21 thoughts on “Adelson’s $71-Million Bet Doubles Down on Republicans – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Adelson’s obsession with Israel”
    Excerpts from a speech by Adelson earlier this year in Israel:
    “I’m not Israeli. The uniform that I wore in the military, unfortunately, was not an Israeli uniform. It was an American uniform, although my wife was in the IDF and one of my daughters was in the IDF…..
    Our two little boys, one of whom will be bar mitzvahed tomorrow, hopefully he’ll come back – his hobby is shooting – and be a sniper in the IDF.”
    “All we care about is being good Zionists, being good citizens of Israel because even though I’m not an Israeli, Israel is in my heart”
    Last I looked it up, Sheldon Adelson was the 16th richest man in the world.
    Le speech by Adelson is embedded.

  2. Another reason to reform campaign finance law. If it wasn’t bad enough when Ross Perot tried to buy his way into the White House, Adelson makes Perot look like a piker.

    Adelson’s motivations are clear enough – he wants to buy a servant who will make Israel more important than the US, to back any candidate whom he can make into an Israel Firster. First Adelson chose Gingrich, but when that horse went lame, he put his money on Romney. You can bet that if the devil himself were running for POTUS, Adelson would be waving money in his direction.

    Because Adelson’s motives are so transparent, this alone should raise the eyebrows of all people who are concerned with rich guys running the country. In other words, it should raise the eyebrows of all people, period.

    1. So the fact that there is foreign money coming in from China does not concern you? Do you not worry that Adelson might be China’s water carrier as suggested by this piece?

  3. Reading McCain’s genuine concerns in conjunction with Adelson’s quotations (as given by DY above), should worry every American, and seriously scare American Jews.

    Perceived grossly disproportionate power wielded by a distinct small minority to promote their own distinct agenda is a recipe for a major disaster.

    Given the fickle nature of American public opinion, the widespread unconditionally pro-Israeli sentiment is no warranty against such disaster.

    1. McCain was talking about money coming in from China. What does that have to do with American Jews? Romney’s position with respect to Israel was already in line with Adelson’s. That’s one of the reasons he was so keen to give him money once Newt was out of the picture. Good thing more reasonable people like George Soros who do not hold Adelson’s views can donate liberally to the Obama campaign. Although it seems that some here aren’t particularly happy with Obama either with respect to his position vis-a-vis Israel and the region in general. Is there a third party candidate worth looking at?

  4. Since Adelson supports the settlements, and does nothing for peace, he and his agenda should be declared ‘foreign influence’. I’m less concerned about the Chinese influence, than his influence on Likud and settler agenda. The reason, being since the US is deep in debt to China, China must be keeping an eye on the US, since her own economy depends on it. Sheldon (along with others) probably is, an agent for China too. Remember, if Obama wins, then Sheldon knows that Israel shouldn’t put all her eggs in one basket.

    He is a nefarious character, with his ill gotton gains..compare him to George Soros and weep.

  5. Bob Mann,

    Is there a third party candidate worth looking at?

    Yes. How about a new star, like Max Blumenthal. I think the US needs someone like him, new blood, new party, and ass kicking attitude.

    He’d be ideal to lead a new party, he knows the Christian Right very well, in fact I think he is America’s best authority on the Republican Party. He’d be ideal for Middle East peace, too.

    Plus, because of his father, he already has connections. He’s ideal. What sayeth ye?

      1. Indeed it’s a thankless job, but the ideal people to lead are usually those who are not inspired by the reasons politicians go into politics, (power, wealth, status).

        You never know, if Max ever decides to run, he’ll have hugh backing..people are longing for a new party instead these two parties, wayyyyyyyyy past their sell by date 🙂

        It’s 2012, time for new blood, fresh innovative, realistic to take over.

  6. 1. RS — I am astonished that your “anti-Semitism” meter was in the red, i.e. that it is so sensitive just like ADL or Israel Firsters would calibrate it! AMCHA co-founders recently established an “investigative Taskforce on campus anti-Semtism”. Their idea of anti-Semitism, would you believe, is any criticism of Israel. I asked them to provide information on students being beaten up because they were Jewish, or barred from joining this or that club because of their ethnicity, etc. Good old fashioned anti-Semitism, you know. They haven’t answered. Anyway — you need to recalibrate your “AS meter” to stop these false readings.

    2. Adelson gives me the willies! All that money (from sleazy business) to subvert American democracy and promote the Jewish land grab in the WB! He is the best advertisement for US campaign reform yet to come along and should be used as such. Just a picture of him, as someone says here, that orange hair and beady eyes, that should do the trick. He is unambiguously BAD. (Or is your AS meter redlining yet again?)

    1. Davey,

      I think Richard meant it in the sense that WASP’s (who were anti semitic till recent times) wouldn’t want a Jewish President. it’s the same flak Obama got, for being a half black, and a half Muslim. In any case, he only gave the benefit of the doubt.

      Remember it was McCain wasn’t it who said he’d rather see a Christian President, or was that Bush who said that? I can’t remember, but the Republican party is the party of bigotry, pettiness and meaness.

      REad Max Blumenthals book, “Republican Gomorrah”

  7. It makes you wonder how long ordinary Americans will go on supporting a political system that they have been priced out of.

    1. Sheldon Adelson is a disgrace. You’d think he’d use his wealth wisely, and try to end the conflict. Why doesn’t he support and help the peace process? It’s one thing for the illiterate ignorant Armeggeddon cult to fund settlements because they think Jews will blow up in a HOlocaust while they are raptured, but he doesn’t believe this.

      Does he see so much gambling in his casinos that he thinks real life will be like his gambling?

      1. Maybe he doesn’t support the peace process because he knows it’s bullshit. If that’s so, then he’s only being realistic.

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