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  1. The way intensedebate handles posting new comments is a lot smoother already. We shall see in due course how the rest works.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to express my displeasure, Richard. For the past two days, whenever I try to make, or even read a comment, the page disappears. I thought it may be my computer, but no, it works well on other blogs. So it is just yours that is acting up. I was going to write you directly about this.

    1. I only switched over to Intense Debate 24 hours ago, so I'm not sure it's related to the comment system. What browser are you using and does anyone else have a similar problem with commenting?

  3. Hi, yesterday I made a comment regarding the John Hagee rally that Netanyahu attended under your comment that draws an analogy between the Cuban Missile crisis and Israel's strategy on Iran. Since you hadn't yet commented on the Hagee event, I added the link to Max Blumenthal's article at Huffington. I was trying to state that the alliance between Netanyahu and Hagee is disturbing and a threat to peace, etc.

    My comment not only disappeared (although I have a copy on Word) but there was some message regarding "blacklist". Please tell me what I did wrong.

    1. Pls. send me the comment via a contact form through my blog or reply to this comment. Send me the comment & I'll post it for you. I'm sorry that this happened. I'll try to find out if there are any of yr comments in moderation which should've been approved.

      1. Thank you. It's as follows:

        John Hagee held a rally with Netanyahu on the eve of Biden’s visit.

        These two (Netanyahu and Hagee) are taking Israel to the edge of the precipice. Hagee's speeches are the epitome of mind control for the ultra-right. His words are like crack for religious radicals. "Insanity rules" is not just an expression; it's becoming a reality. This alliance with Hagee is very disturbing.

        Hagee's ministry must be taxed. He's sending millions to Israel to fund illegal settlements. Hagee's on a mission to derail the peace process, and cares squat about the consequences:


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