3 thoughts on “Knesset Exempts Shin Bet from Recording Interrogations – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I have become increasingly aware of the dominance of the military in Israel civil (and non-civil) society. Here the Knesset appears to approve the powers of Shin Bet but it is probably better depicted as Shin Bet requiring the Knesset to approve such power. This is a new and emerging perspective for me about Israel. I have commented previously that the Israeli judiciary appears to jockey for authority and power against the overreaching military (include prisons, borders, etc…anything to do with “security”) Again and again the impulses of a military authority supersedes civil authority and civil rights both within Israel and the OT. It is not surprising that this military should be easily corrupted by its unfettered authority over the oppressed. In this regard, the Israeli military is no different from the strong arms of any military dictator and Israel may be characterized in part as a military dictatorship. In any case, I have noticed the exceptional power and authority of the military in civil life.

  2. Israel is like a cat. Except this cat is a pack animal, wags its tail when it’s happy, fetches, needs to be walked, barks, and pees on hydrants.

    And if you dare call my kitty a dog, everyone will know you are an anti-Semite!

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