8 thoughts on “Lou Dobbs Leaves CNN for Cartoon Network – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Lou Dobbs makes $40,000 a day and gets his weekends off. Of course that $10 million per annum CNN salary is just the tip of the iceberg (like CNN’s highest-paid anchor, Larry King, Dobbs is also tied into the network with a healthy stock option). He makes another small fortune on his books and is in high demand on the podium circuit (when he can ever find time). So why does a network bent on destroying Israel and profligating all the hate they can against America and its conservatives, pay their antithesis so much money? Because if he ever left, CNN’s ratings and advertising revenue would tank by 10-12% overnight, that’s why. CNN hasn’t yet become so “progressive” that they don’t understand that kind of arithmetic.

  2. Well Put. Lou Dobbs is a one side Democrat hater to the extreme. I don’t understand how people can consider CNN as a news show. CNN is a TV show that sells adds. The people they get to express their points of views are so far right filled with venom. Lou Dobss is the biggest cheer leader with whats wrong with America, along with Fox news, Rush and everyone in the GOP Senate.

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