8 thoughts on “Former Shin Bet Chief on Jewish Terror, Deteriorating Relations with Israeli Palestinians, Delusions Regarding Israeli Attack on Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Your learning to read Hebrew by reding Haaretz everyday reminds me of learning to read with the help of The Guardian as it was in the sixties.

    In later years, schoolteachers would remark on my ability to grasp complex issues, coupled with a strange blindness as to whether or not the letters in a word were in the correct order.

    Then, of course, came John Kent’s Varoomshka cartoons, which were educational in a different sort of way: seeing Idi Amin portrayed as Edward Heath, just coloured in a bit darker, taught me from a very early age that racial differences really were only a matter of skin colour.


    Perhaps what Israel needs is not so much whistleblowing exposure of “what’s really going on”, but a Hebrew Varoomshka to make people see what they already know, in a different way.

    As long as you don’t also get a Hebrew Polly Toynbee, who launched a relentless hate campaign against the John Kent until the paper finally dropped him in 1979.

  2. It is surprising that anyone would have ever been so naive as to think Netanyahu would ever be interested in peace with the Palestinians unless they all decided to leave and forget their own ancient history with the land. Don’t forget that his father Benzion, was the personal secretary to Jabotinsky. To cede land for peace would have dishonored his father’s and Jabotinsky’s “vision”. Moreover, Netanyahu came to power after the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, and frankly, his own role in it (even if it were only as the inspiration for Rabin’s killer) has always been murky, and at the time he did the best to sabotage further peace negotiations. His second administration has been even more successful in derailing peace and pretending otherwise, though Olmert, Livni, et al did a good job “mowing the grass” and paving the way for him.

    1. Thanks for adding a few pieces of the jigg-saw puzzle. (Benzion N – Jabotinsky) It makes a lot of sense.

  3. How did you miss Sidkin’s statement about the conflict with the Palestinians ? Diskin states that an agreement will not bring an end to all demands and Israel must reach an agreement that will emphasis on it’s security needs.
    If you’ll think about that for a sec, Yaalon, Bibi and Barak said the same many times prior.

  4. Re: Amzi Bishara.
    I don’t think that aiding Hezbollah and then fleeing to avoid dealing the consequences of that qualify him as a civil rights martyr.

  5. Diskin for sure did not “convert”, as long as he does not bring forward freeing prisoners like Ameer Makhoul. The kind of changing his demeanor he enjoys himself in public now, could well have been part of (if he was part of) a good cop / bad cop interogation tactics with Makhoul. It surfaces more or less deliberately what is construed as “jewish fate” in its ambiguity of fortune and doom. After raking his fortune on the job he wants the moral fortunes above of it.
    But that’s frills and furbelows, in my opinion.
    But at this oportunity I’d like to know what Richard and posters here think of David Lehrer’s arguing in http://972mag.com/time-for-a-referendum-on-annexing-the-west-bank-and-gaza/44325/
    I think, even just a debate about such a referendum could sort of materialize, that an acknowledgment of apartheid could be better than the ambiguity – for all people concerned.

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