10 thoughts on “New Social TV Video Series – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard — good to see and hear you at last! And a good format for the things we here care about.

    Philip Weiss (Mondoweiss) thinks that Hagel “recanted” in his response to Sen. Boxer’s inquiries, that he is, alas, as much the Lobby’s man as any other, past remarks notwithstanding. Any thoughts of this, readers?

    1. Thanks.

      This is a question of whether he wants to be confirmed or not. He had to say what he did in order to gain confirmation. What he does later may or may not reflect the sentiments in his “recantation.” I’d wait to see how he acts as defense secretary before making such judgments.

  2. Based on your maiden video blog on Social TV and your measured remarks about Chuck Hagel therein I look forward to more.

  3. Sorry to say this, but you’ve got some serious lazy eye, and it really doesn’t lend itself to video. Blogging is your better medium.

    1. @No Offense: Leave it to someone calling themselves “No Offense” to make a boorish, offensive remark. Thanks for being a total idiot. If I wanted your opinion I’d ask. I don’t recall doing so.

  4. Great initial TV moment. Keep it up.

    As to Hagel, he will be like all other USA government people after being confirmed — a loyal servant of his boss and also an independent voice (at least as to private advice, and maybe inside the cabinet or even in public) to the extent not precluded by the powers swirling around Washington. What he probably will NOT be is the voice of neocon-ism inside the cabinet. That vocie will still be heard, all too loudly, but he may balance it a bit. Let us pray!

  5. Hagel gives Obama lots of options regarding the great strategic threat to the US posed by the neocons

    Like what George HW Bush said about “one lonely little guy” up against “something like a thousand (pro-Israel) lobbyists on the hill working the other side of the question” – Obama picked Hagel to take care of that little problem.

    Obama only needs a ‘few good men’ – or in this case – one good man to run interference for him and he will have it with Hagel.

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