12 thoughts on “Israel Deigns to Allow UN Secretary General into Gaza – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. "If Israel doesn’t control Gaza then how do you explain the fact that it refuses to allow free access to it?"
    I controls it if Israel's rights are concerned and doesn't control it if its obligations are concerned. Even if both applies at exactly the same time and place. No problem, if you're good enough at doublethink.

  2. Israel cannot allow free entry and exit to Gaza because hamas holds an Israeli hostage.

    But apart from Gilad Shalit, Israel does not usually have soldiers inside Gaza. So, unless you prove Gilad Shalit is controlling Gaza, Israel's not controlling Gaza. Just it's borders, and for a good reason.

    1. Gilad Shalit is a prisoner of war who was captured while engaged in an attack. The civilians that Israel kidnaps and holds as "bargaining chips" are hostages.

    2. What utter bullcrap. Having soldiers inside Gaza is not a measure of whether it controls Gaza. As the article makes clear, Israel is blockading Gaza & determining who can & cannot enter. Under international law this constitutes control. So pls. don't spout ignornance here as at least 30-40 commenters have made the same error here in stating the same ignorant erroneous view you have.

  3. Gaza's a prison pure and simple and Israel's Foreign Ministry is the warden.

    "The truth is that Israel understands the suffering of those who live far away and with whom it never has to live or deal. Those who live next door are another story."

    But sending the IDF hospital to disaster zones is such good PR when you consider what the IDF did and is doing in Gaza.

    So does Israel understand suffering? Only if Israelis are willing to spend 4 years subjected to a blockade on trade and have their borders shut down and controlled by a foreign military.

  4. I'll use the author's language – this is bullcrap and just another post to bash Israel. Israel has a 'border' with Gaza and does not have to let anyone cross it. It has nothing to do with controlling Gaza or not. Why should Israel allow full passage across this border exactly? There is no free passage between Lebanon, does Israel control that? Syria allows apples to cross at Quneitra, but officially that is not even a border crossing either.

    And frankly, no one bashes Egypt for controlling her side of the border, or I must have missed those posts here.

    1. Israel has a 'border' with Gaza and does not have to let anyone cross it

      The U.S. has borders with Mexico & Canada & if it didn't allow anyone to cross it then it would be considered an act of deep hostility if not war against that country. Israel may have a right to determine who enters Israel from Gaza but it has no right to determine who enters Gaza. Doing so renders this an occupation under international law. Period. It's just that simple.

      There is no free passage between Lebanon, does Israel control that

      Lebanese has other means to enter & exit their country than the Israeli border. If that border was the only way to do so then yes, Israel would in effect be occupying Lebanon.

    2. "Israel has a 'border' with Gaza and does not have to let anyone cross it.,/i>"

      Is the Mediterranean also part of Israel's border with Gaza?

    3. Egypt has only limited control over the situation, and only limited sovereignty on the Sinai. And still, yes we do 'bash' Egypt for playing accomplice to Israel.

  5. Hey Ricki love.
    those damn meanie Harborlights. i keep telling people that if i want to enter the USA from Canada, i am not controlled first by Canada and then the US authorities. i can just stroll across. its the same when in Europe, when you go from England to France etc. nobody stops you. Anybody can go over. those irritating Israelis (illiteration again-still feel free to use it) are such meanies having control! Hummous should send more rockets.

  6. I brought up ur point with one of our local ziothugs and he asked why Egypt doesnt let in aid from Sinai. He also said that Egypt has full sovereingty over Sinai. How do I undermine his argument? The UN could really embarass Egypt by asking access to Gaza as well

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