situation now to that of the European Jews during Nazi Germany and saying that Israel is as threatened as the European Jews back then is as blatantly lunatic as denying Holocaust. Netanjahu and his supporters are just as weird as Shoah deniers.

  7. I am confused. Since you more or less agree with the message of the cartoon, why do you say it is “grotesque and offensive”?

  8. Right is right. Thank you Mr. Silverstein for confirming, and contining to confirm, what is right, no matter how “difficult” some people may try to make it. You have gained a new follower.

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