5 thoughts on “Obama Administration Singing the Same Old Tune: Sanctions Can Work – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ” back off. Don’t do anything. Let events in Iran take their course. Hope the reform movement eventually gets the upper hand. Do what you can to help make that happen by laying off and making strong statements supporting human rights in that country.”

    there is the chance that after the reform movement prevails, the current foreign policy and nuclear policy will continue, Sahimi said in your event as much, no? talking about a Japan like situation where a nuke is a few screw drives away, Israel’s (and the U.S. according to Obama’s strategists) main concerns are with that, and not the internal strife and human rights, harsh, but so is life.

    “The problem with sanctions is that they are a policy which provides no climb-down mode for Iran. ”

    Hoping for the best and just making statements provides a climb-down? they can backfire as surely as sanctions or military strikes against the nuclear sites.

    1. No, Sahimi didn’t say precisely that. He said that every Iranian wants to pursue nuclear research as a matter of national pride. But not every Iranian wants a bomb. He said that the reform movement was more likely to come to an understanding with the west on enrichment. But he didn’t say they’d be a pushover or that they’d end enrichment.

      1. So maybe it was Lustick who you described in your event post as saying:

        “In fact, the reformers are the ones who are taking a harder line than Ahmadinejad regarding the nuclear talks with the west. So if we really support the former and want them to succeed, we have to recognize the possibility that the nuclear debate is a secondary issue to the more important question of who will control Iran in the long-term.”

        Or maybe this is your take, in any case, that contradicts Sahimi’s take that “the reform movement was more likely to come to an understanding with the west on enrichment”.

  2. Ah, poor Rafi continues to gurgle on without contributing anything of value to the debate.

    Barry, Hillary, Dennis and the rest of the Lobby are in control. Iran is in Israel’s cross hairs, and it won’t be long before the trigger is pulled. The demonstrations are merely prelude to a tragedy foretold.

  3. Do sanctions work?

    South Africa; However there was already a large section of South African society adversely effected by Apartheid.

    Cuba, North Korea, Iraq, Gaza

    Sanctions don’t work, even for those that think that sanctions are an option. All Obama’s talk of sanctions is therefore, as Richard states, for internal US consumption.

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