15 thoughts on “Israeli Military Intelligence Officer “Outs” Egyptian Spy, Leading to His Murder – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Great article Richard. Thank you for writing about this story, quite depressing and almost unbelievable that a country could act this way, even though Israel has a long history of throwing collaborators to the dogs.
    Such staggering lack of any kind of responsibility makes you wonder how long can it last?

    Just one comment – those killed in the war on the Israeli side are not boys, but sodiers, like their Egyptian counterparts. Soldiers go to war to kill and get killed. These are not schoolchildren.

    1. “…those killed in the war on the Israeli side are not boys, but soldiers, like their Egyptian counterparts. Soldiers go to war to kill and get killed.”

      1) Soldiers should go to war to protect,to which end killing others or being killed may be a regrettable part.
      No soldier who has killed can be unaffected by it.

      2) A soldiers in Israel, like his counterpart in Egypt or elsewhere, is somebody’s precious boy.

  2. No Anyn, soldiers don’t “go to war” in Israel, they are sent there by conscription. They are boys like the Egyptian boys, many only 18 or 19 years old. They are sent to war to kill by their misguided leaders, and often kill or are killed .But they are still boys.
    You might make a minor distinction if the conscription were voluntary like the US or UK today, but not the case in israel or Egypt.

    And Richard, Zeira is about 90 years old and probably not working at all. He should have drowned in the pool instead of Dado, the C of Staff in the 73 war.

    1. Let’s put it like this – if they are old enough to have criminal responsibility and old enough to drive, and old enough to hold weapons, they are men, not boys.

      What bothered me most was that Richard called the Israeli soldiers “boys”, while Egyptian soldiers were called soldiers. It’s probably unintended, but too close for comfort to the Israeli attitude towards soldiers who are supposed to protect the people as children that the people should protect from harm.

      1. Oh, puh-leeze. Your pro Israel paranoia is running away with your reason. Boys are precious to their mothers and their country, or should be. Back in 1973, it was a national tragedy that so many were killed. “Boys” was meant to be an empathetic term & you tried to turn it into something different.

  3. “..unbelievable that a country could act this way, even though Israel has a long history of throwing collaborators to the dogs.”

    The Egyptian’s identity was protected by the governments of Israel for 40 years until he was allegedly ‘outed’ by a rogue. Israel’s success at penetrating Arab society suggests that Israel is very good at protecting their human intelligence assets.

    1. Zeira, chief of IDF military intelligence is a “rogue?” Who are you kiddin’? If he was a rogue why is he going to get away with murder? He’s a member of the same scuzzy elite that runs things in Israel right now. They all watch each other’s back & kiss ea. other’s tush.

      Israel didn’t protect Eli Cohen too well either. Look where he ended up.

  4. The timeline of the killing — two weeks after the Orr report finding that Mr. Marwan was indeed an Israeli spy — suggests that the Egyptians acted after the confirmation. The bitter irony: the Israeli investigation, intended to clarify matters, ended up killing him; and the Egyptians relying on the Israeli system to render judgment. Which would suggest opaqueness or even misdirection ought to have been the Orr strategy. But all of this does not absolve the first spymaster who publicly identified him — that is so wrong to do.

    In sum: Yentas.

    1. It did cross my mind that Zamir played some role in bringing about Ashraf’s death, though it was minor compared to Zeira’s. I think Zamir was more concerned with tearing down Zeira than with protecting Ashraf, since the latter was no longer spying for Mossad. So in a sense Ashraf was a pawn in a game played by two Israeli intelligence titans.

  5. Curiously there happens to be no Talmudic-era rabbi by the name of elazar ben abuya.

    I wonder what else you make up .

      1. So, calling you on a mistake is being an idiot, is it?

        All bran did was point out to a mistake you made. A mistake that could easily been prevented all together if you Googled the name before hitting the submit button on the post. But, on a deeper level what bran did was show how you post your uninformative opinion and then rely on your readers ignorance (in this case of telmudic-era rabbis, at other cases of many other issues) to come away clean, and worse, be looked upon as someone knowledgable.

        Indeed, calling your bluff merits bran being called an idiot.
        But hey, here’s an idea you might want to give some thought to: admitting you’re wrong when you are. No shame in it. Just saying: “I made a mistake”. The hallmark of a bigger man.

        1. Don’t be ridiculous. He didn’t accuse me of making a “mistake.” He accused me of making up the Talmudic rabbi entirely. I didn’t & that’s why he’s an idiot. He was playing Gotcha, but instead of “getting” me he only “got” himself.

          As for being “knowledgeable” about any subject of any importance, we’ll know where not to turn–that’s to you.

          Further, I thanked him for the correction which means I noted the mistake, or did you miss that? As for being a bigger man, when I need advice on that subject from you, I’ll ask.

  6. I saw an interview he gave in 1993 (i think) in which Zeira tore into the Agranat commission and Golda Meir. he said that King Hussein came to Tel Aviv to warn Golda that Egypt and Syria were cooking something up and Golda never asked Hussen “when are they thinking of attacking”. Zeira claimed that his job was to report on what was happening on the ground, not to predict the future.

    Zeira was a victim of his own arrogance (and so was the State of Israel). Perhaps it is best to leave this alone already. To take another case (not exactly the same) Gerry Ford pardoned Nixon so the USA could put the whole mess of Watergate in the closet and move on. Perhaps it’s time to let Zeira fade away into the obscurity he so richly deserves.

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