10 thoughts on “Flame Was Joint Israeli-U.S. Cyberwar Project – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I’m so happy that all this cyberwar-stuff will only be used against Iran and some other bad, bad, enemies of the US and Israel and never, never against civilians, companies, states and countries by commercial or financial reasons…
    Thank you USA, thank you Israel!

    1. Almabu, I am also very happy, just like you. We are so lucky to live in such a wonderful, fair world.

    2. Ditto! Things are better resolved without bloodshed. In other news, congratulations on your format change, Richard! What prompted the move?

      1. Concerning the format change.
        The personal symbols – I forgot the name – on the right separated from the pen names seem out of place, probably a question of habit, and I guess there are some technical progress involved.
        I’m going to miss the Israeli and the Palestinian boys from “Promises”, the Sarajavo Haggadah etc. David Grossman, not too much…

          1. Yes, the two boys from “Promises” showed up when I opened your blog.
            This is really a film that I hope everyone has seen or will see. Though I’m fed up with “peace-and-love”-films about the conflict, this one by BZ Goldberg is different. Particularly the Palestinian boy (the one in the slideshow) who’s very disappointed that he never had any news from the Israeli twins touched me.

        1. Amazing- DY and I agree on something on this blog…At least as far as regarding the format change. DY’s comment is exactly what I was thinking. Well, it’s one step closer between different viewpoints together. I also think RS’s tag line more accurately represents what he wants to do at this blog.

          Also DY- thank you for the link to “Promises” I had not seen this doco. I only had time now to watch clips of it, but it looks a very good and important film to view-looks very powerful.

          No doubt we will be at odds in future threads, but for now here’s to continued respect and understanding of being able to “agree to disagree”. (sorry it’s somewhat off topic).

    3. Me too! Good to know that these will not be used on me or anyone else doing this blog. The US and Israel are both trustworthy custodians of lethal and dangerous weapons unlike some other states I could name. It’s all just part of the “values” we Americans “share” with Israel. (Did anyone pick up the story about the US Apple store guy who would not sell an iPad 2 to a woman because she spoke Farsi and trade with Iran is under embargo! Good Americans cannot be too vigilant in these difficult times.)

  2. Although this virus is robust in that it can go anywhere, we find it amusing that it disguises itself as a Windows update. Windows iterations come stock when you purchase them through Microsoft channels, but people have taken them apart and even altered the base Kernel. Hence, at a consumer level, you have free versions of Windows out there (just Google “TinyXP”, for instance, to see the tip of the iceberg). Insofar as pirated versions of Microsoft products are concerned, the update modules of the software are specifically targeted. Without going into great detail as there exist more than one way to skin the cat, the idea is to basically trick the software into never communicating with Microsoft’s license verification servers (sometimes triggered by updates). The pirates have even made it so that you can still receive updates without the licensing servers being contacted as well. These are problems Microsoft cannot resolve in the present day (their best shot was literally turned into a play toy by hordes of people to customize as they pleased). Iran would be no exception. They would utilize quarantine other methods of global network management to prevent worst case scenarios from taking fruit.

    This was about spying on Iran’s key communications, not their nuclear program, which Israel knows is not a threat to it whatsoever.

  3. RT had a story about this (Russian outfit found that Flame had code in common with Stuxnet) something like a week before the Washington Post story. I didn’t notice any crediting to RT in that Washington Post story.

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