4 thoughts on “Israel Lobby Supports Suspected Human Rights Violator for Fear of Israeli War Crimes Culpability – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I would be quite surprised if Israeli officials thought they had anything to fear from American “justice,” unless we dare to hope the Supreme Court isn’t controlled by the Israel Lobby.

  2. “Oh, and speaking of strange bedfellows–Saudi Arabia has joined the lobby in filing an amicus brief. So Abe: how does it feel to be in bed with Saudi royalty and a Somali torturer? A bit uncomfortable..”

    That’s the one part of your post I disagree with–it seems to me they should all feel quite comfortable with each other.

  3. lol they need someone with a past just as bloody as theirs, perhaps theyre trying to gain new insight on how to best dehumanize and torture civilians. Israelis learn from the best!

  4. Abe has neither shame nor conscience…

    Apropos Israeli violations of international law, IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, reacting to charges of such violations in connection with the Gaza attack, said “I am not the commander of an army of murderers, looters and rapists” (Next round of Gaza hostilities will be more intense, Haaretz, 19 Nov 2009). The following, mundane occupation story should make a reasonable person doubt his statement:


    Maybe one day, when legal precedence is set, charges can be brought even against the IDF in US courts. Israel will surely benefit from numerous friend of the court briefs.

    But, can justice be bought forever?

    Naturally, Abe et al will not go near any of us criticizing the IDF, or Israel, or US – Israel’s financing partner in crime.

    Moshe Neeman
    The Israeli Occupation Archive

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