8 thoughts on “Shin Bet Nabs Spanish Clown Intent on Damaging National Security – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It would seem very funny if it was not so sad. I wish that ” joke” would kill the occupation regime. Unfortunatlly dealing with ”security”‘ here in Israel very few have a sense of humor. Maybe outside mirror would do for some of us!

  2. Just when I (once again) thought things couldn’t get more crazy in Israel, now dangerous clowns have invaded and are a security threat!

    Let that be a lesson to him! If he had boycotted Israel, he wouldn’t have gotten nabbed by the ever-vigilant Shin Bet. However, I hope the Israeli people feel safer now.

  3. LOL! I love your sarcasm. In the comments section of Ha’aretz someone wrote “The enemies of Israel masquerading as clowns”, and the Basque Clown etc.

    I did some research: First of all the clown was born in Lugo, Galicia, a very peaceful part of Spain and not in the Basque region.

    I did a little more research. He has a company of 100 to 200 clowns and a school for clowns, who travel all over doing street performances. People in the comments sections of Ha’aretz pretending to be Spaniards who say they never heard of this clown are lying. El Pais the top newspaper in Spain had this article on Festiclown (I used google to get it translated):


    Secondly, they’re promoted and funded by Municipal Councils on Culture and Animation in the cities hosting their performances in Spain.

    Promotional video of Festiclown 2009


    Ivan Pardo, clown that was detained by Israeli forces talks about his group, the therapeutic and transformative value of laughter and his clown school.


    I remember an interview with the director of Cirque du Soleil, where he stated that he started off as a mime with a company of street clowns just like this guy.

    This is for all those idiot “clowns” in the comments section of Ha’aretz who say that no one in Spain knows this clown and therefore he must be a terrorist masquerading as a clown!

  4. Sorry didn’t mean to insult the clowns of the universe when I compared some of the ignorant posters on Ha’aretz to clowns!

  5. Richard, you are making fun of the legitimate concern that Israel has for the safety of its citizens. Look at that big red nose: Who knows what could be hidden in there? Kol ha kavod to the Shin Bet!

  6. Harmless clown or “Trojan horse”? People can’t be to careful nowadays, especially if they’re delusional paranoids.

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