8 thoughts on “Anat Kamm, Self-Censorship and the Israeli Left – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. My 3 blog posts pretty link to much of the material in Aryeh’s archive. Besides, he may decide to put the material up again once he’s more confident that Anat Kam was blowing smoke at him.

  1. Keep plugging the story, Richard. It is interesting to me that l’Affaire Kam has become a story about her silencing and the silencing of human rights bloggers and news outlets than about the leaked item itself. which is the IDF resorting to violation of the law in order to waste human beings who it deems a “threat”. Frankly, I think it’s only the beginning – it starts with Arabs. But we have seen what they do with vanunu. Or naomi Chazan. Or the Dubai debacle.

    As I said in a couple of comments on your previous post – everything indicates that Israel is sliding from a country of common law to one ruled by the law of the mafia. The intimidation into silence of those who seek to bear witness – through an arbitrary “gag order”, the flaunting of the law of their own supreme court and the viciousness of the attack on the web site you brought up above are all pointing to the slippery slope.

    I am not surprised the israeli bloggers would comply with pleadings followed by demands, followed by veiled threats. Which, if not resulting in the desired action, will no doubt be followed by more dire consequences. This entire affaire is an reminder of the way in which the stasi secret police escalated its modus operandi as well. I have absolutely no doubt that in due course more real israeli people, not just virtual news, will start disappearing.

    I confess to worrying a bit about your own exposure. Just think – the people who resort to assassination, mafia-style hits, murder of children in gaza, and forcing women to give birth at check points – what’s rights of any kind to them? or borders? or shared religion? Please do not put anything past them and take all the precautions you can. Oh yes, and it may be a good idea to forget Israeli state’s tenuous connection to jewishness and watch The Godfather again (all parts). Sometimes, it’s a good to remind ourselves what mentality we are dealing with (as opposed to what we wish to believe).

  2. First of all, you can’t be sure, she made that threat, but that’s irrelevant in my opinion. Someone is obviously trying to bury this story at all costs.

    It’s important to remember that the truth and justice are bigger than ambition and personal agendas and will sometimes emerge from unexpected sources in mysterious ways. However, once they do, they must be furthered at all costs with limited extreme exceptions. I suspect that you might be right about Kam’s motive not being so altruistic, but as usual, I encourage you to rely on your integrity and loyalty to the truth and justice first, because in the end these deserve our protection as they do benefit the greater good in our society, and even more so in this case.

    Things happen for a reason. It’s all good in this case! She can’t put the genie back in the bottle, and if someone is holding something over her head, they too realize that fact, and they can’t use that against her. This is now out of her control, and out of the Shin Bet’s control. But of course, they will use all means to silence the truth, and in doing so further expose their contempt for the law.

  3. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for following this story so closely. But really, as Dana above me says, why are you cooperating with focusing only on Kam’s case and not the actual severe issue she exposed? Don’t you agree that it’s in the interest of the army to do exactly that?
    Israeli and foreign press should be centering on the fact that Israel routinely covers up premeditated assassinations, authorized by GOC Central Command. Anat Kam is a small, albeit important, case in an enormously rotten system. By the way, the very fact that she is being penalized is ok, as she transgressed military law. I support her brave journalism and think her lawyers should defend her on grounds of public interest, but don’t forget she did after all break the law, possibly in order to serve the public good. The problem is the media blackout. And as you say, there may be several reasons for that.

    An aside – you and I may believe that Ha’aretz is the leading Israeli daily in terms of quality and ideology, but it certainly isn’t so objectively. The leading daily is Yediot/Ynet.

    1. I’ve tried to focus on a very complicated story & include all the major elements. In the many posts I’ve written I think I’ve covered virtually anything of importance including the very important issues of IDF criminality, rule of law, perversion of democracy. I’ve also warned not to make Anat Kam into a martyr or even the hero of the story. In fact, I just spoke to an American journallist writing about this who wanted to focus on Anat & her personal story. I think that’s secondary at least right now & until we know more about her motivations in doing this.

      But I take yr pt. & will try to focus on the important issues you’ve reminded us about.

      And yes, I know that Haaretz is not the most popular paper in Israel in terms of size of readership & never meant to imply that.

  4. Thank you for reporting this case.
    That the authorities are threatening Uri Blau is extremely worrying. I found my self disagreeing with the following though:

    “First, I discovered that Anat Kam had published a tart dismissal of the Israeli conscientious objector movement. I wondered how someone who allegedly leaked top secret documents discrediting the Israeli army’s policy on a item of major national security significance could also disparage the very peace movement which these memos would assist.”

    But the main reason anyone might have access to those documents is because she was part of the Israeli army. As almost all Israeli’s are. That is why it is hard for such deliberate break of Israeli court decisions to go unnoticed. See, for instance, Shovrim Shtika.

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